Zelda and Alone in the Dark Are Sort of on Kickstarter

Megan Myrick writes: "If you’re on this site you have doubtlessly read about countless quality games that have received funding through Kickstarter and similar mediums. But for every great game that has come out of Kickstarter there’s a few not-so-great ones. There are disappointments and games that never quite got off the ground, of course, but then there are these gems. So without further ado, two games that most definitely will be completely successful and totally aren’t kickstarter scams."

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garyanderson1031d ago

Why do people insist on launching stupid campaigns like this?

3-4-51031d ago

This site is called Cliqist....I wonder what their priorities are.

DillyDilly1031d ago

Anything Nintendo related will get shut down especially with making money off of it so why exactly bother ?

DivineAssault 1031d ago

Companies dont allow trademarked games to be made by anyone without their permission.. Theyll sue or get it shut down quick!