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FIFA09 demo for September 11, PS3 has video upload

David Rutter, line producer of FIFA team, has revealed today at the GC 2008 that:

"Demo - PS3 and 360 on September 11. PC demo the next day. PS3 will have video uploads at the show. "

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sonarus2894d ago

Well...whats the PS3 feature? Think they said there would be a special feature for PS3 or sumthin

addic2894d ago


i think the special ps3 feature will be the youtube upload function. imo this feature is awesome!

whoelse2894d ago

Clue is in the title! Video Upload (YouTube support)

sonarus2894d ago

Youtube upload would be awesome

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thereapersson2894d ago

I'm not really interested in this game, but it's nice to know that developers are taking advantage of the innovative features that Sony is offering, such as Youtube game uploading.

DarkSniper2894d ago

Only PLAYSTATION®3 has the proper tools and capabilities to ensure that gamers have the complete online and multimedia experience. He's ecstatic of the fact that he can rekindle all of his greatest futbol moments will the critically acclaimed features that PLAYSTATION®3 provides.

It's sad when Xbox 360 cannot even get a soccer game right 3 years into a generation. Dark Sniper is glad he's going where the quality games are.


n4gzz2894d ago

I am buying it first day. Big soccer fan :D

tamd2894d ago

let see what they have done to pc version

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