Gaming’s Greatest Couples

Gamerant: Over the last few decades, video games have featured arguably some of the most compelling romantic relationships in fictional media. These couples are known for their chemistry, their commitment to one another, and how their relationship has resonated with the gaming community at large.

As the medium has matured, countless video games have featured romantic relationships between characters. However, the 10 featured here stick out in our minds as the most iconic couples in video game history. Join us as we examine what made their relationships so memorable, and be warned that there is potential for spoiler territory here.

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DarkOcelet761d ago

Silent Hill 2's still haunts me till this day. Its so tragic, James killing Mary was probably an extremely hard thing for him to do. Even if he hated her because of what the disease made her become, he still loved her.

The hotel scene always gets me :(

TricksterArrow761d ago

Cloud and Aerith is the only one I completely disagree. Otherwise, good list.

bouzebbal761d ago

Nothing comes close to Ico and Yorda.
Crash and Coco aren't bad either.