Quantum Break 2015 vs 2016 Graphics Comparison

At a time when gamers are witnessing the clear differences between the final game, and press materials, published long before its release, it's nice to see that there are developers who actually improve their production each time they're showing it.

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SniperControl648d ago

Cant wait to see what this game looks like on my 980ti.

cyckiewicz648d ago

I wonder which platform is leading during development, since I haven't heard anything about that, though Xbox One seems to obvious here.

YinYangGaming648d ago

Yeah they developed on the X1 primarily (confirmed by Aaron Greenberg)

maybelovehate648d ago

I imagine PC is lead and from there they just keep removing features and resolution until it works on X1. It is easy to downgrade but it is hard to upgrade when it comes to effects, textures etc.

dcbronco648d ago

Xbox is the lead. PC was started well after. That's why PC was announced so late. They didn't think it would be ready. It says something for the tools that they could obviously reuse most of it. Bodes well for more PC titles hitting Xbox One.

jb227648d ago (Edited 648d ago )


How would that bode well for PC titles hitting the XBO? Wouldn't it be the other way around? If you are certain that Xbox is the lead platform then that means it was ported to PC & not vice versa, so that would only bode well for more XBO titles being easily ported to PC & nothing to suggest the other way around.

Also I don't personally subscribe to this entire idea about the PC idea coming late in the game...if you believed that then you'd have to believe that it happened after Phil mentioned that it wasn't likely at Gamescom, which means the PC port happened in 4-5 months. I'm no dev but that sounds awfully fast to me & highly unlikely.

GameNameFame648d ago

I've seen what happened to Halo 5. I will wait till game launches for final version rather than bullshots.

dcbronco648d ago

JB just read some of the articles on this story and listen to major nelson podcast. They tell you you it was announced so late because they didn't think the PC version would be caught up in time. They specifically mentioned not wanting to do certain things because the console version was already over a year into development when PC was started iirc.

It bodes well for Xbox and PC if PC was started so late and was able to catch up. That means having everything done on Windows 10 allowed them to re-use a bunch of the code. If most of the code was usable like they've been saying for the last couple of years it means it will be easy to make games available on both platforms cheaply. If you make a game with a 30 million dollar budget and can add an Xbox version for a million more only an idiot doesn't make the Xbox version. Selling three or four million additional copies and making over a hundred million on a one million dollar investment leads to a prosperous company.

TheCommentator648d ago

Exactly, DC. Win 10 is an ecosystem where coding for multiple platforms is drastically reduced which means porting from PC to XB1, or vice versa, is much easier. Obviously there is some work involved, but it is reduced to weeks instead of months in part because of the reasons you mentioned. The ease of porting code has been talked about by MS on several occasions already.

WonderboyIII648d ago

Isn't the Xbox One just a PC after all? I bet with some config file changes, the same code can run on X1, PC and PS4. I remember the witcher 3 had a folder for each platform in the installation files.

firefoxprime648d ago

Dude....this game right here. I never owned or "wanted" to own a Xbox console(team Japan 4evAR!), but....

Quantum Break?
CrackDown 3?
Rare's Pirate game?

man...pretty tempting =D

mikeslemonade648d ago

^Those games coming to PC. No reason to own a Xbox. If you need help I charge $10 a hour if you want me to help you build a PC remotely. I know most of you console guys don't know how to make one.

GMR_PR648d ago

The lighting on the 2015 version is better, that's why colors look different.

LackaJaKane648d ago (Edited 648d ago )


"^Those games coming to PC. No reason to own a Xbox."

I'm honsestly clueless if there will be physical copies of the exclusives being sold on pc.

I remember in the beginning everyone was really upset about the whole drm thing and wanting to be able to have the option to buy and sell physical discs. So wouldn't that be a reason for those people who feel that way to own an xbox1 instead of a pc to play the games?

Pogmathoin648d ago

I will wait till game launches for final version rather than bullshots.

You will never even boot up the game, you just spend all your time trolling Xbox articles... Do you even own a PS4 I wonder, or just sit on internet while drinking mikes lemonade??

LackaJaKane648d ago

@jb227 ---> DX12

"Turn 10 Studios has already ported their Xbox One launch title Forza Motorsport 5 to DirectX 12, using a four man team that took four months to get the game running on an PC using NVIDIA graphics at 60 FPS"

frankdrebin72647d ago

SOME people are so engulfed in windows 10 games going from xbox to PC, where in fact its an ecosystem Micro are building.

People also need to remember that the pendulum swings both ways.
Devs will now devote a miniscule amount of time and resources to port their games to xbox from PC with minimal time and huge margin profits awaiting.

Like everyone else, Devs are in it for the money like anyone else, and IF its as easy as stated, then Xbox/PC will be a huge target for Devs.

Good times ahead for all gamers.

donthate647d ago

Lead is on Xbox One of course, since PC wasn't even started on until after August of 2015.

That said, kudos to MS for consistently putting out insane news. First, EA Access comes to Xbox One, then monthly feature updates on Xbox One, then E3 rolls around and we get BC and Crackdown 3 cloud based physics.... fast forward and now we got cross-buy for the same price as a regular game!!!

At this relentless pace, the end of this generation is going to be insane for Xbox One owners!!!

Mr Pumblechook647d ago

Have they said yet what's is the max resolution and Fps of the Windows 10 edition?

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

IT would have to be XONE as I believe the PC version was made after the fact and not first or during the whole development so that is very unlikely its PC, but XONE leading in development.

Utalkin2me647d ago


Thats a great point. And also doing it like this gives people options. Instead of forcing people to go one way.

mikeslemonade647d ago


1. The demographic of people who are anal about owning the physical copy is small.

2. There is physical copy. I saw a Doom preorder for the PC that has a physical copy. They exist.

Moreover any reason to own a X1 is weak. You have no big factors on why people should own a X1. Maybe they keep the core exclusive like Halo, Forza, and Gears exclusive but those are getting boring to most people.

Clunkyd647d ago


"The demographic of people who are anal about owning the physical copy is small."

LMAO what a load of BS, You're delusional.

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ShadowKnight648d ago

I concur. Just have a 980 at the moment. Waiting for Pascal GPUs

ocelot07648d ago

Sitting with a 970 my self. As you am waiting for Pascal.

Utalkin2me647d ago

Dual Pascals, can i get a what what!!!

QuickdrawMcgraw648d ago

Could be PC was the lead and was kept quite so console owners would preorder...I can't find a link to state by MS which system is the lead....

PistolsAtDawn648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

At this point, honestly who cares??? It's already the best looking game this gen, check out the direct feed videos confirmed to be from X1

Why spend over $1000 more for a slightly better experience....POTENTIALLY

The 2016 version looks quite a bit better actually...not just a little.

ninsigma648d ago

You don't have to spend over a thousand. That's grossly exaggerated. You can play latest games for under 1000 that look better than console versions at 1080p and higher frame rate. It's Dow to whether you wanna buy a pc or not really and if one has an xbox already then yeah just play on that because it already looks phenomenal on the xbox. Great to see a dev achieve more than their original showings instead of having to remove things.

UKmilitia648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

i take it you didnt watch the video included then?

looks nothing like it did.

while certain parts look better,some of it looks worse like the smoke and other effects

GrubsterBeater648d ago

It's definitely not the best looking game this gen. Lol

MRMagoo123647d ago

Lol and they say this is a ps4 site wow disagrees for saying facts you guys are sad

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Ghost_of_Tsushima648d ago

I knew it would be like this. After the announcement of Xbox One exclusives coming to PC all it has turned into is a Warzone in the comments section. No stop PC gamers bragging about playing it on their almighty PC while Xbox owners suffer. I say who gives a sh*t what you're going to play the game on because it's the same game regardless. You should try to unite not the other way around.

PistolsAtDawn648d ago

The irony is that it really has little to do with X1 vs PC gamers...they are usually the same people actually...most people trying to pick a fight over it...don't have either. No one is fooled

sd11648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Personally I want closer integration with PCs. Allow all pc/xbox one games cross play for multiplayer. I think its possible next gen and I wonder if MS is working on scalable steam type consoles. If so I am fine with that. Especially if it means I can just stick to owning a pc and get all of the games.

Mr Lahey648d ago


So, what you're suggesting is that it's Playstation and/or Nintendo gamers that fight over Xbox/PC games now? Sounds legit..

343_Guilty_Spark648d ago

It's not PC or Xbox users complaining or trolling the comments. It's the usual suspects. I'll let you take a wild guess which users are doing it and what camp they fanboy over. Anyway QB seriously looks like the best game of 2016.

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Eldyraen648d ago

Ready to play on both! I can't wait for more cross buys and saves either.

QB looks to be great in so many different ways.

3-4-5648d ago

Looks like they added some true color and got rid of the yellowish washed out look.

343_Guilty_Spark648d ago

You and every other PS4 user.....

By the way it should look supremely excellent!!

SniperControl648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Like i have said numerous times today, go look at my comment history before QB was announced for PC, you and every other paranoid xbox owner on here will find i have talked quite alot about my gaming rig over the past years on N4G.

Mr Lahey647d ago

So you complain about PS gamers like they are your enemy or something. Don't you see how crazy fanboish your comments are? Get a grip man!

Channel-Live648d ago

Remedy is Microsoft's Naughty Dog

r2oB648d ago

That's a bit of a stretch considering Remedy developed Alan Wake while Naughty Dog developed Uncharted 1,2, 3, and The Last of Us. How can you honesty hold them to the same caliber? Other than Alan Wake Remedys last game was like 2003. They are good developers, but there is no need to exaggerate.

gamer7804647d ago

Well for one naughty dog is a much bigger studio than Remedy. Remedy is a much smaller team. They are both really good studios that make games with outstanding graphics, that much can't be denied.

FriedGoat647d ago

Remedy is definitely up there. I love Alan Wake, I loved the first Max Payne and i'm sure i'll love Quantum Break. My main gripe is I bought an xbox for Quantum break and if i'd known it was gonna come to PC I may not have needed to waste my time.

Seems to me, every new day there's less reason to buy an xbox one.

Imalwaysright647d ago


Yeah I do. Since I played TloU very few games managed to match it's quality. Alan Wake was one of them. Oh and that 2003 game from Remedy is one of the best TPS ever made.

Channel-Live647d ago

r2oB, are you really comparing how many games the company has put out for the publisher? You must be young. I bet your the same guy that expects his girlfriend to pay as much for your present as you did hers. Remedy gets a blank check from MS to do whatever they like. They have been loyal and produce some amazing games.

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x_RadicalAura_x648d ago

Probably just going to be another broken ass PC port per usual. lol

ITPython647d ago ShowReplies(3)
gamer7804647d ago

well the card alone is roughly 2x the cost of an xbox one, add the other pc components, looking at a 1k+ computer, so it should look at least 3x-4x better than the xbox, so we'll see if you got your moneys worth.

big_dom_strikes_back647d ago


"I imagine PC is lead and from there they just keep removing features and resolution until it works on X1. It is easy to downgrade but it is hard to upgrade when it comes to effects, textures etc."

No it isn't, and that tells me how much you know about development of assets. You always start with the higher resolution first, and the build the low res off of it. It's not downgrading. It's called optimisation.

Now I wait for the disagrees from the kids and clueless who aren't artists and have never worked with any kind of industry standard 2d or 3d application.

Insomnia_84647d ago

That's a big downgrade from the 2015 footage!

Yetter647d ago

Just ordered a new PC myself and thats the same GPU I've chosen. Can't wait to see what it can do

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DarkOcelet648d ago

The textures looks better in the 2016 one.

christocolus648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

The 2016 build looks better overall and there's a lot more use of colors in the newer build too. Still baffled by what Remedy has been able to achieve on Xbox One. This game is stunning. Imagine Alan wake 2 with this graphics. OMG

DarkOcelet648d ago

Holy Moly on how Alan Wake 2 will look like.

The thought of it is just driving me crazy. I expect an awesome trailer of Alan Wake 2 from Remedy at this year's E3.

I cant wait!

OpieWinston648d ago

We all know Alan Wake 2 probably won't hit the X1.
Next gen in the next 5-6 years.

zidane1341648d ago

@opiewinston: and you know alan wake 2 couldn't come out in the next FIVE years, because why, again?

Mikefizzled648d ago

I don't think Alan Wake will take 5-6 years. Remedy already had a working build of Alan Wake 2 before it got greenlit by Microsoft and Sam has plenty of ideas already thought out for it. Quantum Break looks to technically complex hence why it took so long to develop.

sd11648d ago

I just played alan wake on pc, with all settings maxed out. For an old game it looked great.

jb227648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Gotta disagree...the Gamescom build is obviously superior in every aspect...granted a YouTube comparison is nearly pointless but even in this low res video there are obvious differences. I don't see more colors in the newer build, I just see a blue filter that essentially pulls all of the bright vivid color out of the original build, the lighting effects are significantly decreased & shadows are nearly non existent. It honestly looks like they applied a blue filter to either hide a lot of the lesser aspects or the use of the filter diminished their effects drastically...the jacket looks like real leather in the first build but like a flat vinyl in the new one, the bullets hanging in the air during the time manipulation have lost their clear tail effects, the actual time manipulation mechanic has lessened it's use of particles.

The game still looks great & I'd hold off until release for judgment anyway even beyond the fact that this is a poor quality video, but the differences are striking & apparent even in it & I honestly don't see how anyone can see any different. It's not about personal taste for visuals, it's about the actual effects & techniques in place, and they are obviously decreased here. This is not a minor drop, it is extremely noticeable to my eye...regardless of whether or not anyone cares about a downgrade from Gamescom to now, it can't be argued that it isn't readily apparent.

Seems obvious to me: the video on the left is indicative of the PC version, the video on the right is the XBO version.

sammarshall102648d ago

I can't handle the thought of Alan Wake 2 with these graphics... gaming heaven

OpieWinston648d ago

Remedy are perfectionists... They don't half ass things.

Alan Wake 2 is a definite 5-6 year dev time.

They'll take all the time they need and despite having a playable demo doesn't mean they won't start from 0.

They'll probably use the same world builder as AW with a few edits. But if anyone thinks Remedy will rush Alan Wake 2 you're surely mistaken.

christocolus648d ago (Edited 648d ago )


Well said. Sam Lake and his team are super talented. I'm going to take my sweet time playing through this beauty. The storyline looks like something i'm going to really enjoy also have you seen the cutscene where jack brother gets killed? ha.. I keep going through that scene over and over again.. Damn. :)

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humanmap648d ago

but some of the environments are removed or replaced.
Where is the American football sign in 2016 build?? or i just miss it?

Jonin7Spartan648d ago

The left one - looks more gritty.

Free_Fro648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

can't wait to play this on XO.

XO till I overdose. .