The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 12 - Will PSN Ever Be Better than XBL?

The Clickbaiters talk the end of the Vita, PSN and its competition, and even dive once more into the endless debate of digital vs. physical. Plus, a rant on the nature of trolling, “hardcore gamers,” handheld gaming controllers, and the rage that comes along with PSN outages. Is the pain warranted? Is the reaction? The boys dissect it all and still manage to throw in a Shining Force reference (drink!).

Keep on baitn’!

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Kal-V31004d ago

It already is. PSN has always been better than XBL even when it was free. Click this link HERE to find out why. #clickbait

nodim1004d ago

Ha, lol, so they are finally using their real name!

InTheZoneAC1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago ) already is...and has been since PS+ was available on PS3...

*drops mic*

darx1003d ago

Might want to pick the mic up

InTheZoneAC1003d ago (Edited 1003d ago )

*walks back, pics up mic*
*drops mic again*

...internet broke for good

and awesome typical counterargument on why it's not better. It's always easy to clickity clack disagree and never feel compelled to state why...unless of course someone gets called out then the point is relevant then? Why is that?

TheCommentator1003d ago

It is better... at being hacked.