Should Street Fighter V Have Been Delayed To The Summer?

ThisGenGaming says "The reviews are in and so far they’re fairly mixed for the latest entry in the Street Fighter series. The game’s currently sitting on a fair 83 on metacritic so the game’s in no means reviewing badly but there seems to be one thing holding Street Fighter V back and that’s the fact that a lot of content simply isn’t in the game at launch. Our own review here on TGG and also reviews from IGN, Gamespot, VG247 and many others all say the same thing: the lack of content is hindering this game’s potential. Due to so many reviews all echoing the same concern, we couldn’t help but feel that maybe Street Fighter V would’ve benefited from a short delay into the Summer."

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YinYangGaming647d ago

I can't help but agree even if just a delay to March I think it would have been a good move

Hoffmann647d ago

I believe that fighting games in 2016 should have at least as many game modes as they had 20 years ago.

Here is a screenshot from the menu of Street Fighter EX, released in 1996 for the Sony Playstation.

That a new Street Fighter game in 2016 offers less than a game around 20 years ago and is all about online is a shame.
In my opinion at least.

YinYangGaming647d ago

Wow I hadn't even realized that, really good point!

Tdmd647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I find just inconceivable a fighting game without - at the very least - a good arcade mode. For me, its a deal breaker. Mkx really spoiled me with those online towers btw! lol

zombiewombie647d ago

That's what I say about current shooters. When compared to Socom 2 for the PS2 which shipped with 22 maps, current shooters are put to shame. Battlefront came with what, like 4 maps? Rainbow 6 came with like 8.

rainslacker647d ago

You're a fighting game fan, so you could probably answer this.

Isn't there some sort of seasonal thing with professional gaming which may have rushed this title out so it could start showing up in competitions this year?

Or is that nor relevant to E-Sports?

I ask, because my opinion on the article's topic would change.

However, I 100% agree at the lack of certain game modes which are standard, and have been since the first fighting game of this type came into existence.

Sucks for me, because I don't even like playing fighting games online, so really hoping for at least some decent SP content.

I remember Battle Arena Toshinden on the PS1...the only game I had for it for a few weeks after PS1 released in Japan. Had a vs CPU mode...and I only had one controller(imported the system from Japan the first week), so no playing against friends. Blew me away because I had never seen a 3D fighter before except Virtua Fighter which was much different and more technical. But there wasn't much beyond the vs mode...except maybe arcade which had no story involved. So for those weeks, I was making up my own things in my head on what I was doing to make it seem like I was achieving something different. I shouldn't have to do that nowadays when even the crappiest fighters come with a full story and arcade and vs mode. Cripes, DOA's story mode is as long as many SP action game these days. It's even good, unlike most story modes in fighting games.

pompombrum646d ago (Edited 646d ago )


Yes, I imagine the reason why they rushed the game out was because of the Capcom Pro Tour. The very first ranked event for that starts in under two weeks with a good few others over the next few months. If they had delayed the release until say summer when the story mode is due, they'd have missed a lot of big events and would have forced them into making decisions they don't want to be making not to mention potentially question the professional integrity of how they run things.

Right now, the game is absolutely fine for competitive players however for casual players who haven't even heard of the CPT let alone interested in it, are much better off waiting until the summer where they'll likely get the game at a discount price and a much more complete experience.

_-EDMIX-_646d ago

That actually isn't really a real measurement of value. Those features may have not been good enough to keep doing ie some people may have not even played any of those enough for Capcom to feel the need to keep creating them.

Its a fighting game.

Arcade, Practice, a VS mode with friends and online is legit all I actually care for and expect.

IF you look at the sales of SF over the years, pretty sure those features haven't really caused much of a shift and personally don't care and I've gotten SF day 1 for a very long number of years. I would say since 3.

_-EDMIX-_646d ago

@Zombie- "Battlefront came with what, like 4 maps?" No...

It currently has like 15 maps, it never launched with 4 maps, I"m not really sure how your still actually thinking that despite the game already releasing months ago.

Even with Socom that wasn't the norm. Halo 5 released with 28 maps.

COD Black Ops 3 released with 16 maps.

You can't really measure a game on such a level as many games variety depending on game.

TF2 launched with 6 maps and I put over 300 hours in that game with JUST those maps alone, even before the free maps added, its still one of the best FPS titles ever made.

Its map count didn't define it. If a game had 300 maps would that be just great?

If a fighting game had over 300 bro? I mean....are we really measuring quality based on this and not actually....well game play?

Apex13646d ago

Welcome to the world of paid content. They will charge the hell out of the extras and sadly this wont stop if gamers keep buying into it.

Bnet343646d ago

There isn't much to do, but it's a great game though. It's pretty bare bones I agree.

CorndogBurglar646d ago

Before I say any of this just understand that I totally agree with you.

However, i kind of understand the thought behind this move, even if I don't agree with it. As of now, sure its all about online. But there is a big update next month from what i understand. I also understand that they released it like this to let people prepare for Evo and the big tourneys while only making the others wait a month for single player content. I get it. I don't like it. But i get it.

Honestly, the only two things i'm upset about are the lack of a fleshed out story mode (coming later) and online lobbies capable of hosting more than 2 people (also coming next month). Sure playing online is fun, but nothing is better than having a lobby full of friends and watching each other fight while waiting in line for your turn. Its the closest thing to classic arcades and Street Fighter 2 that I severely miss.

Griever646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

I think the game has been rushed to the market and that is why teh game is light on content and we are getting story dlc and more characters later. It obviously needed around 4-6 more months to be actually fully featured and complete.

jrshankill646d ago

Disappointing. I have finished the short story modes for each character (2 - 3 one round fights? Come on). The servers are down.. so I am stuck in training or survival. Absolute poor launch.

Back to MKX and KI for me. There's nothing to play here!

darthv72646d ago

With what has been released... do you get the feeling that Capcom partnered with the wrong financial supporter?

Meaning if they had gotten $$ from another company, it could have lead to a better product and (at the very least) been made available to more players?

Cause it really does make you wonder where all the $ Sony gave them went. I doubt it went into the CE statue of Ryu.

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dirkdady647d ago

I'm okay with getting the core game now and continuing to recieve boat loads of free content throughout the year like Driveclub which received an unprecedented amount of post launch content support . I'd rather take that over getting the game next year personally.

_-EDMIX-_646d ago

Agreed. So long as I get to play with friends and practice by myself....I'm very much fine with how they launched SFV.

I don't even recall liking those modes enough to even miss them.

A better topic might be, are those modes missing worth so much to a consumer that they will not buy the game over them?

Many love doing this stupid count of features, playlist, maps, modes, guns, characters etc yet never really factor if such things are even that important that they cause someone to not play it.

I don't see me not getting a SF game because a story mode is gone or because time attack is gone or anything of the sort.

If I can play with friends....if I can practice, thats actually enough for me lol.

lizard81288646d ago

Problem is, it is they even know what Free DLC even is?...

Sharingan_no_Kakashi647d ago

Yea. I mean half the rest of the game doesn't come out til March anyway.

Thetruth777646d ago

Why wait for a fighting game that is only going to get better with time? Give me what you have ready now and I will get the free dlc when its ready! Gamers would have been furious if they would have push this back til summer and complained about it.

magiciandude646d ago

Yes Crapcom should've waited until they have the full game ready. This DriveClub model of half-assed game launches is unacceptable and really hoping it doesn't become the norm. We as gamers need to vote with our wallets.

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TheGreatGamer647d ago

I'm still picking it up tomorrow but I would have been okay with a small delay

remixx116646d ago (Edited 646d ago )

I said it once and I'll say it again, this is just like titanfall, it's a great game with awesome mechanics driving down by a lack of content that gets either patched in later or sold as dlc.

All while some fan boys defend it, others bash it relentlessly and gamers enjoy playing it or passing on it till the time is right.

Aloy-Boyfriend647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

I'd say yes. It's very ridiculous this game lacks VS CPU and basic fighting stuff day one. But, at least the core gameplay and online are solid. They should just bring all of that as soon as possible.

BadBoyC647d ago

Damn. I didn't know that. Looks like l'm going to cancel my Amazon pre-order and wait till more content drops. Storm 4 should keep me occupied till then. Before developers were just taking stuff out of the game. Now developers are also rushing games out and these games are not even launching with the basic content anymore. Smh..

YinYangGaming647d ago

If you read the article like the second or third paragraph it outlines all the content that's coming later and the dates when its coming, worth the read if I was you

KwietStorm647d ago

Cancel your Amazon pre order? How has it not shipped already? Did you really have it ordered?

BadBoyC647d ago


No, my copy has not shipped yet. Hell, I haven't even got a delivery date yet. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the Amazon delays but keep in mind that I also don't have Amazon Prime so I always go for free shipping whenever the option is available but I'll show a snapshot of my preorder since you seem to think I'm lying and since you seem to be so interested in what I'm spending my money on so here you go

I'm not done yet though. I'll even do you one better. I'll also show you my copy of Storm 4 in case you think I'm lying about that as well.

Seriously.. what the hell is up with all the detective work on this site? I'm noticing that there are a lot of detectives on this site now. I thought this was a gaming site, not Law & Order. I mean wtf?? Are we going to start asking each other for blood samples next? lol

_-EDMIX-_646d ago

.... I don't know if its a big enough deal to not get the game over. A bit drastic considering its a fighting game, I'm just not sure just how much you where expecting to do other then......well fight lol

BadBoyC646d ago


Nope. I'm not going to pay for an unfinished game. I'm still going to get the game though. I'm just going to get it later when the other content that should've been in the game on day 1 arrives. And I quote; "I'm going to cancel my Amazon pre-order and wait till more content drops". I thought I made it abundantly clear in my prior post that I was still getting the game.

Btw, it's a good thing I cancelled my preorder and waited to get the game. There are a lot of complaints about the game. I hear the game is a buggy, broken mess on all platforms.

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Fin_The_Human647d ago

No vs are you serious?

How is this even acceptable in this day of age.

-Foxtrot647d ago

Because die hard fanbases will defend anything

GameDev1647d ago

"It's very ridiculous this game lacks VS CPU and basic fighting stuff day one"

People please do not believe this comment, it is incredibly false and being spread around

You can play against the CPU in character story mode, survival mode and changing the dummy to AI in training mode, its all over youtube to see

And as for the game getting delayed, thats ridiculous

Capcom released a content roadmap before the game released

From March, which is about two weeks after the game launch, you get a whole load of content free and from then on, EVERY MONTH

The game would need to be delayed if it wasnt technically good (lag, framerate, bugs) and online was crap

Content might be lacking at launch but its not that far away so pick the game when the content is ready

I pointed out people forget the Capcom pro tour is very soon and they need to build up everything for SFV to prepare

No, a delay for a technically good game with good gameplay that has a clear content roadmap which is not far from launch is ridiculous

rainslacker647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

If so, that puts me at ease some.

But it begs the question, if they have all that, why not just make an arcade mode. All it is is an array on fight orders, and implementing a match system, which seems pretty trivial since the hard work is done.

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Jackhass647d ago

Yeah, I not sure I get the whole "games as a platform" trend, but I can't complain too bitterly when story mode will be free and all the additional fighters will be unlockable. I don't know -- if Capcom is going to be constantly building on Street Fighter V, may as well just release it now I guess.