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Submitted by medicshelley 2733d ago | interview

Too Human is one of the most innovative games on the 360 says Denis Dyack

Greg Howson Interviews Denis Dyack:

Denis Dyack - I'll be shocked if there is any game in this genre that comes close to Too Human in the next couple of years.

Long awaited action role player Too Human is out next week. I recently spoke to Denis Dyack from the developer Silicon Knights and asked him about controls, general reaction to the game and why he thinks Too Human is one of the most innovative games on the 360. (Culture, Too Human, Xbox 360)

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Bombibomb  +   2733d ago
Oh Dyack please just stop.
Jamie Foxx  +   2733d ago
..but everyones entitled to their opinion no matter how absurd it may be
StephanieBBB  +   2733d ago
So if I make a game and then make you shoot with the start button, according to Denis it's one of the most innovative games out there?

Oh god this guy is too much...
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Rock Bottom  +   2733d ago
Someone should stand next to Denis, and take a piss in Denis mouth whenever he opens it.
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Mr_Bun  +   2733d ago
That is the perfect analogy. Basically he just dumbed down the controls...Don't let gamers control the camera and just flick the stick to fight and thinks this is innovation?
OgTheClever  +   2733d ago
It seems that this uber fanboy developer has struck again!

a minor glitch has struck again as well and I'm the 0.1 comment!?!
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Bubble Buddy  +   2733d ago
He looks so happy in the picture too, so clueless.
morganfell  +   2733d ago
Except for the hair, I think he and David Doak were separated at birth. Everything else including the inability to shut up is the same.
Hellsvacancy  +   2733d ago
yeah it shows
look at the reviews - FAIL
fafoon  +   2733d ago
What an Insult
To the other game's on the 360

And take a look at the picture
Would you believe a single word from that freak
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Splenda14  +   2733d ago
also one the worst games of the 360
Ghoul  +   2733d ago
Dyack really deserves the new smacktalker award for 08 if he continues he even out craptalks peter molinoux
jcfilth  +   2733d ago
o_0 WTF?!!

Poor guy, I mean, look at his face, you can tell what he's going through. He's got to the critical point of hallucinations.
Too Sad.
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PS360WII  +   2733d ago
Yeah it would mean a lot more if it was coming from somebody other than Denis Dyack... He seems the be the biggest supporter of... ummm his game. Which is cool but you need an outsiders voice saying it's great as well to be taken serious
thewho  +   2733d ago
Dyack needs to lay off the pot.
Sony Rep  +   2733d ago
Tsk tsk tsk

<< Look how happy I am for this game. hehe
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monkey602  +   2733d ago
This guy's head gets bigger with every passing day. So much for modesty
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2733d ago
This guy is starting to get more annoying than Itagaki.
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Sony Rep  +   2733d ago
No way. Itagaki is annoying on so many accounts.

Here's one.

Related image(s)
Omega4  +   2733d ago
Wow just wow, i think someone needs a good backslap to get back to reality.

To say something like that is insulting to other 360 games
TheColbertinator  +   2733d ago
I agree with you.Its a shame this is what has become.
lalapin  +   2733d ago
This man is totally insane .
TheColbertinator  +   2733d ago
I've had enough.Someone get rid of him right now.
360rxorz  +   2733d ago
Yep much more innovative than any game on the PS3 including LBP which is just another generic platformer destined to FLOP!!! hahahahAHAH
fafoon  +   2733d ago
Did you not read the Headline !!
Too Human is one of the most innovative games on the 360 !!!
Key word there Dummy "360"
And if this is to be believed
It dont say much for the other games on the 360 if this is one of the most " innovative "
AIi_The_Brit  +   2733d ago
hey too human got a 4/10 today

sounds amazing
juuken  +   2733d ago
Guys, I think he loves pissing people off. Just leave him in his delusional world of childish comments. This is not a man. This is a little child who was never loved at home by his mother and instead, he takes his frustrations out on the internet like a little twat.

Place him on ignore and move on.
Sharpshell  +   2733d ago
Ya I used to respond...
to his vast array of moronic comments (my fav being when he tryed to dis the ps1 by saying that the Dreamcast was better LOL) but recently I've decided that this guy can not be for real, no one is this stupid. I have even considered the possbility that he is actually a Sony fanboy trying to make 360 fanboys looks bad...
zo6_lover27  +   2733d ago
Yeah guys don't mess with him, I found this out a LONG time ago, He NEVER has anything remotely intelligent to say, I agree with Juuken, he is just trying to piss people off.

Check this out.

One day he says NPD numbers are:
"NPD is fake, just to let you know, all they are are predictions"

Then he says:
"this is only estimates, not to be trusted. I'll wait for the NPD numbers which will probably show the 360 on top. Therse numbers are nothing but estimates and lies."
(he was talking about VGChartz)

He's an idiot, its best not to mess with him
Mars Attacker  +   2733d ago
I was really excited for this game and couldn't wait for it to come out. Then I played the demo. Controls and gameplay are simply terrible.

This is the 360's Haze. But hey its still better than Lair!
felidae  +   2733d ago
oh oh Denis
InMyOpinion  +   2733d ago
Go to sleep Denis.
krisq  +   2733d ago
...I want to have what he's having. Seriously.
Is it his worst or best?
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Voozi  +   2733d ago
Swing and miss!
Sorry but I fail to see any innovation with this game

"This is because of the control and camera scheme."

I thought the controls were pretty bad and the camera was bad controls + annoying camera = innovation?
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nice_cuppa  +   2733d ago
dennis is a fool.
instead of arguing with peoples opinions he should listen to them and get to work making too human part 2 a much better game.

i am one of the few who likes and paid for too human but to argue like he is makes him look childish.

i would give too human a 7/10.
but to me anything above a 5 is worth a look if i'm interested.

if you want respect you have to earn it.
so the question is dennis.....can you do better ?
Mr_Bun  +   2733d ago
You are right...even Cliffy B took some of the criticism he got from Gears 1 to make Gears 2 better. It's called "Listening to what the people who buy your game want"!
titntin  +   2733d ago
He's actually hurting his own game now with his attitude.
I was going to get this game, but his attitude and comments are makign me have a hard time. I musten't let anyone else decide for me I know, but this guy is so objectionable I'll feel bad by giving the game a sale... :)
Diugu  +   2733d ago
Denis... dude...
Give up! hehe
Denis_Dyack  +   2733d ago
Never, my game is the most innovative game out there!
hay  +   2733d ago
ROTFL, that's just Too Hilarious, made my day :D can't... stop... laughing...

Speaking about controls innovation, Too Human kinda reminds me a bit Silver from Dramcast and Super Stardust HD.
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Syronicus  +   2733d ago
Sorry, but this guy sucks...
I was a fan of SK but at the moment they are at the bottom of my list due to the mouth on this guy. He just needs to shut his friggin face already.
plain rice  +   2733d ago
I agree with this guy. You'll never find another game on the 360 better or as innovative as this game, a game that averages 67 on metacritic. lol
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Lumbo  +   2733d ago

Is there no end to it? There should be way enough GC news to post.
kingme71  +   2733d ago
I would hope what Denis says is not indicative of how he acts. A good designer/developer can take to heart criticisms and incorporate those into change in a sequel. From hearing him talk, I get the impression he attributes everything negative to someone who just doesn't get his game. I'm hoping his attitude is more for promotion of the game (although all these interviews are not helping) than is his realistic view.
Denis_Dyack  +   2733d ago
I disagree with you all
I've made the best 360 game this generation, the greatest story & most innovative gameplay you can't find anywhere else other then the Xbox 360. You all need to go out and buy my game and try it for yourselves, you'll love it! My game is GOTY 2008
Mr_Bun  +   2733d ago
Haven't you been banned from this site too?
The Dark Side  +   2733d ago
Get Over It
Apparently, you are victim of the Jedi Mind trick. The game is crap. And the sequel, will be crap too. Just give it up and get a job flipping burgers.
nix  +   2733d ago
lol! i like the spirit! q:
Denis_Dyack  +   2733d ago
My game is GOTY 2008
fafoon  +   2733d ago
Knock Knock
Who's there ?
Too Who
Too WhoMan !!

Ha Ha
you see we Forgot about it Already
highdro  +   2733d ago
its an innovative flop :/ ....ten years to make and it floped,u dont see that in too many games XD
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