7 dream video game sequels, reboots and revivals we’re dying to see

From new installments of modern hits to revisits of retro classics, we discuss the franchise follow-ups that deserve to be made.

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-Foxtrot765d ago

Crash Bandicoot




Rayman 4

Pandemonium 3

A Looney Tunes game like the old Bugs Bunny ones

Half Life 3

Dino Crises

Parasite Eve

Legend of Dragoon

Dark Cloud



Streets of Rage

Ape Escape

Alex Kidd

Time Crises

Beyond Good and Evil

Syphon Filter

Banjo Threeie

Heavenly Sword

Lost Odyssey

Singularity many

DarkOcelet765d ago

I think you forgot...

Okami 2

Blue Dragon 2

Resonance Of Fate 2

Eternal Sonata 2

The Getaway 3

Vagrant Story 2

Chrono 3

Radiata Stories 2

Sly Cooper for PS4

Eternal Darkness 2

Jak 4

Crash Bandicoot 4

Haunting Ground 2

Clock Tower 4

Asura's Wrath 2

Megaman Legends 3

Rival Schools

I can go on and on.

T1ttyMunch3r765d ago

I want toruk and thief reboots

TXIDarkAvenger765d ago

I just want a third Jet Set Radio game or port JSRF to PC and current-gen consoles.

tanukisuit765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

With Sony dropping those secrets on us last E3, I can't wait to see what secret reveals Microsoft and Nintendo are cooking up, too! Competition at its finest.

I think you mean a Thief RE-Reboot, lol.

victorMaje765d ago

If it had to be 7:

Warcraft 4
MW 4
Darksiders 3
Okami 2
Borderlands 3
Black 2
New Deathspank

tanukisuit765d ago

A fellow deathspank fan? Nice!
Unfortunately, I don't think HotHead Games will - they seem to be heading for Mobile only stuff.

victorMaje765d ago

You never know, here's to hoping :)

InTheZoneAC765d ago

-Heavenly Sword HD
-Heavenly Sword 2 PS4
-Final Fantasy XII HD
-Motorstorm PS4
-Socom PS4(finish what Confrontation tried to accomplish, but with added campaign and co-op)
-Twisted Metal PS4(detail on par with Black and not the rushed TM on PS3)
-Jak PS4
-Legend of Legaia PS4

man, some are missing out if they've never played any of these...

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The story is too old to be commented.