Why Watch Dogs 2 Could Be The Assassin’s Creed II Of This Generation

ThisGenGaming says "Mostly all game sequels settle on polishing and improving the already established core concepts of their predecessors. However, there are some that go beyond what is expected and overhaul many of the elements of their predecessors. Such is the case with Assassin’s Creed 2 which took the problems of the original Assassins’s Creed and did away with them. Here’s why we think that Ubisoft could take a page from their own history and do something similar with Watch Dogs 2."

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YinYangGaming517d ago

I love the concept of Watch Dogs so I hope Watch Dogs 2 is a much better game than the first

nX517d ago

I actually loved the concept of Watch Dogs and hacking the entire city as well... until I played it. They really have to improve on a lot of things to make me interested in a sequel and even then I'll probably pass this time.

YinYangGaming517d ago

I completely agree, I'll definitely be waiting until until the game is fully released before buying

mikeslemonade517d ago

lol when AC1 is the best one.

_-EDMIX-_517d ago

I think its going to be, I feel they have a great concept and can make it better with more entries like they did with AC.

Very confident they can do the job, though I didn't play Watchdogs 1, I heard lots of positive things about it.

Blaze929516d ago

I'm not falling for any hype coming out of Ubisoft anymore.

TheGreatGamer517d ago

It's got to be amazing for me to get interested in the franchise again hopefully they've gone with a new protagonist

Manubiggs517d ago

I actually enjoyed watch dogs a lot

DragonKnight517d ago

Same here. Especially pvp.

KOIMOJO517d ago

Yupp played it for the first time last month. Fucking awesome game. Loved Clara.

WellyUK516d ago

I did as well as I went into it not thinking it was going to be the best game ever like most people seem to of done. It was a decent game if you weren't expecting much.

Dark_Crow517d ago

I will only buy if it meets some of the following.

This game needs...
couch co op modes. Online modes as usual
Cinematic experience.
Better gameplay.
Better story.

It needs less...
cut out content

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showtimefolks517d ago


excuse my french but hells no

no online or co-op. please leave some games as single player experiences

517d ago Replies(1)
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