Assassin's Creed May Not Have Yearly Releases When It Returns, Ubisoft Says

Chief exec Yves Guillemot indicates Ubisoft is rethinking Assassin's Creed's release strategy too.

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addictedtochaos914d ago

Good, no game should have yearly releases, with the exception of sports games and even that is a stretch.

crazychris4124914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Even sports games don't need annual releases. They are doing very little to justify $60 every year. Better off releasing a game every 2 or 3 years with major changes but updating the previous game with patches and roster updates. But people keep buying them every year so this will never happen.

Legion21914d ago

I think ideally every other year for a sports games would work with roster and rule updates in between. But there's no way the organization behind the sport would go for that considering all the money they make yearly.

EeJLP-914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

There's so many, I completely lost interest in the franchise long ago. ACII was very good, but releasing more than one game a year on average (I count 13? games by the end of 2016, so 13 in 9 years, 12 in 7 years.. and it's likely I'm missing something).. there's no way I'm keeping up or catching up with that.

-Foxtrot914d ago

If this is the case then they should reboot it and carefully plan it out

Start from the furthest, far back time period you can and work from there.

Hell start with Adam and Eve if they want. Just don't set it in the same world they've built up. It's just a confusing mess now.

Maybe have someone like Desmond who tries to learn more about his past while evading the templars in the future.

ziggurcat914d ago

thank god. it's evident that the game's just getting too big for them to keep up with an annual release schedule. as much as i really enjoyed syndicate (love that it was brought back to being a single player experience with no tacked-on, irrelevant co-op/social media nonsense), these games need at least 2 years in between - ideally 3 to 5.

Shubhendu_Singh914d ago

I'm picturing a fat lady..and she is singing.

Anyway, good that Ubisoft realises the easiest way to save your franchise without actually innovating something is atleast not churn it out annually. If they did ended with some amazing breakthrough with AC:Empire, good for them.

Who knew not making Assassins Creed game will save Assassins Creed games. lol

spektical914d ago

they definitely needed to rethink the formula. The latest games have not come out complete either through ambition or a rush to get it out the door.

As long as the game is quality yearly releases aren't bad, but AC has taken a nosedive after blackflag

chrisx914d ago

Unbelievable. Logic and sense is finally prevailing

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The story is too old to be commented.