Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Hopes Up For These 5 Games To Release This Year

ThisGenGaming says "There’s a plethora of games set to release this year ranging from well-known, established AAA franchises to new AAA IP’s and plenty of new indies slated to come out at some point during this calendar year. However, if 2016 is anything like practically almost every other year then we must accept the inevitability that several of these games will suffer delays."

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YinYangGaming821d ago

I agree with all these and against my heart I still fear that The Last Guardian will be delayed, but I'm hoping so much that it does come at some point this year

Destiny1080821d ago (Edited 821d ago )

The Last Guardian was close too a finished game it just needs to be ported to the ps4 and with mark cerny giving technical advice to the team, my guess is it will definitely be out this year

Horizon: Zero Dawn. I think they would have to cut some major content to make a Christmas launch, the first demo showed next to nothing and had changed a lot some short weeks later when they showed the same demo again, if that little demo is a work in progress the whole game must be a work in progress

jb227821d ago

Did you see this trailer?

A lot of people missed that one but it shows multiple areas in full motion...pretty sure the entire world is finished, and the creatures show already had their A.I. Firmly in place, seems like the hire of the writers from a few months ago points to campaign work being done as we speak along w/ any other creature a.i., then it's just onto polishing work. I can't say for sure the game will hit this year but I'm pretty certain the only reason we've seen the same demo is down to the devs saying they want to keep the game a surprise...there was no need for them to show 2 entirely different huge chunks of gameplay w/in a month of each other anyway really. This is a new venture for Guerilla so it may take longer but they are typically good w/ hitting release dates & I believe them in regards to what they've shown and not wanting to spoil the rest. It's a 55/45 from me in favor of this year.

_-EDMIX-_821d ago

? But you don't know how much is finished to actually say that bud. For all we know, they could have been done with the over world for a year plus know. MOST games a year out already have all the content actually finished and they are fixing techical issues. They still need to play test, find bugs, glitches etc.

I you just think a month before a game releases they are working on the last boss?

How can I tell you if a process will be rushed of a process I don't even know the completion of?

That is like saying a pizza is finished too early, yet have zero knowledge of where the cook's even at in the cooking or the process in general of cooking a pizza.

For how? lol

KOIMOJO821d ago

@jb227 I can't believe I missed that trailer. Horizon is by far my most anticipated game and it really does confirm my beliefs that Killzone should have been a third person series. If you told me Horizon was the rebirth of the Killzone world thousands of years later i'd buy it from the look of the creatures and even the characters. I always loved killzone anyways but the mingling of Guerillas aesthetic mixed with a third person action/rpg is so amazing. I just hope the depth of the world and systems lives up to what I imagine it could be!

MrSec84821d ago

I'm pretty sure it was stated that the Last Guardian was rebuilt from the ground up for the PS4, but most likely the world design/levels, a lot of the gameplay systems and assets were made in base form for PS3, still it's had a good 3-4 years of solid development on PS4.

The main reason it wasn't shown until E3 last year was because Sony wanted to make sure they'd hit it's release window.

As for Horizon, Guerrilla stated back in late 2010 that they had begun working on a new IP, from when KZ3 shipped the prototyping stages began for Horizon.
About 20 people meticulously planned out the development process for Horizon from KZ3 shipping right through to when Shadow Fall did.

When the other 130 people joined the Horizon team they basically began making the initial designs and tech a reality to make this game work.
Guerrilla revealed the game with real time PS4 gameplay. As jb227 said we've seen deep AI systems, physics tech, basically everything needed to make a well conceived and believable world, filled with gameplay possibilities.

Most likely the missions, interconnected nature of the NPCs and the overall world were planned for before Shadow Fall shipped.
The basics of how each system works with everything was likely done before the game went into full production and the lengthy process of iteration on all game systems was done before we saw the game.
Right now it's likely that the game is undergoing deep optimization.

I really don't see why anyone would think Horizon wouldn't make a 2016 release date, considering Guerrilla's recent history.
Even with this being a new kind of game for them, they've hired so many staff to fill in the lacking areas of the studio to make a massive open world game like this.

If 2016 wasn't going to happen then this game wouldn't have been announced until E3 this year.

freshslicepizza821d ago

i think i saw that trailer (horizon) before but it still looks incredible. if the game plays as good as it looks people are in for a real treat.

Fin_The_Human820d ago

What a lot of people don't realize about they demo for TLG is that the developers purposely took out the many QTE prompts that this game has due to backlash.

Not saying that QTEs are a bad thing but it does make the game kind of boring.

never4get820d ago

Retarded PS3 Cell Architecture, it's going to take a while to cleanse all the retarded PS3 codes from The Last Guardian. SONY's team ICO got talented game programmers and they made 2 PS2 exclusive, ICO and Shadow of Colossus, and the retarded PS3 CELL architecture retarded(slowed) team ICO's The Last Guardian development for 10 years and more.

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jb227821d ago

Pretty sure Last Guardian is more of a lock for this year than any other holiday release. Sony typically allows devs time to finish their games & they are never beholden to the almighty holiday window, but once it was re revealed after so long, that 2016 date is as good as gold. The core fanbase for that game is all on record saying that if it doesn't hit this target, they will no longer care. Sure they'll all check it out whenever it drops, but the bad press the game would receive for missing yet another target is just too insurmountable.

I think Mass Effect is basically a lock for a March 2017 release at this point as a fair few of the prior titles hit that window and considering the writer just left the title, sounds like they've just now finished all of the writing, so they'd have a long road for a title like that left. Horizon may slip, it's 50/50 at this point although I would lean towards it hitting it is still much more likely to be delayed than TLG..Gears will hit for the holidays regardless of its state because MS always makes sure their first parties are ready for then even if they have to hire on a lot of outside help...I see ReCore potentially falling out of 2016 after the recent nebulous delay of Mighty No. 9, ReCore may easily get pushed to Spring 2017. Crackdown's retail release is almost assuredly a 2017 title after they've rolled back to only committing to the beta, pretty sure the mp is their first priority & they will run a beta during the summer & one during the fall as it'll take a helluva lot of time to test such an unproven technology.

There will be surprises but I see the big first party holiday releases being TLG, possibly Horizon & maybe NMS gets a delay to go along w/ PSVR for a fall release along w/ all of that new software, Gears & Halo Wars 2 & Forza will be the big MS releases, then we will finally see releases for stuff like Cuphead, Inside, Rime, Abzu, etc. on the indie front. Really untelling on the third party front, but I think this year will be thin w/ only the given titles like CoD to give way to a huge third party push for spring w/ Watch Dogs 2, ME, etc.

FlipSwitch821d ago

I think you are right.

I think with all the trouble that has surrounded The last guardian over the years there is no way Sony would re introduce it unless they were absolutely sure that it was ready to hit it's release

_-EDMIX-_821d ago

I know right bro.....whats life anyway? Screw fun!

TheGreatGamer821d ago

Damn I'm so hyped for Andromeda I hope it comes this holiday

nX821d ago

How so? You've seen nothing of it yet and the last Mass Effect was the worst of the three just like DA:Inquisition was rather mediocre. Bioware was much better before they were a part of EA.

jambola820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

Maybe he likes the last mass effect and dragon age?

Persistantthug820d ago

I actually liked Mass Effect 3's gameplay....that part of the game was actually pretty descent.

Germany7821d ago

I agree about Mass Effect: Andromeda.
I'm not sure about The Last Guardian, but we will probably play Horizon this year.

rezzah821d ago

I think Horizen could be delayed like Uncharted 4 so they can polish the overall game. If true, then the game would be pushed to the early months of next year.

Plus I'm not sure if Sony would be willing to have their own 1st party games run against each other in November.

rainslacker820d ago

EA is being particularly quiet about the game, which isn't typical for them when it comes to such a high profile release.

I'm starting to wonder if companies are realizing they shouldn't be announcing their games so early, since the inevitable delays seem to get too much criticism. I also feel that it takes focus off of other games which have a closer release date. Makes sense early in a generation to beef up upcoming titles, but not so much 3 years in, when there's plenty enough to focus on.

Chaosdreams821d ago

I feel like we will get The Last Guardian, but Andromeda I figure will be a 2017 release. Horizon, I'm 50/50 on when it'll come out.

DragonDDark821d ago

I'm still hyped for the last guardian :P

DigitalRaptor820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

The Last Guardian is coming in 2016. It's a lock.

People are only saying otherwise because it's been a long time coming.
The real point it, the cannot delay this game again. They've just about secured people's hopes again, and if it slips into next year.... well that cannot happen.

Shuhei Yoshida already said around June 2015, that the PS4 engine was complete and that many of the levels were fully built at that point. The game also shifted to PS4 at some point in 2012, so much of the design had already been achieved at that point, but scaled for new hardware. It looked in great shape at E3, from what we saw, and we're 9 months on from that point of reference. The game still has about 8 months of development time, until it can go gold for release before the year's end.

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