March's Games With Gold rumoured to include Lords of the Fallen & Borderlands

Next month's free Games with Gold titles will include Lords of the Fallen on Xbox One and the original Borderlands on Xbox 360, according to a new rumour.

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brokasfawk1001d ago

If this is true then this is definitely awesome news

Hoffmann1001d ago

Is it rumor now or rumour?

Rumored or Rumoured?

coolbeans1001d ago

The added "u" is just a spelling difference between American and British English.

Hoffmann1001d ago

Ahh, so thats why some say rumor and others rumour. Thanks for the clarification!

Paytaa1001d ago

If you ever see "color" or "colour" it's the same thing as well.

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Dark_Crow1001d ago

I learned English in the USA but somehow I've always spelled it with you...same as favourite.

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FlexLuger1001d ago

Man, this better be true! lords of the fallen would make a killer free game. Borderlands on BC is handy as I have all the DLC, but never actually got round to playing it ( I no longer have the disc, but all the DLC was digital so I should be able to access it all.. Currently have borderlands: handsome collection in my rotation, so this will be handy for my ultimate borderlands gamerscore/completion across all three games.

green1001d ago

I always wanted to play lords of the fallen so this would be amazing if true.

sk8ofmnd1001d ago

Lords of the Fallen was one of those games i rented from gamefly, played for about an hour, then hit the eject button and sealed in the envelope.

As i didnt like it, i know some of you might being a gwg game.

DragonDDark1001d ago

I bought it at launch. Really regret that I paid $60 for it.

Kribwalker1001d ago

I bought it last year in that accidental sale for $10

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