10 of the Hardest to Pronounce Game Titles

With games being made all around the world, titles can sometimes be difficult to pronounce. Here are 10 games that can leave people tongue tied.

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PerfidiousSinn860d ago

I played Ehrgeiz for months and I still say the name wrong.

DiscoKid860d ago

Even though the announcer says the title?

Jackhass860d ago

I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to say Disgaea.

DarkOcelet860d ago

I think its pronounced Dis-Ga-Ya.

ThePsychoGamer859d ago (Edited 859d ago )

Pretty sure it more Dis-Guy-ya.

I remember reading an interview with some one who worked on the series since the beginning, and according to him, when they named the series they wanted something that sounded anti-earth, so they came up with Dis using american slang and Gaia, the greek word for earth.

ZaWarudo860d ago

Deus Ex - They Use X

Ehrgeiz - Ear gease?

Disgaea - This guy ya

Cthulhu - Coo thoo loo

Atelier - Ah teh liar?

DiscoKid860d ago

Atelier = attle yay
Deus Ex - Dayis X
Ehrgeiz = er-gayz