Cliffhanger endings that will probably never get resolved

'To be continued.' Those three little words can simultaneously fill our hearts with excitement and dread.

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1006d ago
ThunderPulse1006d ago

I forgot Dino Crisis 2 ended like that.

DarkOcelet1006d ago

We need Regina back :(

Come on Capcom, give us a true Dino Crisis 3 with Regina.

ThunderPulse1006d ago

As much as we want that a reboot might be best.

NarooN1006d ago

Dino Crisis 2 ending was indeed a cliffhanger but it's kinda resolved if you think about it. Not long before the game ends, you play as Dylan and there's a point where you're escorting Paula. You get into a lab and you see a projection of a man which turns out to be a recording/projection FROM THE FUTURE. That man turns out to be an older Dylan (and as we find out, Paula is Dylan's daughter which is why she calls him "papa" all the time.)

In order for this to work and not be a time paradox, the only possible outcome is that Regina successfully made it through the gate with the data discs, figured out all the crap she needed to and then saved Dylan and Paula as a result. Paula also makes an appearance in the psuedo-sequel Dino Stalker where she helps that game's main character.

Then... Dino Crisis 3 happened, which had nothing to do with anything -_-.

In spite of that, I would LOVE to see Regina again.

DarkOcelet1006d ago

How about we pretend Dino Crisis 3 and Dino Stalker never happened :D

darthv721006d ago

I'll add in Dante's Inferno. That game is a pretty good GoW clone and one that seemed to have it's ending set up another game based on the story.

jb2271006d ago

Yeah if they had smoothed the edges out just a bit that one would've gotten a lot more traction than it was a fun game though & I'd dig more hack n slash GoW clones myself (,playing Xmen Origins Wolverine as we speak, which was another good one)

Just read a month or two ago that Oscar Isaac who played Poe Damron in SW & is playing Apocalypse in the new X-men flick originally voiced Dante but the devs didn't like his performance so they threw it all those guys are kicking themselves now...

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ZaWarudo1006d ago


That game was so much fun.

Porcelain_Chicken1005d ago

"That's not help, I remember EVERYTHING NOW!"

Way to finish off a game. :( If I could play anyone game before I die, it would be a sequel to Psi-ops: The mind gate conspiracy. I can't believe nobody bought the franchise when the company went under.

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