Far Cry Primal Surprises Nobody With Big Day One Update

Far Cry Primal has a long list of fixes in its day one update.

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vinniects759d ago

591.6 MB is no that big of an update.

chrish1990759d ago

It's more the big list of things that are in the update.

Erik7357759d ago

Man a few years ago it would of though

SnotyTheRocket759d ago

Games go gold like a month before release. The devs don't just sit on their asses, they check for bugs they didn't catch. Day one patches are here to stay people.

T1ttyMunch3r759d ago

this games only like 12+gb, they either compressed it well or it lacks content

Psychotica759d ago

For the PC it requires 20GB which is more than FC3 but less than FC4.