What Exactly Is The Reason To Own An Xbox One? "In theory Phil Spencer and everyone who sees no issue with Xbox One Quantum Break no longer being console exclusive are right. Every gamer should get a chance to play a great title. Microsoft is in the business of focusing on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Yet, therein lies the rub. Where's the differentiation that makes the Xbox One a unique console and gaming platform of this generation? I'm reminded of what Sega did when they released the 32x, while having the Genesis still popular, and the Saturn on the way in the face of Sony introducing the Playstation brand. So long as you supported Sega it was ok whatever you played on. We all know how that turned out. Sure owning a PC gaming rig can cost. Yet, there are far efficient ways to having one these days, and what about mobile gaming that is growing daily. Quantum Break represented the final nail in the coffin to all the PR and miss messaging nightmares that Microsoft created for itself. In one day they eradicated their efforts...

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uth11799d ago

Exactly right, this move dilutes the Xbox brand. I don't know what it is with this Microsoft obsession to deliver the same experience everywhere. It always backfires! Look at Windows 8.. "Let's put a tablet interface on a desktop PC so that PCs and tablets have the same experience. That failed spectacularly!

I hope Nintendo is paying attention to this, I think they'll have an opportunity to scoop up marketahare at xbox's expense if they play their cards right

lipton101799d ago

This is nintendo's last shot I think man. A failing, unprofitable investment such as the Wii U is an expensive mistake for a company to make (see sega). I'm sure they still have liquidity from their portable options and Wii, but 2 losing ventures can break a company, no matter how well they've done in the past. I personally do wish them all the luck though. They have to differentiate themselves to stay relevant in the current landscape. I hope they do.

jholden3249799d ago

The thing is, and I say this as objectively as I can, even now in the Wii U era, Nintendo has somehow managed to turn it into a profit. Now, they also have a very successful handheld platform, and that's not going away any time soon. They've never made an unsuccessful handheld.

If they can turn the worst generation they've ever had into profit, I wouldn't worry about this being their last shot. Besides, they've got more gold than Fort Knox, enough to weather 10 generations of Wii U's.

I think, and I could be wrong, but I think their strategy is to combine their home console platform with their uber-successful handheld platform and double the amount of software they can pump out, since they'll no longer need to produce separate games for each. Double software drives more hardware sales, which should already be expanded by the consolidation of the 2 platforms.

pyroxxx799d ago

Nintendo made so much money on dses and Wii ,.. they can afford to have gamecubes/wiius for next 5 generations

_-EDMIX-_799d ago

@Jhold and Pyro- they can't afford to keep losing billions in development and marketing buds.

I believe their best bet is to go exclusively handheld and become a 3rd party publisher/developer make games on all platforms, PC, PS4, XONE, their own handheld clearly, mobile.

Even 3DS is sell under DS. You can't just go from 103 million to 12 million and really consider doing it again, its just suicide.

Clearly not enough solely care about those Nintendo IPs to sell a console.

_-EDMIX-_799d ago

" I don't know what it is with this Microsoft obsession to deliver the same experience everywhere"

Because they own 2 platforms, why should they lose money on software to move units of hardware that make them LESS money?

What your asking them to do is, fail in one sell plastic boxes that actually won't for a fact make them MORE money.

This is like trying to tell someone to sell burgers because its "kewl" vs fries even though fries have a larger profit margin, yet get mad when they sell both.

So make less? LMFAO!

I'm sorry but many of you guys don't get business enough to get how brilliant this move is.

MS job is to make MONEY, not merely move plastic boxes as exclusives don't even move MOST consoles.

Go look up the top PS4 and XONE best selling games.

They are not all a FULL LIST of exclusives bud.


They want to move hardware because they make money on all third party games sold on xbox. Which makes up most of the xbox library. All pc copies of call of duty sold on steam or amazon or any of the other places to buy games doesn't get them anything. Plus they get subscription fees for live on xbox.

_-EDMIX-_798d ago

Your not wrong, but they will still move hardware based on 3rd party support.

Again...most are not buying consoles for JUST exclusives, in fact look at the top games sold thus far this gen to even really factor that in.

Thus...why lose large amounts of software sales and their footing in PC, to sell hardware that isn't even moving units based on exclusives solely and isn't even giving them MORE money then software?

I'm sorry but it just makes no sense.

They can still do both and I don't see them losing much hardware sales anyway.

The gains over take the loss by such a huge degree, they would be stupid to not do it and honestly...they've been stupid for years for not doing it from the very start.

Phil is very much showing them to not believe the BS other heads have been spewing about needing such things to sell consoles. The numbers of games sold that are NOT exclusives have shown otherwise bud, you know.....facts. They will be fine.

rainslacker798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

The premise of cross platform is fine. MS implementation of Metro was completely idiotic. Take the benefits of tablets, and throw them on a PC where it had those benefits already, but make it less intuitive to use, all while removing ease of multi-tasking. Whoever thought that up at Windows should have been fired. I think MS really thought their Windows Store would soar with Metro...which was the whole reason Metro was integrated to begin with, and they removed things like Widgets which were actually useful.

One platform is doing things better though, so at least they kept the principal and got rid of the shoddy implementation...and gave us back the start menu which was actually useful...with the new one being the best one they've had yet. Granted, actual support for one platform is minimal at the moment, so it's hard to say how much it will be adopted going forward. I have a feeling though it's going to go the metro route, and it's not going to be as robust as some people here imagine due to it's high level implementation. Most companies that offer a platform agnostic solution now use cloud based services to deliver the program to the user, because it is a lot simpler, yet keeps the benefits of a full program regardless of the device. No matter what you do, no matter the actual power of other devices, some things are going to be limited on a device which isn't a PC.

SlavisH2799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

lol n4g. So now QB is on PC xbox is not need? I'm a pc gamer but console people play for convenience. I love how now everyone on this site has a gaming pc but when I say i'll get the pc version because it will be better then the ps4 version you fangirls panties get sandy GFTO this is a bunch of undercover fangirls. This is win win for m$ and increase the chances a good game gets a sequel with still having limited availbilty. Just like street fight or killer instinct or Shenmue if it does. I hope halo and gear go too. I like when sony puts there series on other devices like ps3,vita, ps4. Options are better.

Rookie_Monster799d ago

Well said. bubble for making sense.

uth11799d ago

It's not just QB, it's almost every Xbox exclusive this year coming to PC

Rookie_Monster799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

CRACKDOWN 3, Forza Horizon 3, Gears 4 are still XB1 exclusives This year and how is MS releasing games on thier OTHER gaming platform makes XB1 gamers and the platform any worst? People that have the XB1 platform and 99% of the population that don't care or afford a PC rig capable of playing those games will continue to buy a cheap $300 console to play their XBOX games.

Those same tired phrases like "people will just play it on PC instead" doesn't pertain to the MAJORITY of the population. XB1 sold over 1.2 million consoles on both Nov and Dec NPD this past holidays, how may PC rig were sold that is capable of playing High end Games like Quantum Break were sold at that same time?

Quick answer, not many. People needs to put reality into perspective instead of hoping that XB1 will all of a sudden failed because a game is made available on a another MS platform that not many will have the spec to access to and not many will even care about. Jeeezzzz people. Smh

maniacmayhem799d ago

Good, who cares!

PC players get to play them and so do Xbox One players.

What's the problem?

DashArrivals799d ago

I'm happy. I'm a PS4 console owner. Quantum Break looks prettyt cool. If it gets good reviews I'm buying for PC. I'm sure the game will, it looks pretty rad.

Utalkin2me799d ago


Like how he is always throwing his opinions of numbers out.

Just in the 900 series card which is DX12 capable (not supported) and could easily play Quantum Break. there is 7.73% of steam users owning one.


Now if we was to add the the 800 series too, which is also DX12 capable. Meaning being able to play Quantum Break. Im not talking supported, talking capable. The percentages would be alot higher and if we did ATI capable cards too it would be even greater of %.

So out of 125 millions users, thats a pretty good percentage users. And when DX12 games start coming out, then more then likely as previous statistics show. A good portion of people are going to upgrade.

_-EDMIX-_798d ago

@Uth11- 100% agreed.

@Rookie - "CRACKDOWN 3, Forza Horizon 3, Gears 4 are still XB1 exclusives" Just like "ReCore, KI, Quantum Break are still XB1 exclusives"

I mean...haven't we heard that stupid argument before?

For now. As if you've heard thats NEVER going to change? what Phil Spencer is saying, if you are as much as a fan of MS as you claim, you would know his statements are sounding more so like he has zero plans to keep ANY GAME only for 1 platform.

Why cannibalize sales of software to move hardware that actually makes less?

Where are you hearing he is keeping some games only on XB1?

"99% of the population that don't care or afford a PC rig capable"

Irrelevant and clearly enough do to actually warrant such a move, yet 3rd party has no issue making money on the platform, get over yourself bud.

Because the state of PC gaming in 2007 stated that way for the entire gen right bro? Because NO one would have PC's by the end of that gen that could play Crysis right bro?

History would like to have a word with you lolz.

"all of this has happened before and all of it will happen again"

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Nivekki799d ago

It is funny to see. I've seen quite a few articles about pc gaming where consoles are compared and you get loads of people slagging off pc gaming because 'it's too expensive', 'too much hassles', 'I love playing on the couch' and so on.

Then you see the same people saying they'll be getting the games on their 'gaming pc', when it suits them in certain articles.

Mrgolden79799d ago

Yes agreed. All you have to do is look above this comment and see the complaining people saying pc is too expensive, or that the majority of pc gaming rigs cannot play games when it suits their agenda. Shaking my damn head

gamertk421799d ago

Maybe, but that is the public opinion. If the majority think that, it becomes a real impediment.

rainslacker798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

True. But to me, it would be more that, while I prefer consoles, is it worth spending $350 for a few select games which I can forgo my preference for a while to enjoy them on my capable PC?

Answer is, yes, I could easily decide to play a game on the PC despite my personal preferences, because the experience is going to be mostly the same, with the only difference(in my case), being that I'll play on a monitor, and not sit in a big comfy recliner. Saving that $350 for the console itself is pretty good in my book....and I could actually buy a nice video card with that(which I'd need to do to play QB as mine is old...but that has other benefits for me both now and for the long term), or I could opt to simply buy more games.

I know what you're saying though. Some people do change their comments to suit their bias.

That being said, I'll just play the game on my X1, because I already purchased it, and no reason to dwell in the past so I can just enjoy the game/s where I see fit.

rainslacker798d ago

Think of it this way. For many, this won't really effect them, because they just prefer to play on console. However, there are gamers who play on both console and PC. For those gamers, they have no real reason to purchase an X1 now. For those with an adequate PC, yet prefer console, if it comes down to a decision between getting a console with actual games that can't be played anywhere else, and still have access to those Xbox games, then there is less impetus for them to spend extra money on the console, and instead can go for the console which will give them access to the most games.

Those are about the only two groups who this decision effects in terms of console sales. For those who just prefer console, they still have to make a choice between the ones available, and the console exclusive games will still be a consideration.

TROLLER123798d ago

why not bloodborne or uncharted or any other ps4 exclusive to pc then for more options? everyones ok with ps4 stuff staying on sony, but microsoft? bring it to the pc! tgat way we can pirate it and 'try' it to see if i like it. i'll buy it i promise. lol. xbox owners got shafted good. and i own one, but every exclusive on pc now? fuck that, no more xboxesm, i will just buy a pc and get them for free to 'try'

798d ago
Zoombael798d ago

Sure, let's see this case totally isolated. Let no big picture view get in the way. Let's forget about the original Xbox One concept introduced in 2013. Of course you might want to protest, and say: "get over it, don't be resentful, whats the big deal, they've changed, bla bla".

What MS was trying to do was very revealing and the consequences are physically present till this day. Trying to enforce a useless plastic lump (Kinect) upon the customer. Hardware that did get no proper support last generation - and MS made clear they will continue this course -, was then introduced as a mandatory accessory, which raised the price of the hardware. Means compromises had to be made. Or: The reason why the X1 is significantly weaker than the PS4.

Their actions speak volumes. Their conception of hardware support is abysmal. They don't invest nearly as much in new IPs and concepts like Sony does. In the first half of 2016 there are no exclusive titles coming to X1. Except for Raiden V maybe and that only has a JP release date. Whereas the PS4 has over half a dozen titles and an new game changing technology with it's own set of exclusive games.

And if exclusives aren't important, why buy the weaker console?

So, why should someone see the need to buy X1? For those few mediocre same old same IPs?

"I love how now everyone on this site has a gaming pc but when I say i'll get the pc version because it will be better then the ps4 version you fangirls panties get sandy GFTO this is a bunch of undercover fangirls. This is win win for m$ and increase the chances a good game gets a sequel with still having limited availbilty."

Yea, and i love how all over sudden "PC gamers" routing for MS, "hooray MS, this good for the gamers, win win". On the other hand, when it comes to consoles and games it usually reads "no exclusives, no reason to buy, back when i was young it was 90% exclusives".

"Just like street fight or killer instinct or Shenmue if it does. I hope halo and gear go too. I like when sony puts there series on other devices like ps3,vita, ps4. Options are better."

Options are also a waste of resources, including the most precious one: Time.

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T1ttyMunch3r799d ago

Because no pc can play the latest games for $300. Plus you dont have to maintain it by buying new graphics cards, ram, etc. Its also easy to connect to friends, no hackers, no viruses, no garbage softwares like ubistore, origin. What i have said above is better than getting extra pixels/ framerate/a little bit better graphics

Mrgolden79799d ago

I think the upgrade argument is vastly exaggerated. In reality, you do not have to upgrade most components for at least 5 years because pc games have the option to play at ultra settings or at low settings, something console games CANT do. The argument about hackers and viruses are greatly exaggerated as well, if you just play games, your risk of that is VERY low. It's only when you decide to go to shady looking porn sites or want to download games for free that you run into any risk. Plus, with pc you do not have to pay a monthly fee just to "connect to friends", online gaming is free the way it should be.

rainslacker798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

My video card is 5 years old. It was mid-range when I brought it. ROTTR is the first game that had it as a minimum requirement for any game I'm interested in.

A PC built/brought nowadays will easily last 5-6 years, as my computer is 5 years old, and will probably last me another 4-5. The biggest changes to PC hardware nowadays is really only in the GPU's, and developers are still catering to the lower spec'd chips because they are more ubiquitous. Newer RAM chips may be better, but DDR3 will serve people just fine for the foreseeable future.

PC has hundreds of ways to connect to friends or family, and it's not limited to the friends that only have the same platform.

UPlay and Origin exist on console, and people cheat in online games for the consoles as well. Viruses are about the only concern left to be honest, but a decent virus scanner and malware removal tool, free or otherwise, takes care of 99% of them if you don't just click everything that pops up on screen.

Consoles are easier to use, and a lower cost of entry, but most of the arguments I see against PC are simply people who are misinformed, and seem to hold onto notions dating back to the DOS and Windows 3.1 days. PC's certainly can be more problematic at times though, but hardly anything that would turn away most people if they actually knew that it's not the same crisis it may have been a decade or so ago.

Automatic79799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

This is getting old but I am going to shed some light on the subject and also use some examples.

Quantum Break is made for the Xbox One first and formost, the PC is a port. PC gaming with Windows 10 is an extension on Xbox gaming. So when Phil states that they plan on Making Xbox One the best place to play I believe him. Hence the reason for making the pre-order more enticing with a digital code for the Windows 10 version.

Further, I am all for Xbox One being supported with new IP's, sequels and as much games as possible.

I do want to go on record and say MS needs to be more transparent and upfront with the way they are launching their games. So I won't act as if they are right about the way they delivered the news. This back lash could have been avoided if MS would have stated Quantum Break Windows 10 exclusive from the beginning.

Next I want to use Playstation 4 as an example to further prove the practice of exclusives, specifically 80% of it exclusive going to PC (this is not just Sony but MS) and in Sony's case, to all its extensions, such as PSVita, PS3 and or PC. It is becoming standard practice for all gaming consoles to have more revenue from its games with games getting bigger and more expensive.

In 2016 PS4 will launch the following exclusives and most of the exclusives coming will be on PC, PS3 and PSVita or in the alternative have been on the said platforms.

Gravity Rush Remaster- Vita
Street Fighter- PC
Heavy Rain Remastered- PS3
MLB The Show 16- PS3
Valkyria Chronicles Remastered- PS3
Odin Sphere-PS3, PSVita
Guilty Gear Xrd-PS3
Final Fantasy Remake 7- PC
No Man Sky-PC

The only exclusives on PS4 are Ratchet and Clank and Uncharted 4(announced with dates so far). Note: Don't know if Horizon coming this year and the Last Guardian, Gran Turismo, etc. The list above represents confirmed games with set dates.

For Both Xbox and PS4 more then 80% of the Indies are on PC. The same applies to the Multiplatform 3rd Party games.

PC has many of its exclusives coming over to Consoles as well.

Overall getting upset at MS for bringing Quantum Break to PC, an extension of Windows 10 is pointless this will help Xbox gamers get more games in the future.

So for all those stating that there is no longer a reason to buy Xbox One. Please think long and hard about what you are saying and don't cherry pick Xbox One only but look at the overall picture of gaming on consoles. Support games my fellow gamers. Leave the bs behind. We have a long and healthy gaming generation ahead of us, please don't ruin it.

Liqu1d799d ago

Horizon, TLG and GTS are scheduled for 2016.

Aenea799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

I love how people think Windows 10 PCs are just another MS platform and equate it to Sony's PS3 and/or Vita!

Tobsesan799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

Because Windows 10 store is owned by apple right? Ps3,4 and Vita are sony platforms while Xbox 360, One and Windows 10 are MS platforms. Of course one could argue that Steam is its own platform, but if the games are only avalible at the MS Store itself its a nobrainer.

Also MS biggest competitors are Apple and Google and Sony isnt even close to that. They want to push Windows 10 to everyones PC. The Xbox One is also a Windows 10 device and Bill Gates said years ago they want to bring windows in peoples living rooms. This is why we see things like Crossplay/buy.

bartender64799d ago

Well, in this case it is, because quantum break is a MS owned IP, hence, there is no other way to play this game. if you don't own a win 10 pc with directx 12 capable video card and have access to the MS store with a live account, you cannot play on the PC, sure, you can buy a physical copy, but still, MS is the content owner of the game and you still need a win 10 PC to play.

You cannot play it on OSX, you cannot buy it from steam, and that's that. As far as I'm concerned, it is a MS exclusive, the same as PS games comming to vita and PS3. Matter of fact, with gamers having the choice to play PS games on samsung tv's via psnow, does that mean that PS is losing it's appeal? Does that negate or invalidate a purchase of one of the PS consoles? Further more, now that you can play PS games on other hardware other than sony's, does that mean that games aren't playstation exlcusives anymore? Help me, I'm puzzled here!

Dark_Crow799d ago

Windows 10....who does that belong to?

Aenea799d ago

PCs... which hardware manufacturer does that belong to??

xasz799d ago

These games will be released on their own store. Not Steam.

Who owns the Windows 10 store?

Who ends up getting the cut when 3rd parties release their software on the Windows 10 store?

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Aenea799d ago

And BTW, I rather buy an Xbox One than a new expensive gaming PC, my current one can't be upgraded so would need to start anew.

But this move by MS kinda makes me wonder what MS's plans for the future are and makes me somewhat afraid for the future of Xbox consoles...

Mrgolden79799d ago

So.... What you're saying is...since I own a windows 10 pc, that is "an extension of Xbox gaming". So there's no reason for me to own an Xbox. Kinda the point of the article.

bartender64799d ago

No, it means, that is an extension, and as long as you have a pc with xbox o e, you have the option to alternate gaming platforms with things like cross buy and cross saves. Since when having options to either, play in the comodity and space of your living room or in front of a desk on your pc is such a bad thing!? Sometimes people gets tired of playing on the PC and want to go to the bigscreen TV to relax and keep playing there, better yet, you don't have to move or replace hardware. You have the option to play on the best settup that suits you. The way I see it, MS is rewarding people that have a PC and xbox one.

Mrgolden79799d ago

@bartender I never said that it was a bad thing. If that is what you're looking for, great on you buddy. For me personally I am happy with getting MS games on my PC without having to buy an Xbox. I'm not even interested in Quantum break, but I love having the option to play it on my pc if I want to.

gamertk421799d ago

Well, QB was shown before system launch. At that time, they probably didn't envision that PS4 would have about a 2:1 lead, nor that a timed exclusive like ROTR would perform quite so poorly. This is obviously reactionary to the current state of the generation. We've already seen a change in Microsoft leadership at the CEO and head of Xbox levels, so changes in business direction should be expected. I'm an Xboxer, but I see the brand eventually becoming a service and being PC centric.

DigitalRaptor799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

Lito, again, ignorantly casting doubt on the 2016 PS4 exclusive lineup.

HILARIOUS. Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian are confirmed for 2016. Gravity Rush 2 is confirmed for 2016. Ni-Oh and NieR: Automata are confirmed for 2016 too. Crackdown 3 has gutted half the game so they can say it's coming out in 2016, and it will probably be on PC too (which they won't be honest about until it's announced). If you can call Crackdown 3's half a game - an exclusive, then GT Sport beta (if not the full game) and Dreams beta are valid inclusions in what additional PS4 exclusives are coming in 2016.

Trying to pretend as though PS4 has "80%" of its exclusives going to PC is hilarious. The discussion is that games that people thought were defining the Xbox exclusively and reasons they bought it, are now going to PC. You forget that it's normal that most consoles are around 80% multiplatform, but they need plenty PROPER exclusives. Xbox One is gaining towards 99% multiplatform status and that is terrible. It's not comparable to the NORMAL status of the PS4's exclusive lineup.

So the point is, Xbox One is becoming a console that is becoming 99.9% multiplatform and at a loss for identity. Trying to draw parallels between that and PS4's games coming from other platforms is one epic fail when you figure out that PS4 has so much more that is actually exclusive and comes to their FIRST-PARTY lineup. The vast majority of Xbox One's first party lineup in 2016 is coming to PC, you can't say that about PS4. I don't even think XB1 has any exclusive INDIE games. PS4 has several including What Remains of Edith Finch, The Tomorrow Children, Drawn to Death, Alienation and Shadow of the Beast.

Then you're forgetting the PSVR exclusives like RIGS, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, London Heist. It has even more games to represent its level of true exclusivity over the Xbox so your comparison is limp, desperate and plainly thought out.

And again..... PS4 has been getting cross-gen "exclusive" games for years now. That hasn't spelled bad news for PS4. You see, we aren't discussing the impact of new-gen games having a last-gen versions here. We are discussing the impact of consoles being remembered for being 99.9% multiplatform. Xbox is in the process of losing its identity to PC.

You don't have to admit that Xbox is irrelevant to you, because it's clearly not, but the article represents a perfectly valid level of questioning. There are so many people out there that wonder why they should buy a console or continue investing in a console that has very few true exclusives - the things that DEFINE a console in the long-term.

freshslicepizza799d ago

answer this then, are you going to play the new hitman game on the pc or ps4? i find it hilarious how all of the sudden ps4 gamers are pc gamers because xbox one console exclusives are on the pc. you never did answer what percentage of ps4 owners are also pc gamers.

TomatoDragon799d ago

Uncharted 4 - ps4
The Last Guardian - ps4
Ratchet and Clank - ps4
Alienation - ps4
The Tomorrow Children - ps4
Gravity Rush 2 - ps4

there are more, but i'm currently heading out the door

majedx9799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

people need to understand that ps3 and ps4 exclusives shearing is not like xbon and pc
no ps4 fan will call a ps3 gamer a filthy peasant!
some of the pc elitist call consoles gamer this all the time
so i understand why the xbon fans are mad.

rainslacker798d ago (Edited 798d ago )

Not sure what you're point is about the exclusives count. At least 90% of all games released for consoles are always multi-plat for multiple consoles or/and PC. That's nothing new. Probably 3 in 4 "exclusives" is usually multi-plat as well. Been like that for a while.

One of the major talking points of how people define which console is better is it's true 100% exclusive content, and often content which is semi-exclusive within the eco-system(PS3/4/Vita for example), and depending on the argument, the PC is either ignored or highlighted to say that it is or isn't an exclusive.

The point being, Exclusive content is a major talking point on why people should buy the console. If the majority of MS 1st/2nd party published games(which account for most of Xbox's true exclusives) are now no longer true exclusives, it does take away some of the weight behind the argument that you can only play them on the Xbox console itself.

I don't think there's anyone in these threads who isn't guilty of using the exclusive list argument to push their and you included. But it seems that now, the definition is being redefined as it's platform(win10) exclusive. However, when I say MS is publishing to a platform, instead of a console, I get disagrees for what I assume is people assuming I'm trying to troll the system.

What it comes down to, is that if MS makes all, or the vast majority of their 1st/2nd party published games available to PC gamers, it changes the entire argument on which console is the one that's worth getting.

There is still reason to buy an X1, or any console should one prefer. Consoles offer something different than PC's, and it is its own market. However, MS has removed potential customers from their console, because they have made more options available to play the actual game, and because of that, the Xbox console itself is going to take a hit. Maybe not a huge one, but a hit none the less.

On a side note,

how many PC gamers here actually say they game on a windows platform? Do you say you game on a PC, or do you say you game on Windows? The only people I've seen say that they game on windows are Xbox console gamers. Gotta admit though, MS did a good job at getting some people to say that Windows is what's important in the whole concept of PC(and console) gaming. But if you really look hard, it's only Xbox gamers who say this kind of thing.

Congratulations master race(not meant as an insult), you've just entered the realm of game console war bickering with Xbox gamers to show you the way. Welcome to the club.

798d ago
Zoombael798d ago

Sure, to take only games with exact release dates is convenient. However, you forgot to apply this rule the console exclusives you've listed. There is no release date for FF7R, not even the year is determined. Same goes for No Mans Sky. June 2016 is all we got.

Why should it matter? Does it mean the game will be released 100% at this exact date? No. XCom2 was scheduled for November 2015. Got delayed. And it came out February 2016. So even if there were tighter release windows, it would be not guaranteed.

So there aren't only...


Btw. you forgot...

Shadow of the Beast

but also...

Zero Dawn Horizon
GT Sport
The Last Guardian
Gravity Rush 2
What Remains of Edith Finch
Ace Combat 7
The Tomorrow Children
Valkyria: Azure Revolution

And whole bunch more with expected 2016 release (eg Rime, Wild, Wattam).

I'm not saying all of those will come 2016 or even that they will stay exclusive. But it's kinda ridiculus to name Uncharted and R&C, saying those are the only PS4 exclusives for 2016 because they are the only ones with exact release dates.

"We have a long and healthy gaming generation ahead of us, please don't ruin it."

Now that Microsoft is out of the way it definitely will.

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