Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s PS4 Timed Exclusive DLC Comes to Xbox One and PC on March 3rd

Due to a marketing deal with Sony Computer Entertainment, the PS4 is getting Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s map packs first. This is what happened with Awakening, that released on PS4 on February 2nd.

Today Activision announced with a press release that Xbox One and PC gamers will get the DLC on March 3rd, roughly one month late.

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Hunkaloverbear910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

Advanced warfare and black ops are the only cods that I haven't bought dlc for simply because they lost their magic. Literally everyone on xbox is either playing halo, rocket league, r6 siege or ark and that's only because they're much better and more enjoyable games.

I was really looking forward to zombies in black ops but wow it was a huge let down, I feel like they have lost their touch and it upsets me because I loved zombies in the original black ops.

endi123910d ago

Plenty of gamers are playing bo3 on x1, BO3 is Imo the best cod mp in years it's very well balanced, my last cod was mw3 witch was recycled mw2 that's when I lost interest in cod an switched to battlefield, I'm definitely gonna play on these new maps

Hunkaloverbear909d ago

Youre joking right? It's the lowest rated cod ever for a reason lol

Spyroo909d ago

Black Ops 3 has best season pass DLC because it includes classic maps of BO1 and BO2 remaked for next gen aswell

vinniects909d ago

black ops 3 is the number one played game on xbox one right now.

MegaMohsi910d ago

enough of the timed exclusive DLC nonsense, nobody is buying a console because of a month head start on DLC

Automatic79910d ago

Advanced Warfare was the last DLC map packs I bought. At tho point and time with Halo 5 eating more of my multiplayer time and Gears of War plus the Division coming soon. Its hard to justify purchasing Blackops DLC maybe by the summer.

esmittystud101910d ago

I've been playing CoD since World At War. I like the multiplayer okay, but not my strong suit, zombies always has been more me I guess. What shines to me in BO3 is the zombies. Der Eisendrachen is a good map. I love getting a bow, upgrading it to one of the four options. Even better I get Gobblegums that if I get the right one, I get eight perks all at once on round 1. The upgraded bows are really what shines though. All of them are cool in there own ways. The map really flows good though. The low gravity room, the launch pads, the dragons you have to feed. Train areas galore.

Shadows of Evil I liked as well. I loved trying to get a sword, upgrading it. Makes for a more interesting game to me. The characters were good too.

The only reason I get the season pass, one, its cheaper than buying them individually, two, when I finally get tired of playing. I sit the game down until new maps come out. It revives my drive for the game. If it wasn't for those maps, I would be done with Cod in December most likely. You can call them map packs, I call them "episodes" because there is no difference between the two.

Activision and other companies do this to keep you interested in the game, longer through out the year. If they released all maps at launch. Like I said, most of us would be done with the game in December, and it probably wouldn't leave the shelf for the rest of the year. Marketing 101 at its finnest.

MasterD919909d ago

Assassin's Creed-syndrome is setting in.