What Exactly Is The Reason To Own An Xbox One? "In theory Phil Spencer and everyone who sees no issue with Xbox One Quantum Break no longer being console exclusive are right. Every gamer should get a chance to play a great title. Microsoft is in the business of focusing on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Yet, therein lies the rub. Where's the differentiation that makes the Xbox One a unique console and gaming platform of this generation? I'm reminded of what Sega did when they released the 32x, while having the Genesis still popular, and the Saturn on the way in the face of Sony introducing the Playstation brand. So long as you supported Sega it was ok whatever you played on. We all know how that turned out. Sure owning a PC gaming rig can cost. Yet, there are far efficient ways to having one these days, and what about mobile gaming that is growing daily. Quantum Break represented the final nail in the coffin to all the PR and miss messaging nightmares that Microsoft created for itself. In one day they eradicated their efforts...

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Ghost_of_Tsushima650d ago

I guess to play console exclusives. I'm done arguing about this honesty. It is what it is and maybe it's a good thing if we better games and more sequels.

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ArchangelMike650d ago


I guess the point of the article is that if MS exclusives also come out on PC, then there really isn't any reasn to own an Xbox; as a PC is the more robust platform you might as well just get a PC and enjoy the same "exclusive" games in a higher resolution and with better performance.

Ghost_of_Tsushima650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

I understand that but to some of us a $350 Xbox One with decent performance is the better option. Much better price and you still get to enjoy the games just not to the extent of a PC.

Utalkin2me649d ago (Edited 649d ago )


Then another 250-300 bucks for 5 years of Live. I know the initial price of PC can be a little high. But after 5 years you would totally make your money back and then some from savings. And i dont mean just in payign for online. Im talking huge saving on games. G2A had rise of tomb raider for 30 bucks on a pre order.

343_Guilty_Spark649d ago

Exclusives come out in the Windows Store on Windows 10 which is Microsoft's walled garden.

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darthv72649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

@utalkin... so paying the $250-300 for 5 years of live is bad but its okay for psn?

If you are going to factor paid service you should be fair and objective about it.

So far the only console with no paid service is wiiu.

On topic... I prefer console gaming because it is simple and convenient.

jholden3249649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

And it's true.

There isn't much of a reason to buy an X1- IF YOU ARE A PC GAMER.

But as for the vast majority of console-only gamers, where PC a doesn't even register as a blip on the radar, nothing has changed.

And either way, MS doesn't care. It's like Nintendo- they don't care if you buy Smash Bros on 3DS or Wii U. Or Sony- they don't care if you buy Gravity Rush on PS4 or Vita.

Bdub2000649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

I'm having a hard time answering this myself. Other than my X1 community, but I can build that on my PC just as easy...

I'd trade my X1 for a Ps4 now, which was never a consideration before.

Like really? Should I get Quantum Break on my X1 @900p and 30fps? Or on my PC @1440p and 60+ FPS? Hmmmm... Tough choice?

I wonder if this will be the last Xbox now? Never thought that before, but this kinda feels like Microsoft is conceding to Sony.

Cupid_Viper_3649d ago

This is my first and probably last time commenting on this topic, hopefully. Though I think what I have to say will hurt people the wrong way.

First of all, let's make this clear.... There will always be reasons to own an XBox One. Whether if it's because that's simply your console of preference, or where most of your friends are, etc.

This being said, this move is NOT a positive for the XBOX ONE, and I really don't understand why people are going through so much effort to pretend otherwise. I mean, c'mon.... Ask yourselves if this is such a great move and bringing in more money, etc, then why didn't MS do this 3-4 months ago with Halo 5? or Forza 6? Why didn't they do use their Greatest Line up in History to put more money in their pockets by having those games also available on Windows 10? I mean if this is so great, why only announce it now, a mere 2 months prior to release? Why didn't they do the same thing with Tomb Raider as well if it is indeed such a great move?

I think that when you honestly consider the questions above you can see that MS has obviously lost faith in the XBox One's and no longer feel that the console will be able to push software sales to meet expectations. Halo 5 and Forza 6 and especially Tomb Raider were really the final attempt at seeing if they could reverse the fortunes of the console. Sadly all of those games not only failed to move enough consoles, but also saw them each record their lowest sales ever for their respective franchise. Keep in mind that I'm not saying that these games weren't fun or critical hits.

Tomb Raider was praised and loved by critics and was already a household name, yet it couldn't mean sales expectations. You can sort of see a similar situation developing for QB where the game could be a critical success but doesn't light up the sales charts. So I see this move as nothing more than MS graciously accepting that it's basically over for the XBox One this gen.

This moves allows them to bring in software revenue from a bigger install base than just the current 16-17 million XBox Ones out there. But this move also leads to a decrease in sales for the console, and that's pretty obvious to anyone who's not too busy trying to save face in a sense.

If there's only one Mall in your city, it gets all the customers and traffic. The minute a second one opens, it divides the traffic. It may not be a 50-50 split, but it definitely means less traffic than before for the first mall.

mikeslemonade649d ago

^ PC doesn't sell that much. This game gonna get pirated a lot. Many PC owners sees this as a single player game that they can pirate and play for free. So it's gonna be free and better performance/visuals on the PC for them.

This marks the turning point for the death of the Xbox console.

Zeref649d ago

That's if you have a decent rig.

Xbox will be the more affordable and reliable option. User experience is much better for gaming on consoles. Also splitscreen multiplayer games.

n1kki6649d ago

I have a PC and it's awesome, also own two XB1s and two PS4s and an wiiu. For people that can't spend the money on a PC build and continue with the upgrade path a $350 console purchase for 5 years + is much more palletable. I use my xbox most of all of them mostly because it's on my main tv, but I will use for PC for games that I want the best of the best from graphics.

SolidStoner649d ago

Really sorry and dont want to be negative, didnt even read nothing! Just have to say that If you own a PC there is no reason to get xbox! Since most Microsoft games are on PC.... Only reason for me personally to get xbox would be because of Halo (but its kind of dying off) and Forza (in this case I need to spend 400 on console, 50 on a game, and at least 200+ for a steering wheel for xbox (without a racing wheel these types of games are useless, and ignore any reviewer who review sim games without a proper steering wheel!!!..

3-4-5649d ago

Yea there is.

My PC only has an AMD 7770 & the XB1 is slightly better than that with graphics.

Games from last gen look really good on my PC, but games from this gen don't look as good on my PC as they do on the XB1, in terms of them running smoothly also.

So for me, a lot of the time I'd rather get it on the XB1 because I know there will be a solid frame rate and the graphics will be pushed as far as they can go while maintaining that frame rate.

* For people with a more powerful graphics card then me, yea I completely understand getting the PC version.

skratchy649d ago

It's funny, because this has been my stance on Xbox One the whole time. Now that they are going cross platform, I literally have even LESS reason to buy one. Makes sense to me. I don't see how everyone can be defending this decision so much.

antz1104649d ago

Eh, some people like myself just aren't pc gamers. It all comes down to preference.

rainslacker649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

Beyond price, some people are just intimidated by PC's. Either they have no technical knowledge, so they feel they won't be able to use one, or they feel that they don't have enough knowledge to just make things work. Doesn't help that some of the old ideas about PC's being hard to get to work, or the need for constant involved upkeep still linger, even though most people could make due with whatever they could buy off the shelf at Best Buy for the next 5-7 years.

Console still has a place for many people, and to a lot of people, the lower cost of entry means more than the long term savings.

JasonKCK649d ago

You're not going to be playing QB on anything less than $500 without an X1.

DaNineTwo649d ago

You do realize that Windows 10 is not Steam right ?

Kribwalker649d ago

I will own an Xbox and a ps4 instead of a PC because for $800 I can play all exclusives, if I wanted a gaming PC to do that if be spending twice as much to build what I would want

Unspoken648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

And the same exist for PS4 exclusives. No need for me to to pick up SFV on PS4 on when I can have it PC. I'd rather have the option and those that want a simple all inclusionve setup can have a console.

Angel911648d ago

Who will give me money to build a High End PC to play Xbox one at higher resolution and frame-rate? If iam gonna build a PC then iam gonna go for a high-end one, so that i don't have to upgrade it every year.

I can't get a high-end PC for 349$..I have to spend atleast close 500-600$ or even higher depending on brand for a respectable high-end pc which lasts me 3-4 years.

Also What if MS changes their mind after Quantum Breal controversy and decides not to release upcoming Scalebound and Gears 4 nd all on Windows 10?

Can you guarantee me that all Xbox exclusives will come to Windows 10. Can you guarantee that Halo 5 and Gears 4 will also come to Windows 10. ? iF YES THEN I WILL SELL MY XBOX ONE NOW.

Realms646d ago

This is a horrible move for X1 but a good move for MS to sell more software or at least that's the idea. I guess all you can do is wait and see how this exclusive console game going to PC will affect the X1 potential hardware sales.

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HaydenJameSmith649d ago

The way I see it, console are all about cost and convenience... that's the number one reason most people buy them. PC gaming is expensive and has to be maintained, so it's made up of mostly enthusiasts. Consoles just reach a wider demographic. Hence why I don't think MS, Sony or Nintendo consider PC competition or a rival platform. For MS PC is just another avenue of revenue which they need to make xbox division more profitable. MS are a business and this is a business decision that in the long run will benefit all (at the cost a few being upset right now). So exclusive, console exclusive, multiplat whatever you want to call them it's all the same to the casual crowd which are the bulk of the people buying consoles. The only people recogizing games going to PC are the hardcore crowd who are in touch with the community. If I ask my friends at work who mostly console game, you hear Quantum Break is gonna PC ? Most of them would go "No, um okay" or "whatever" cause there not in the know or care really.

vikingland1649d ago

I agree and well said. The average consumer doesn't build or buy gaming PC's. But the average consumer can buy an Xbox One and still enjoy it. The average consumer doesn't care if Xbox games can be played on PC either.

BlakHavoc649d ago

Agreed. I think people are making way too big a deal about X1 exclusives going to PC. Most gamers I know do their gaming on a console, most ppl prefer gaming that way due to how expensive it can be to game on a PC, most people's friends also game on an X1/PS4. So with that said, unless you're a gaming enthusiast you probably couldn't care less about this news.

JackBNimble649d ago

The average PC now days has a good enough CPU that all you need is to upgrade the gpu and most likely the psu. Don't most house holds have a pc these days?
This us what I did, I don't have a high end rig, but I can still play any game on my pc.

I am just saying that if you already have a home computer then you don't have go buy or build a gaming rig. It can be a lot easier then people may think.

Thatguy-310649d ago

Yea it's becoming annoying already. It is what it is let MS do what ever they feel will benefit their machine.

Utalkin2me649d ago

Well if you're annoyed by these articles. Then you might want to stay out of them then.

Errorist76649d ago

It's not like it was any different the last two fens anyway. PS and PC has always been the killer combo.

Angel911648d ago

There's not much news, so these sites are using this issue to get some traffic... That Crap gamer dude recieved tons of twitter followers and subscribers after Spencer responded to his tweet. He is thrashing Xbox non-stop on his channel now.

Genuine-User649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

That's my reason for owning an xbox one as well.

Most of my time on xbox is spent towards console exclusives. Everything else is on the PS4.

Fin_The_Human649d ago

I own a tablet and not a high end PC so cannot play exclusives like QB on it -_-

Plus I am not a PC gamer and don't want to become one.

Dark_Crow649d ago

The general consensus is your preference doesn't seem to matter.

Console gamers will continue to game on consoles and if you like pc gaming you'll continue to game on pc.

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Clunkyd649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

Believe or not, most people buy consoles because....well, its a console.
It's less of a hassle to maintain, ease of use, simple. Exclusives are just a bonus.

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Next_gen_2015648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Most PC gamers dont want to buy a console. Once you experience 60fps gaming, 30fps is out of the question...

XanderZane649d ago

There are still exclusives on the XB1. Every game that has gone to the PC, I still will buy and play on my XB1. I'm a console gamer first, a handheld (IOS/Tablet) gamer 2nd and PC gamer on rare occasions. So this doesn't affect me much. Reasons to own XB1.

1. Great exclusive and multiplat games.
2. Play online with friends.
3. Free games and discount deals every month with GWG.
4. Excellent apps like Twitch, Skype, Explorer, etc.. just a snap away
5. New Ip' to look forward to in the near future.
6. Consistent updates with new features and support for what gamers want on their game console.
7. Cheaper solution for gaming then a high-end PC.
8. More PC games getting posted to XB1 over the next 4 years.

BABY-JEDI649d ago

I totally agree with you. Console is more convenient & generally user friendly. But the XBox brand & exclusivity has been diluted. So the real question here is what will MS do in the next gen to gain market appeal?

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Saijahn649d ago

It's a cheaper entry point. PCs are great because everything can be updated as new chips and graphics cards etc come out. These things aren't cheap.

Honestly I'm tired of this talk to. We can just as easily ask what's the point in owning a ps4 when it comes to power, when PCs are more powerful.

Each platform has its pro's and con's so who cares? Play what you like on the platform you like.

objdadon649d ago

Because ps4 first party exclusives don't go to pc. The only way you're playing uncharted 4, is on a ps4.

Saijahn648d ago

Yeah but they won't have the raw power of a PC ..won't have the secure and robust network of the Xbox one..each platform has a caveat to it

miyamoto649d ago

With Microsoft betting everything on Windows 10 soon its will just be PS4 versus PC ... very interesting.

_-EDMIX-_649d ago

I mean.....the term isn't going to win you any points bud. The reality of this is, the games can now be played else where other then a XONE.

It makes going the PC / PS4 route much easier if not staying such a route much easier for many.

But if someone wants to play on console, sure...

If someone wants to play on PC....thats fine too. Both have pluses and minuses.

I also don't get this "maybe it's a good thing if we better games and more sequels" Is that even in question? LOL! Of course those are good things, I'm sure why such a thing would even be in doubt bud.

How long has to took many of you to really come to such a conclusion?

I've been saying this FOR MONTHS when Phil was very much hinting at this direction and then outright saying it yet many still where holding onto this concept of them not doing this.

Jonin7Spartan649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

I got one because back in 2014, people were saying Destiny would be better on x1 rather than 360. So I bought one a month before the Beta. I was very content with my 360 & Destiny was the only reason I played the One.

showtimefolks649d ago

if you don't have a gaming PC(and i don't mean a $1500 super PC)i mean one that could play most games than you really don't need a xbox one

just when MS need to give people a reason to get an xbox one they totally do something else. but you also have to understand that xbox one just can't compete or catch on to ps4 so what ms is doing is really smart(and that's to make more money on each game sold. instead of having exclusives on xbox one now they also have the pc gamers support)

if you don't have a good pc than xbox one is a must if you are interested in playing xbox exclusives

i kind of understand where xbox gamers are coming from, all this time there was talk about xbox one exclusives this and that but now people don't even need a xbox one to play those games

Christopher649d ago

Currently? To play what existing games it has, which may mean just exclusives to you or some backwards compatible g ames.

Going forward? That's to be seen.

Thatgrammar649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

Well, I just sold my PS4 and bought another PS4. 36+million + 1. Take that XBOX! :s
@Fries1223, Smh.

649d ago
Pogmathoin649d ago

For most people, just having a console in the living room is for the convenience, simplicity of it all.... The pc race like to have there set up hidden well away, and a lot of charmin.

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XisThatKid648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Keep in mind I'm a Sony fan but I love the competition between these two mammoths I respect Xbox in every way even owned an X1 briefly for titan fall. Now that the disclaimer is out the way hope all can rep predict my honest opinion. It seems like MS is almost passing out the Xbox brand as a console. WAIT, hear me out! If
MS decides to go hybrid PC Console would be kinda good in the long run. MS has not profited majority of the XBox brand by itself and if they focus on the marriage of pc and console would break ground in the industry of " stream machines" and pc consoles when the next if and when it comes out. If they bridge that gap that would be unprecedented. There's already a really undeserved or misunderstanding between most PC and console gamers and thus may blur that line. It may not be super vital to own an Xbox CONSOLE anymore, they still keep the brand name and release under the brand but works with their number one WINDOWS their strongest ip AND MS makes money either way and they don't have to sell the brand but still reap the benefits especially if this team with stream is true. I think what they are doing right now is a good thing for them and for us as gamers in the long run after stigmas are broken. If they execute correct. They have a high risk high reward thing goin on in is infancy here. Xbox is evolving despite populate belief and good for them I say.

MehmetAlperTR648d ago

No reason just wanna have it.. Maybe ROTR..But i like my consoles like i like my pc :)

otherZinc648d ago (Edited 648d ago )

Dead Rising 3
Halo 5
Forza Horizon 2
Gears Ultimate
Forza Motorsport 5
Halo MCC
Forza Motorsport 6
Gears 4
Halo Wars 2
Red Dead Redemption
Forza Horizon 3
& Backwards Compatible Games
Quantum Break
Crackdown 3
Kinect TV Functionality
The best Network, XBOX Live

I have an XBOX ONE for AAA Console Exclusives & Great Campaign Co-op Games.

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uth11650d ago

Exactly right, this move dilutes the Xbox brand. I don't know what it is with this Microsoft obsession to deliver the same experience everywhere. It always backfires! Look at Windows 8.. "Let's put a tablet interface on a desktop PC so that PCs and tablets have the same experience. That failed spectacularly!

I hope Nintendo is paying attention to this, I think they'll have an opportunity to scoop up marketahare at xbox's expense if they play their cards right

lipton101649d ago

This is nintendo's last shot I think man. A failing, unprofitable investment such as the Wii U is an expensive mistake for a company to make (see sega). I'm sure they still have liquidity from their portable options and Wii, but 2 losing ventures can break a company, no matter how well they've done in the past. I personally do wish them all the luck though. They have to differentiate themselves to stay relevant in the current landscape. I hope they do.

jholden3249649d ago

The thing is, and I say this as objectively as I can, even now in the Wii U era, Nintendo has somehow managed to turn it into a profit. Now, they also have a very successful handheld platform, and that's not going away any time soon. They've never made an unsuccessful handheld.

If they can turn the worst generation they've ever had into profit, I wouldn't worry about this being their last shot. Besides, they've got more gold than Fort Knox, enough to weather 10 generations of Wii U's.

I think, and I could be wrong, but I think their strategy is to combine their home console platform with their uber-successful handheld platform and double the amount of software they can pump out, since they'll no longer need to produce separate games for each. Double software drives more hardware sales, which should already be expanded by the consolidation of the 2 platforms.

pyroxxx649d ago

Nintendo made so much money on dses and Wii ,.. they can afford to have gamecubes/wiius for next 5 generations

_-EDMIX-_649d ago

@Jhold and Pyro- they can't afford to keep losing billions in development and marketing buds.

I believe their best bet is to go exclusively handheld and become a 3rd party publisher/developer make games on all platforms, PC, PS4, XONE, their own handheld clearly, mobile.

Even 3DS is sell under DS. You can't just go from 103 million to 12 million and really consider doing it again, its just suicide.

Clearly not enough solely care about those Nintendo IPs to sell a console.

_-EDMIX-_649d ago

" I don't know what it is with this Microsoft obsession to deliver the same experience everywhere"

Because they own 2 platforms, why should they lose money on software to move units of hardware that make them LESS money?

What your asking them to do is, fail in one sell plastic boxes that actually won't for a fact make them MORE money.

This is like trying to tell someone to sell burgers because its "kewl" vs fries even though fries have a larger profit margin, yet get mad when they sell both.

So make less? LMFAO!

I'm sorry but many of you guys don't get business enough to get how brilliant this move is.

MS job is to make MONEY, not merely move plastic boxes as exclusives don't even move MOST consoles.

Go look up the top PS4 and XONE best selling games.

They are not all a FULL LIST of exclusives bud.


They want to move hardware because they make money on all third party games sold on xbox. Which makes up most of the xbox library. All pc copies of call of duty sold on steam or amazon or any of the other places to buy games doesn't get them anything. Plus they get subscription fees for live on xbox.

_-EDMIX-_649d ago

Your not wrong, but they will still move hardware based on 3rd party support.

Again...most are not buying consoles for JUST exclusives, in fact look at the top games sold thus far this gen to even really factor that in.

Thus...why lose large amounts of software sales and their footing in PC, to sell hardware that isn't even moving units based on exclusives solely and isn't even giving them MORE money then software?

I'm sorry but it just makes no sense.

They can still do both and I don't see them losing much hardware sales anyway.

The gains over take the loss by such a huge degree, they would be stupid to not do it and honestly...they've been stupid for years for not doing it from the very start.

Phil is very much showing them to not believe the BS other heads have been spewing about needing such things to sell consoles. The numbers of games sold that are NOT exclusives have shown otherwise bud, you know.....facts. They will be fine.

rainslacker649d ago (Edited 649d ago )

The premise of cross platform is fine. MS implementation of Metro was completely idiotic. Take the benefits of tablets, and throw them on a PC where it had those benefits already, but make it less intuitive to use, all while removing ease of multi-tasking. Whoever thought that up at Windows should have been fired. I think MS really thought their Windows Store would soar with Metro...which was the whole reason Metro was integrated to begin with, and they removed things like Widgets which were actually useful.

One platform is doing things better though, so at least they kept the principal and got rid of the shoddy implementation...and gave us back the start menu which was actually useful...with the new one being the best one they've had yet. Granted, actual support for one platform is minimal at the moment, so it's hard to say how much it will be adopted going forward. I have a feeling though it's going to go the metro route, and it's not going to be as robust as some people here imagine due to it's high level implementation. Most companies that offer a platform agnostic solution now use cloud based services to deliver the program to the user, because it is a lot simpler, yet keeps the benefits of a full program regardless of the device. No matter what you do, no matter the actual power of other devices, some things are going to be limited on a device which isn't a PC.

SlavisH2650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

lol n4g. So now QB is on PC xbox is not need? I'm a pc gamer but console people play for convenience. I love how now everyone on this site has a gaming pc but when I say i'll get the pc version because it will be better then the ps4 version you fangirls panties get sandy GFTO this is a bunch of undercover fangirls. This is win win for m$ and increase the chances a good game gets a sequel with still having limited availbilty. Just like street fight or killer instinct or Shenmue if it does. I hope halo and gear go too. I like when sony puts there series on other devices like ps3,vita, ps4. Options are better.

Rookie_Monster650d ago

Well said. bubble for making sense.

uth11650d ago

It's not just QB, it's almost every Xbox exclusive this year coming to PC

Rookie_Monster650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

CRACKDOWN 3, Forza Horizon 3, Gears 4 are still XB1 exclusives This year and how is MS releasing games on thier OTHER gaming platform makes XB1 gamers and the platform any worst? People that have the XB1 platform and 99% of the population that don't care or afford a PC rig capable of playing those games will continue to buy a cheap $300 console to play their XBOX games.

Those same tired phrases like "people will just play it on PC instead" doesn't pertain to the MAJORITY of the population. XB1 sold over 1.2 million consoles on both Nov and Dec NPD this past holidays, how may PC rig were sold that is capable of playing High end Games like Quantum Break were sold at that same time?

Quick answer, not many. People needs to put reality into perspective instead of hoping that XB1 will all of a sudden failed because a game is made available on a another MS platform that not many will have the spec to access to and not many will even care about. Jeeezzzz people. Smh

maniacmayhem650d ago

Good, who cares!

PC players get to play them and so do Xbox One players.

What's the problem?

DashArrivals649d ago

I'm happy. I'm a PS4 console owner. Quantum Break looks prettyt cool. If it gets good reviews I'm buying for PC. I'm sure the game will, it looks pretty rad.

Utalkin2me649d ago


Like how he is always throwing his opinions of numbers out.

Just in the 900 series card which is DX12 capable (not supported) and could easily play Quantum Break. there is 7.73% of steam users owning one.


Now if we was to add the the 800 series too, which is also DX12 capable. Meaning being able to play Quantum Break. Im not talking supported, talking capable. The percentages would be alot higher and if we did ATI capable cards too it would be even greater of %.

So out of 125 millions users, thats a pretty good percentage users. And when DX12 games start coming out, then more then likely as previous statistics show. A good portion of people are going to upgrade.