Xbox is following Nintendo, not PlayStation, into the future

"Why would Xbox want to follow Nintendo and its struggling Wii U? Shouldn't Microsoft be chasing Sony's PlayStation 4?"

If you've been following Xbox since it was taken over by Phil Spencer back in 2014, it certainly seems like Microsoft is evoking Nintendo rather than Sony, when it comes to Xbox's future. A massive drive to develop new franchises and characters. Evoking nostalgia with the likes of Rare Replay, a collection of games from beloved franchises from yesteryear. Cross-franchise promotion, following the fact that Halo's Arbiter, will join Battletoads' Rash as a guest character in Killer Instinct. And all those marketing campaigns that place the emphasis on the Xbox One's games lineup.

What do these random factoids have in common? Major Nelson has hinted in the past that Microsoft is playing the long game when it comes to the Xbox One, but that game might be even longer than we think. Far from the market share-obsessed fanboys and investment hawks who'd prefer to see Microsoft drop gaming, Phil Spencer's current strategy could solidify Xbox's place for decades to come — and I think they're taking a page out of Nintendo's playbook to achieve it.

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ShadowKnight828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

Huh? So they're gonna follow Nintendo now? Glad Don Mattrick is gone.

xasz828d ago

The article lays out why:

"On the other hand, one could argue Nintendo is ahead in the software department — and by software, what I really mean is video game properties. Despite the poor sales of the Wii U, nobody in their right mind is declaring Nintendo to be dead. The company has billions in raw cash, and the value of Nintendo's intellectual property (IP) is virtually unrivaled, sitting among the likes of Disney and Warner Brothers when it comes to global recognition. Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario are household brands — your parents have heard of them, maybe even your grandparents. Unless your folks are exceptionally cool, they likely haven't heard of Alan Wake, Gears of War, The Last of Us or Uncharted. They might've heard of Halo, however, and they've almost undoubtedly heard of Minecraft."

"The final piece of the Xbox puzzle isn't beating PS4's sales lead in this generation; it's achieving that gaming brand omnipresence that has made Nintendo an immortal company. Whether you're a Nintendo fan or not, their video game brands are second to none when it comes to staying power. That nostalgia is a commodity that Nintendo has in bulk amounts, and I think Microsoft is starting to understand just how powerful and significant it could be for an Xbox in a hardware-agnostic future."

ShadowKnight828d ago

Totally agree. And I'm a huge fan of all the consoles especially Nintendo. Hope it works out for Microsoft since competition is great for the industry :)

_-EDMIX-_828d ago

I actually disagreed because longevity is something that's an inevitability for all companies with established franchises it's not something that's exclusive to Nintendo.

Halo is well past 15 years old and the next 5 years or so it will be 20 years old, it has its own established following and like the arbiter or Master Chiefs past.

That's not saying Microsoft is copying anyone it's merely saying that they're using an established franchise over years of time to market their brand any company is going to do this Nintendo is not the first.

In regards to Nintendo and the Wii U I personally believe they are on a downward spiral the Wii U sales say otherwise the 3ds the sales say otherwise in comparison to the Wii and DS its showing that their next iterations could very much be there last if they're not careful I actually personally have a theory that Nintendo Wii U is the last console they're going to produce and the NX is a handheld and its software will exist on PlayStation 4 and Xbox one as well as PC.

I always thought the x in NX stood for cross as in a handheld the added to the TV as if its both console and hand held in now with the recent rumors it starting the Sound like the cross really means the cross between other platforms as in they are primarily becoming a publisher and developer and only having their hand held as they're only hardware and that sort of makes sense in regards to their hand held being there most consistent and success.

At the end of the day it cost billions to roll out a console they actually can't afford to continue to fail every single console they're limited on how many times that could happen before they're on their way out.

No one is invincible from such a thing happening. 12 million and 50 million is a far cry away from 150 million and 103 million from the Wii and DS sales.

It's all just speculation though.

miyamoto828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

lame wishful thinking opinion article

The Xbox division is far far away from Nintendo for that matter.

Microsoft is a "reactive" company.

They do not make their own.

They always react to what the upstarts create and try to steal market share from whatever successful product like computers, software, home consoles, smartphones, tablets, etc you name it.

It's policy is "buy what is hot" and historically they have no drive for originality or creation. They let others do the dirty work for them.

Killing Rare is not Nintendo like.

They tried to follow Nintendo with Kinect for kids and look what happened...failure.

awi5951828d ago

Well i bet sony wants a long console cycle this time but it bet microsoft wants a regular one because them and sony cheaped out on the hardware this time and that was a mistake. The ps4 gpu is just a 7870 that doesnt before as well as a 7870. And amd 8 core cpus arent very good because they have integer only cores the old amd phenoms could run a game on one or two cores these new cores aren't powerful enough to do that. I think microsoft nows these consoles dont have the legs that that xbox 360 and ps3 had they will have to do a 5 year cycle not a 7 year one.

Griever828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

Complete nonsense article that tries to string together random facts and come up with a conclusion out of nowhere. Through the whole article, I was like "Whaaaa???"

MS franchises are nowhere near Nintendo franchises in recognizability and popularity. In fact all MS franchises are on a downward spiral with declininig sales for Forza, Halo and Gears of War. Shooters and racers lack evergreen charm and they eventually fade away after they run their course. While Nintendo first-party exclusives continue to sell millions on a meager installed base of 10 million Wii U even after more than 2 or 3 decades of existence.

The MS decision to release first party games on PC has left fanboys baffled and they are coming up with the weirdest explanations to make themselves feel better. This article looks like it came straight form Mr.Xmedia or his Cteam.

The fact is that MS entered the gaming industry to use it as a trojan horse to enter the living room. When the first Xbox launched there were plenty of articles on this strategy. They wanted to enter teh living room and then introduce other entertainment feature. Finally, they would develop Xbox into a fully featured media/entertainment hub that also does gaming.

They tried to incorporate TV, cable and exclusive programming into Xbox One this generation which is the proof that it is what they planned all along. They failed ot realize the plan in the end even after 15 years so now they are moving away from Xbox consoles.

Satya Nadella is developing MS into a service based corporation instead of product retailing and that is why Windows 10 is a free upgrade and there is a subscription model for it. He is now turning Xbox into a service as well by integrating it with Windows 10. MS wants to develop a profitable software ecosystem similar to Apple Inc. and only time will tell if they are successful.

sk8ofmnd828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

Thats all fine and dandy and im not dissagreeing with your opinion. Like many others like myself, I used to be a nintendo fanboy. I started gaming on an atari 2600 and from there i went nintendo and never looked back... Err till the ps1 came out then i had a 2nd fav alongside my ninty machine. The thing i disagree with is nintendos first parties to me were much stronger before than they are now. They are still pretty good, but when you factor in the fact the gaming community* did not embrace the wiiu, most ppl outside of nintendos die hards had more negative things to say about the gamepad, and the sales were much less then nintendo had hoped. While i still had a nintendo console until the wii, the gamecube was the last machine where even tho the ps2 had great success, much much more diversity in games, and a more mature landscape, the gamecube was still my top dog. This all changed when the wii released and i realized the wii (nintendo) had lost touch with MY* gaming wants and needs.

On topic: i totally dissagree with the article because xbox wants a winning formula and this gen its been resoundly clear that whatever ps is doing its working on crazy level of excellence. This year is not only the year xbox does better than the first two years but holy fnck year 3 for ps4 fans makes year 1 and 2 look like boring, lame, and uninspired games when in reality, it was a decent (not great) year 1 and 2 for playstation just year 3 is just exponentially greater.

Like comparing sales between xb1 and ps4. The xb1 is doing great based on xbox history, not so much when stacked againt the ps4. Same thing but compare ps4 past games with year 3's games. Ps can only be rivaled by itself, and this year they might outdo themselves once again.

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donwel828d ago

I dunno man, I reckon they at least know of Gears and the Last of us, possibly even uncharted, as a lot of the advertising campaigns for those game franchises are fairly recent.

Thatgrammar827d ago

"A massive drive to develop new franchises and characters. Evoking nostalgia with the likes of Rare Replay, a collection of games from beloved franchises from yesteryear." So, is Sony not doing any of this? It seems, to me, that Sony has been doing this since the playstation's inception.

GMR_PR827d ago


huh... MS has their share of innovations,Live for example who then later Sony and Nintendo follow suit. Saying they haven't innovate is just plain ignorant and again what is it that Sony is doing with Ps4 that is so innovative?

PS4 is the best console out there right now, but is because of their exclusives and raw power not because they are innovating on anything.

generic-user-name827d ago

"when it comes to global recognition. Pokemon, Zelda, and Mario are household brands"

Zelda isn't as household as the internet would have you believe. Mario and Pokemon yes, but Zelda's not on that level.

showtimefolks827d ago

xasz if NX flops like wiu(which has a huge chance of happening)than N could be in trouble

nintendo fans and fanboys only buy 1st-2nd party exclusives. 3rd party games don't sell well at all. #rd party publishers don't like supporting nintendo's home console because of poor sales

i know this for a fact that wii was once in a lifetime kind of thing(by that i meaning it catching on with casuals) NX better do something special or atleast be really powerful otherwise once more a nintendo console will be lost in shuffle

if i was running sony and or ms than i would make sure there is a $50 price drop on day of NX launch.

nucky64827d ago

I wonder if the guy who wrote the article has asked himself:
if the Nintendo brand is bulletproof, WHY have they failed with the N64, gamecube and now wiiu?
and btw - the ONLY reason they didn't fail with the wii is it had a gimmick nobody had ever seen before - and that fad has passed.

Alduin827d ago

This sounds like a solid plan to stay in the software development field - not hardware.

Not to mention it would take a lot of years to match the infamy of Nintendo. They'd literally have to knock it out of the park with every single IP to even have a faint glimmer of hope of catching up to that kind of recognition.

TricksterArrow827d ago

Eh... My mom and dad don't know what Zelda is, but they do know what Mario and Pokemon are. They also know Sonic and Pac-Man and Atari as a whole. I don't see how "global recognition" saved Sega and Atari.

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T1ttyMunch3r828d ago

Don Mattrick almost destroyed xbox, almost destroyed zynga, and if he tries to destroy another company i will call him hattrick

KwietStorm828d ago

lol that was so terrible it had to be funny

bmky828d ago

Lol. This comment deserves a screen shot.

Paytaa828d ago

Giving bubbles for that. That's gold hahaha

Saranya828d ago

I think Don Mattrick have already destroyed Xbox.

Thatgrammar827d ago

Saranya, I believe it is: has, instead of have. I think Don Mattrick has already destroyed Xbox.

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Trekster_Gamer828d ago

I am glad he is gone, tired of seeing his fraggin attached the brand by dumbarse articles!

Hoffmann828d ago

If they would follow Nintendo, they had a lot of strong exclusive IP's.

xasz828d ago

That's the point.

It's what they're aiming to do now.

rainslacker827d ago (Edited 827d ago )


I fail to see how this is following Nintendo, and not Sony. Both companies push for the global recognition and appeal of their franchises. Sony just also makes new franchises more than Nintendo. MS isn't doing anything special, they are doing what they should have always been doing...and if I really want to look at it, I would probably find this has always been what they do, because it makes sense to establish your global appeal through the use of one's popular franchises.

That being said, MS exclusives do not have global appeal, much less the universal appeal that games from Nintendo has. Nintendo games are accessible to almost everyone. Things like Mario or Pokemon work as characters for a wide range of products, and are appealing enough to everyone that it isn't excluding people.

Now look at MS staple franchises. Things like Halo. How many people would know who Master Chief is? Would Master Chief translate well to other genres like a kart racing game, or a smash type game, or some puzzle game to the kids? Would Cortana's constant love affair with Master Chief be appropriate in said quiz game?

Then look at Forza. It doesn't have that universal appeal that things like Mario Kart has. It's more hardcore focused.

Gears. How many people outside those who played the game could name a single character or story arc in the game? Then compare that to Zelda. You can pretty much bet that anyone familiar with the name, is also familiar with the triforce.

Rare Replay. That's great. Too bad most of Rare's best work is still owned by Nintendo, and most people simply don't remember what potential mascots were created by Rare...but compare that to Sony, and think how people still associate Crash with the system, despite Sony not owning the rights to it.

Outside of Rare Replay, I have yet to see a single indication from MS that they care to go down this route of trying to establish icons on the level, or even trying to get to the level, as anything from Nintendo...or Sony for that matter.

Sony has things like Ratchet & Clank, Crash, PaRappa, heck even Cloud Strife and FF are more associated with PS now.

Nintendo has numerous Mario characters, Zelda/Link, Samus Aron, Pokemon, and Monster Hunter is associated with their brand.

What does MS have that comes anywhere close to that in terms of universal appeal, either existing or in the process of being created?

Characters like Alan Wake, whoever the guy from QB is, Master Chief, Marcus Pheonix, etc are nowhere in the same league in terms of recognition or appeal....rather, the icons which are recognizable to gamers from MS fit into the mold of hundreds of other games available on the market, and only stand out due to their exclusivity to the platform itself.

People recognize many popular Xbox games, but that doesn't mean they've achieved, or even seem to be trying to achieve cultural icon status with anything.

miyamoto828d ago

Nonsense article

Nintendo's IPs are for young kids
Why would M$ copy that move?

M$ do not create ... they buy

Hoffmann828d ago

Well, they created the xbox consoles at least, but software /games wise you are correct of course.

They either buy exclusive or timed exclusive deals or they buy or rent complete studios and publish them later as Microsoft Studio games.

BullyMangler827d ago

which came first, faiLure or success .. .

vegasgamerdawg827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

Been saying if for awhile and I keep getting the disagrees. We're headed for an all streaming future. Xbox is putting it's value into the brand instead of the console, like putting exclusive onto Pc.
In the future we'll be playing the same game on any device, that's why they changed from pure console sales number to player engagement, they're playing the long game. Selling to today's customers while preparing for tomorrow.
NX will probably be disc-less and will finish the digital revolution. Xbox/Windows is best poised for this future and I agree. Those counting only console sales are stuck in the past/present, they lack foresight. MS is on the right track Sony is no dummy, they bought that streaming service for nearly a billion? They the end it will be consumers choice and physical media is dying, ask Sony.
Phil Spencer doesn't care about fanBOY talking points. he cares about reality, and is preparing for it. Gaming is what matters, not the system you choose, the money is in the software and NOT hardware numbers, you know...reality.

Christopher827d ago

Read this last night and commented about it on Reddit, but I'll say pretty much what I said there: The title is just some clickbait sort of title as the majority of this article just tries to focus on "all the good stuff MS is doing" and really doesn't go anywhere other than just that.

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gangsta_red828d ago

"I believe some of these elements were just poorly presented aspects of a long-term, but very sound, strategy."

MS f* up by not only dumping all this on console gamers who are not familiar or used to this but then all their top execs not having a clear answer when asked about it. Plus coming off of the whole mess of the DRM Sim didn't help either.

MS would have been better off slowly implementing these features and entertainment ideas down the line or telling/showing what benefit their vision could have had to the public. IMO, it shouldn't have even been a discussion for consoles be whateves, that ship has long sailed.

I personally think all three big companies are handling their respective corners differently and when we start to compare them to each other this is where the arguments come in. MS isn't doing what Sony does, and Sony isn't doing what Nintendo is doing and the circle keeps going round and round.

sk8ofmnd828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

I think nintendo will still do nintendo with the nx but have a stronger machine, a true next gen online exp like ps+/xbl, voice chat, and HOPEFULLY**** a standard controller foremost and a touchscreen version aside for fans that want it. If they just offer 3 versions of the nx that will make me happy af. (1.) Stripped down nx with a standard controller and no game for 250-300, (2.) the nx with touch screen controller and maybe 1 game for 300-350, (3.) the nx with console and portable nx, with touch screen controller, and one game for 350-450. If they can at the very least offer the mega bundle for 400 it would be priced smart.

Christopher827d ago

***MS f* up by not only dumping all this on console gamers who are not familiar or used to this but then all their top execs not having a clear answer when asked about it.***

100%. Especially the part about not having answers to things that they should have known way before they introduced their plans.

And, it didn't help that they pulled a Sony and acted a bit arrogant about the whole thing (not a light switch-- right, it's a 1 or 0 in the db...; keep your 360 for offline gaming; etc.).

If MS had come in with definitive answers to so many questions and a strong outline of their plans rather than a "wait and see" attitude, I think a ton of us would been a lot more supportive of what they were doing.

Lessons learned. Lessons learned. Thank heaven Phil Spencer has wiped away a bit of the bad taste in our mouths.

T1ttyMunch3r828d ago

They are all copying each other.

joeorc828d ago

phuckinyernan + 8h ago
"They are all copying each other."

Well its more influence by each other.

Like they all have things that they separate themselves away from each.

Nintendo : really made great usage of toys combined with electronic gameing and is working out quite well.making usage of smart devices to connect to Nintendo social clubs to better tie to the Nintendo gaming universe of properties.

Sony : creating a VR ecosystem, along with developing a inclusion of smart devices having a direct infusion into playstation, and makeing games that are elvoled from play , create & share like Dreams for instant taking virtual assets making into real life physical art by 3D printing from a console.

Microsoft : is combining server side enhancements to their games with Xbox & PC all using network assets to bolster functionality inside their games. Taking advanced steps in developing AR/VR into future works

There is over laps by all three , they all concentrate on thing's that they feel is the direction to take for their company.

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Automatic79828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

I am all for creating a solid and diverse long term Portfolio of games for Xbox One. There are still games that need to return from the OG Xbox history. Perfect Dark needs a new sequel done right for example. MS keep the strategy going and continue to build the best games possible. I will continue to support.