Tommy Tallarico Reveals Video Games Live: LEVEL 5 Trailer

Gamer Professionals writes:

"Video Games Live: LEVEL 5 is almost upon us, as Mr. Tallarico’s Kickstarter for his fifth album launches tomorrow, February 18. Tommy Tallarico is once again bringing together some of the most talented musical minds in the gaming industry and putting together an album full of arrangements of music from classic video game titles."

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guywazeldatatt1007d ago

Really excited about this. Tommy is awesome and this looks to be his best album yet. I know I'm a day one backer.

TheOldSuitedMan1007d ago

This album looks awesome, I'm really excited!

guywazeldatatt1007d ago

Tommy is a personal friend not going to lie and we will interview him in about a week, but he is really a quality guy and super talented. I'm definitely backing this.

NorthernFrost1007d ago

Very interested to hear the Metroid themes!

guywazeldatatt1007d ago

Xenosaga ftw as a stretch goal!