Resident Evil 4 HD Project - New Comparison Screenshots Show Amazing 3D Recreations & Corrections

Chris has released some new comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the modded version of Resident Evil 4, showcasing some of the latest 3D improvements/corrections and recreations.

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-Foxtrot1030d ago

Capcom need to get in touch with this guy and release this on the PS4/Xbox One

I know I know, another re-release of RE4 but this is one I would buy. With a bit more work it would probably feel more refreshing while playing

user66660471030d ago

Capcom don't have to contact this dude for anything. They can simply shut this guy down and do this themselves. This guy doesn't deserve any acknowledgement from Capcom.

-Foxtrot1030d ago

Why not. The guy has worked hard to do something Capcom have NEVER done on not one of their re-releases of RE4.

They could have but they couldn't be arsed. Now we have a fan who is spending his time doing something which should have been done by them

user66660471030d ago

@Foxtrot I hear you but Capcom would never give him money for something they owned. They could do their own half ass port and call it a day.

-Foxtrot1030d ago

Paying a guy a little bit of money is still going to be cheaper then getting a team to quickly port a game.

Why? Because it's just a fan, offer him a small amount of money with him credited in the credits and he'll probably say yes. It looks good if he ever wants to get a job within the industry or do other projects

It's a win/win

TheVigilanteCode1030d ago

"do this themselves"

Somebody doesn't know Capcom. Not happening.

"This guy doesn't deserve any acknowledgement from Capcom."

Cute and apply salt to that wound of yours because Capcom are in contact with both these modders and are in full support of what they are doing, no cease & desist bullshit as its plainly a texture mod. Read the FAQ on their site, - This might even get a release on PS4/X1 when it gets done (this is community speculation, not Capcom or the modder's claim).

About the "deserve" part, not even in your wildest dreams can "YOU" achieve 5% of what these guys are doing, Maybe it's time to stop getting jealous over community modders getting recognition from developers that you can only dream about.

user66660471030d ago


I'm butthurt? Yeah, OK. Let's go with that lol.

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zielocz3k1030d ago

i agree, i bought ps3 port but i would buy it again on ps4, ps3 port was lazy, just upscaled resolution to 720p :/ this guy at least put soul into his work, it looks great

I3loggs241030d ago

Looks pretty amazing, Its just a shame they wont be truly rewarded for the work these guys do, and this also goes for the guy making the MGS1 remake. At the end of the day, they dont own what there making, they cant make money off what there making, I wish they would put there skills into something new that they can call there own.