Xbox Games on PC is a Good Thing

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes "It was recently announced that Quantum Break is headed to both Xbox One and Windows 10 which has for some reason angered many individuals. This really doesn't make sense as having the Xbox One titles show up on PC is good for gamers and Microsoft."

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Jackhass733d ago

Yeah, I don't really even consider Xbox and PC competing platforms.

skycaptin5733d ago

Exactly, I honestly consider them part of the same ecosystem if anything

christocolus733d ago

Same here. I don't see the big deal in putting these games on windows 10 and besides the cost of AAA game development will once again increase next gen and platform makers may need to start looking for more markets for their games. So PC is a no brainer. Infact i think Nintendo is already looking into this by experimenting with their ips on mobile platforms and MS on the other hand is expanding xbox to windows 10. A game like destiny was rumored to cost more than $400mil,now imagine what AAA next gen game development will costs. Next gen we will definitely see more publishers putting their games (exclusives and console multiplats) on other platforms i.e mobile, ios, steam, windows 10 even linux. They may need to do this if they are going to survive and make profit on their games.

Kingthrash360733d ago

So pc pirating dosent exist anymore?
Developer's put alot of AAA games on consoles because pirating is basically nonexistent.
If xbox exclusives going to pc is a good thing then so be it. That however, means xbox will no longer have "exclusives". I understand you guy are ok with that and so am I frankly.but buying a Xbox for exclusives is no longer a selling point. It is a good thing for selling games, but bad for selling consoles. Exclusives sells consoles....*see mario, uncharted, halo, Pokémon and sonic.
For selling consoles exclusives are very important. But selling games has alway made more money when on multiple platforms.

ShadowKnight733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

I agree but I wouldn't put first party games on other platforms. I have a feeling Microsoft will start doing that in the future with PC. What if they release Gears of War 4 on PC? Xbox no longer would be a selling point if that happens. I think its a risky move on their part. But we shall see.

tinynuggins733d ago


It only affects that small number of gamers that have a gaming rig and were considering an Xbox one. Console gamers will still be buying xbox one for exclusive games as they don't have a gaming rig. It's pretty simple actually.

ShadowKnight733d ago

Yes PC pirating still exist big time.

ULTp0ltergeist733d ago


Of course they exist but lately they've been having difficulty with certain games. I think with QB being the first exclusive Windows 10 game it will be impossible for hackers to hack. I mean til' this day Windows Live games are still fairly difficult to hack. So I think Microsoft is going to have their exclusives on lockdown. imo

kreate733d ago

But it's not just pc. Microsoft wants to focus on games across all platforms. Including phones and tablets. Kinda disturbs me.

Khaotic733d ago

To everyone in this thread PC gamers and console gamers are for the most part separate. I mean come on. "Xbox will no longer have exclusives" while technically true if all games from here on out go to PC. But think about it logically, the millions of everyday people out there are not going to buy a PC to run MS games if they want them. No they will buy an Xbox. If a person already owns a rig capable of running said games then MS still makes money and in the long run more. Software has always been more profitable than hardware for all of these companies. I believe if anything these decisions will only strengthen the Xbox windows 10 ecosystem as its offering something unique. Overtime crossbuy and crossplay could be a huge determining factor. If they are able to synchronize this ecosystem it could lead to more vibrant and populated shared world games with millions of Xbox and PC gamers sharing servers on MS games. I don't think this gen will see the full extent but with cloud computing and now the attempt at bringing the largest platform in the world "PC" into a coexistence with Xbox I think next gen could be revolutionary. If it fails I'll go to PlayStation, I just like to play games. But it's about time we see some evolution as its been stagnant for a decade since the introduction of online gaming to the masses. Sony is on track with vr so let's see what MS does.

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Theo1130733d ago

Me either actually. I mean it's being released on a Microsoft platform. While I would hope they don't release it only on Windows Store, I bought stuff on the old GFW and I can't even download those games.

Errorist76732d ago

It's true. They never really were. Combination of PC and Playstation always was the optimal combination for gamers so why not embrace it?! Last gen and the gen before it it was just the same.

CaptainObvious878732d ago

I think it's great because it's a good sign there won't be another xbox.

Developers could then just focus on 3 platforms instead of 4.

tee_bag242732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

Yeah.. Because competition is terrible for the consumer /s


Aries83732d ago

Why aren't people seeing this great cross-buy potential? Game streaming only works (technically) on a home network, but if you take you Windows 10 laptop or tablet with you, you can game anywhere! This is amazing. We buy Quantum Break for Xbox One and we get it for Windows 10 for free.

CartBlanche732d ago

By admitting that QB has to be Windows 10 Exclusive and not allowing it on Steam, Aaron and I assume Phil both understand that platform exclusives matter and attract customers to that particular exclusive's platform. Which essentially confirms that they are diluting the Xbox One console platform by releasing Quantum Break on PC as well. If, as Phil said on Twitter, it was about "not creating walls" and being the "best place to play", then Steam is all about that and has a much bigger following than Windows 10 store will probably ever have!

I think their move may bring them more overall software sales, but it will bring them less Xbox 1 sales. QB went from being a HW mover to an also ran IMO. Maybe Microsoft have seen the game and realised it wasn't that good, so thought they could mitigate their losses by selling the game on both X1 and PC?? Notice that is a question. I'm not saying that is what happened, but posing a hypothetical situation.

Either way, Time Will Tell how sales will do.

FACT: Xbox One owners need to step up their game and buy more Xbox One games if they want Microsoft to believe it is a viable sales platform. Current sales of games like Forza, Halo etc should be much higher considering the hardcore following, Xbox One supposedly has. Come one guys buy and play games!!

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Dlacy13g733d ago

one console one future...Dennis Dyack knew it all along.

Rookie_Monster733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

It is not a good is a great thing. 2 for the price of one for crossbuy and many will features cross saves, cross play, and share achievements as well. It is the way of the future for gaming and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Man, I wish games like Fallout 4, SFV, and Every game is like this also so I don't have to choose which platform to buy as One copy is shared between platforms with the same ecosystem. Bring more to the table MS! Fully embracing this consumer friendly approach.

It is no different than buying FFVI on an IOS apple store with one account and able to load it on both your iPhone and iPad. Sa me with how Windows 10 works between PC and XB1. As a matter of fact, it would suck if FFVI only work on either iPhone or a IPad and your can't cross share the app.

Sciurus_vulgaris733d ago

Putting every MS exclusive game on Xbox and PC would likely have some negative impacts on the Xbox brand. We will likely not see many (if any) third party cross buy games.

BludoDaSmelly733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

Console gamers will buy console games, pc gamers will buy pc games. I doubt either side is all of a sudden going to switch sides for a platform.

Eldyraen733d ago

3rd party will be a tough sell but to be honest it might not be a bad idea for them to do it anyways. EA and Ubi for example already have their own stores so might not want to give MS any piece of PC market they don't have to.

But MS might work on allowing minor license concessions for third party games that make the jump (just speculation on my part and one example of how they might entice anyone else to give it a shot). Secondly, third party might sign up in a limited form say including a PC version in the deluxe edition so PC/console gamers still don't pay full price for 2 seperate games but outside publishers get more from cross buys.

Realistically that's what I was expecting anyways--a price boost for both versions but still a discount when compared to buying separately (if you don't preorder through Xbox store and some retailers that's still the case--cross buy has only been talked about with preorders). I'm glad QB is going regular price as its a better deal than I was expecting and preorders are stil better off than people waiting second hand or ridiculous sales you can find on PC if you wait (so good for publisher too).

DragonDDark733d ago

Then buy a a capable PC and get a ps4 and your issues will be solved completely.

Errorist76732d ago

I don't think there were many reasons before to game on X1 if you had a PC, so why not embrace it?! I doubt many bought an XBox for Forza or Gears games.

JackBNimble732d ago

Well people like me who game on pc/ps4 no longer have a reason to buy an xboxone to get that "must buy exclusive"
I doubt that I would have bought an xboxone in the first place, but now I absolutely don't need to.

CartBlanche732d ago

Agreed, Microsoft can subsidise cross-buy if they are the publisher, but other publishers will want to make money on PC, and Xbox and PS4 by selling the game 3 times or more.

I cannot see how this move will help Xbox sales in the long term. No matter how they slice it.

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Neonridr733d ago

How is Xbox One / PC any different than PS4 / Vita or Wii U / 3DS?

DragonDDark733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

PC isn't necessarily = Microsoft.
Ps4 / vita = Sony
Wii U / 3DS = Nintendo.
Ps4 / PC can happen.
Xbox one / Vita = can't happen.


He didn't say Windows 10. I can play new games on pc without windows 10 using Steam for example.


Again, the guy just said PC. If he said Windows 10, then he is right BUT there is a difference. Piracy can make you play the game without windows 10 store.

Sciurus_vulgaris733d ago

windows 10 is a Microsoft platform.

jcole97733d ago

But it is on windows 10 which is Microsoft. Not through something like steam

Neonridr733d ago

fair enough, I should have said Windows 10.

Sony has multiple gaming platforms to support, so does Nintendo. Clearly MS does as well.

This is somehow unfair or not allowed?

DragonDDark733d ago

Well, they gotta fix their windows 10 store cause it's really missing lots of features compared to steam.

Christopher732d ago (Edited 732d ago )

Think of it like this:

3DS gets more support than wiiU because of platform limitations/issues.

PS4 gets more support than PS Vita because of platform limitations/issues.

In the end, will MS find the ability to support both equally unlike their competition or will one rise above the other?

The issue isn't the differences, it's the similarities.