Hitman can't survive at 60FPS on PS4

The beta for Hitman on PS4 this weekend revealed two important aspects about the game. It's setup perfectly gameplay wise, but performance wise the console can't maintain 60 FPS and needs to be changed for its full release.

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Eonjay549d ago

Surely if Metal Gear Solid 5 can do 1080p 60FPS Open world, then a lot of game engines are lacking substantially.

phoenixwing548d ago

You could make an argument both ways. One game engine doesn't equal them all. Plus some people would argue it was an older engine for ps3/ps4 and this is next gen engine

TFJWM548d ago

Could be an older build but the release date is right around the corner.

Eonjay548d ago

This doesn't look next gen compared to the Fox Engine

Eonjay548d ago

FOr context check out the performance video on DF:

miyamoto548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

So it depends on the developer's talents and capabilities then.

For the kind of gameplay it has I don't think Hitman really need 60fps.

sonarus548d ago

60 fps is not really a crucial thing for me. I just like games that look good i dont care about the numbers.
That being said Hitman also was never a crucial game for me either. Just an OK game nothing great so probably pass

inveni0548d ago

Hitman does not need to be 60fps. I just beat Absolution on PC, and 60fps was not a make or break for that game. It is pretty slow paced and doesn't rely on twitch reflexes. 30fps would be just fine.

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fanboysmackdown548d ago

And what is the biggest crowd to be found in Metal Gear 5? Hitman is all about crowds so your comparison is crap.

548d ago
_-EDMIX-_548d ago

100% agreed 60 fps is not some magical thing that all developers by default need to use it something that's very game dependent if they feel they want more processing power to add those enormous crowds to the game there correct to do so its dependent on what they are creating not all games.

Also why on earth is this person making a comment on frame rate from a beta? That doesn't sound like something that would be solidified on such an early build.

60 fps or 30 fps is extremely irrelevant to the concept of hitman I don't really believe that change will do anything for any fans of the series. As long as its solid and steady I actually really don't care.

Eonjay548d ago

If you watch the Eurogamer analysis, then you will see that the framerate for Hitman is all over the place from 22FPS to 60FPS. The game is an unoptomized heemp of garbage right now. Therefore it stands to reason that this game can't maintain 30FPS in its current form.

I am comparing an optimized game to a complete mess. The animations look last gen. You are right, there is no comparison.

_-EDMIX-_548d ago

@Eon- so we're just disregarding that this is a beta in the beginning it very much shows a statement showing that it indeed will have issues?


Eonjay548d ago

The game launches next month.
Wow i don't know what else to say.

_-EDMIX-_548d ago

But how do you know your playing a final build?

What is being tested is likely the servers and not the actual final build of the game, thus your hearing the term "beta" as its not in a final form.

Even if its releasing next month, what your playing currently could be an old build as what your playing and the server of the game are not 1 exact thing.

ie you could be playing an old build of the game, to test out the current situation of the servers.

Thus...your not playing something that is of any final form. Read what the statement states at the beginning of the beta.

You don't actually know the age of the build. Mind you, what is your point to it releasing next month?

Because you played the very latest build? Elaborate as a lot of this sounds like assumptions as this isn't a demo of anything finalized and they make it pretty clear in their official statements before the beta starts.

garrettbobbyferguson548d ago


Have you been under a rock the last half decade? A beta is merely a stress test of their servers. A game being released in a month would not give stress testers a build that is from months ago, that would be idiotic.

_-EDMIX-_548d ago

Well that's the idea buddy if you actually don't know what build this is and you don't know what they would or wouldn't do so unless you have a link stating the build your playing is something final I was just disregard most of your post.

Again even in the actual beta it's very much telling you it's going to have issues.

RedDevils547d ago

Who care, just get stable 30 fps is will be good enough.

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butchertroll548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

But environment in MGSV is pretty empty. It's not so hard to achieve 1080p/60

Anyway, about's still beta

BossBattle548d ago

We're talking about PS4 here not PC.

Night99548d ago

Metal Gear Solid 5 had a lot of empty landscape and less vegetation areas like desert. Locations in Hitman games are usually a lot more packed with NPC.

Tapani548d ago

It's just about optimization. Less and less people are old-school code wizards. Chaps at Sony Santa Monica, Naughty Dog, Remedy and Square Enix 1st dev team might still have true wizards who are not lazy!

moldybread548d ago

even top developers in the world who have inside access to the hardware like naughty dog cannot get uncharted 4 to be 60 frames for its single player.

this isn't about the engine so much as it is the goals of the developer. if they made this game solely for the ps4 with an intended target of 60 frames they could do it. but that could mean some things may be scaled back such as the amount of a.i. we all know assassin's creed unity suffered greatly probably because of so many npc's.

Eonjay548d ago (Edited 548d ago )

But the game doesn't even hold 30FPS.

I'm not gonna let you guys defend this at all.

_-EDMIX-_548d ago

moldy bread agreed this is something that is more so dependent on the developer and their goals.

FlipSwitch548d ago

Maybe. Maybe not. A beta isn't really the way to tell though as it is usually unoptimised.

Godmars290548d ago

Square Edios or whoever is making the game, is not Konami. Certainly not Konami with Kojima.

esmittystud101548d ago

The only reason they could hit 1080p 60 FPS on MGSV:PP is for the fact that map is the most stripped down map out today. If they fill that map up, instead of it being so bland, they are not hitting that mark.

FrostXVenom548d ago

Environmental design is much more complex in hitman than MGS v...

Eonjay548d ago

Not really. But here, check this out to see what I mean. I think when people actually see the game in action, they will understand what I mean:

Goldby548d ago

i dont think you seem to understand what 280 and alot of others are trying to explain to you.

MGSV is 1080p/60fps with huge maps yet, but rather empty maps. with static buildings and almost static trees (ohh the day those trees enter GTA) each outpost not including the couple bases in each map have maybe 5-10 enemies in them.

Hitman had 20 people just at the bar alone before the rest of the cruise. that will put more tole on an engine because its having to run script to make each and everyone of those 50+ npc's look and act real, plus collision detection for all of them. it doesn't matter if Hitman is a slower paced game over MGSV its what is happening on screen + out of view that pushes the engines. and this BETA, is pushing it for the ps4.

and ass EDMIX stated, this could very well be an old build off the game, to just stress test certain aspects of the gameplay and backend work.

Division's beta had less npc's in it. people bitched, in open beta and fiull release they are goign to have more NPC's so technically, the division beta is an old build. but we don't hold that against them do we? we understand what they are doing. Maybe IO isn't being vocal enough about the reasons behind the beta. but to shove the rest of a full released game (eventually) down becuase of the performance of a beta isn't how its done and doesn';t help anyone,

nommers548d ago

Why are so many people even concentrating on this stuff to begin with? Unless the game actually starts lagging significantly there's no issue in a game like this. If this were a fighting game the FPS would be much more important, but it's not. There are so many places in Hitman games that allow you to take your time or be patient. Take each game as it is before concerning with FPS. Would you care if the FPS wasn't 60 in a point click adventure?

starchild548d ago

I both agree and disagree. I agree that 60fps is not essential to enjoy a game.

On the other hand, I don't agree with comments to the effect that "60fps doesn't matter in a game like this".

60fps, and higher framerates in general, always matter. It greatly improves temporal resolution, which makes it easier to see things in motion, and let's face it, games are almost always in motion. It also helps responsiveness by lessening input lag, which is definitely a good thing when it comes to videogames.

shloobmm3548d ago

I personally dont think MGSV is a great looking game. It looks like a last gen game to me.