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Street Fighter is back once again. But unlike any game in the series, Street Fighter V is a service that will keep expanding with free updates and modes. While the single Player modes are currently a bit lacking, the already announced free upcoming modes do make up for it. Capcom also had the genius to include fans in the making of the game, giving us access to early betas and listening to our cheers and moans. This allowed Street Fighter V to evolve in the right direction, and building, in the process, a great game with interesting mechanics, great visuals, unique characters and most importantly a robust netcode.

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Majin-vegeta642d ago

Another sweet review.Less than 48 hours away.

Cyrexian642d ago

Have the reviews been majority very positive so far? I'm excited but haven't seen much difference between Street Fighter IV and V aside from the new characters.

Aloy-Boyfriend642d ago

''...haven't seen much difference between Street Fighter IV and V aside from the new character''

Sounds like every fighting game ever to me :P

DARKKENT642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Just realized this is my First fighting game im buying this gen..

I've Actually missed some one on one action ;)

KwietStorm642d ago

Have you actually played the 2 games? Or even just watched SFV?

Chexs1990642d ago

@DARKKENT DOA5 has been out for a while on PS store :)
It a remastered version, but it's sweet as ever ^^

Criti-Choco642d ago

Alot of differences if you are actually familiar with any fighting games.

For starters, an easy to see change is no focus attacks, which in SFIV it was essential to perform more advance combo strings (FADC), replaced with Vskill.

The whole fight money system is new, and a fair option for people that dont want to pay for dlc.

Theres also differences on how characters play as opposed to SFIV, Ken is a good example hes now more of a rushdown character and less of a ryu clone.

Last one I will mention but is definately not last in the list, is they made combo timing longer than 1 frame, which might not sound like much but for people getting into fights it will be more accessible and easier to get into the combo system.

DARKKENT642d ago

Lol at chexs

Good suggestion

mikeslemonade642d ago

Got the PC version and it's crossplatform, so I get to play against you console clowns hehe.

eferreira642d ago

It's very smooth and polished. Graphics are a lot better compared to the ps3. It plays very differently from sf4. Game is easier for casuals as well.

Josuey642d ago

Theres quite a few differences between SF4 and SFV, a couple of positive changes have been made to the system

-grabs are whif punishable
- hard sweeps are punishable on block
-no more Ultra special bar for garranteed specials every match
-combos are much easier to pull off and link
-the V trigger is a unique gauge to every character, has diff uses depending on character
-some characters classic moves have been changed so they look different
-no more focus attacks, instead every character has a unique move
-These are just some changes ive had the chance to notice from playing at kiosks.
Of course if you dont play fighting games, its harder to notice

SFV is looking amazing so far, my PS3 arcade stick is ready

PistolsAtDawn641d ago

It seems like the reviews so far have been rather average actually. This is one of the high ones. Most seem to be around the 7-8 range....which probably means that if you love SF, you'll like this game...if you aren't a huge street fighter fan, probably not.

ShinMaster641d ago

@ PistolsAtDawn

You're average.

They're in the 8 and a half range. Far from average.

@ Cyrexian

Having played both SF 4 and 5. No, they're not the same.

miyamoto641d ago

Leave it to legitimate fighting game players to review fighting games ... unlike IGN.

rainslacker641d ago

The reviews I've seen so far say the game play is excellent, and well in line with the series as a whole despite the changes from prior installments.

Most of the downrating is coming from the content available on release more than anything....which does have merit depending on how you play your fighting games. In my case, SFV disappoints on that, because I'm primarily a SP gamer, but will probably like it on game nights with friends.

641d ago
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showtimefolks642d ago

will be huge for ps4 and fighting fans(along with oc fans)

otherZinc641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

Street Fighter 5 is on Steam for $30.

3-4-5641d ago

* My only complaint about the game is the lack of characters that appeal to me, but that might just be my own personal issue with the game and not one that others deal with.

* So many good Alpha & EX & SF3 characters that should be included.

ZHZ90641d ago

EX characters don't belong to Capcom but to Arika and will never see them unless Capcom buys its rights.

XisThatKid641d ago

Omg we are in the same boat! I can't agree more. This is the first one that even has remotely Xis character. I loved the "terrible" EX series! YES I am not alone.

XanderZane641d ago

Yes, buy overall it's getting lower scores then what Street Fighter IV received. SFIV had overall review scores in the 90's. Doesn't look like SFV will reach those scores. Seems it doesn't have as much content as everyone hoped it would.

641d ago
XisThatKid641d ago (Edited 641d ago )

And everyone didn't have that problem with KI. All of a sudden.

XanderZane640d ago

KI original launched for free as a demo. You knew up front what you were getting and what was coming way in advanced. You also knew how much it would cost. It didn't cost $60 for the full game either.

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RAM0N 642d ago

My sfv beta review 12/10

ecchiless642d ago

Don Ramon can't be wrong, so is a 12/10 and thats a fact!! :P

payikick642d ago

You my good sir are a legend.... 12/10 for Ramon

Aloy-Boyfriend642d ago

This account review: 20/10

Love Chavo del 8 so much.

On topic: So it begins! Street Fighter 5 is gonna kick so much A$$

SatanicEyeJesus642d ago

12/10 is the score!

Or maybe a 14/10 for the months that Don Ramon owes for the house lease.

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maniacmayhem642d ago

I really wish Guile would be day one. I am so pumped to see if Capcom gives him some good NEW offensive moves.

eferreira642d ago

Nash seems pretty bad ass. He has some sweet combos.