Homefront The Revolution Beta Destroyed By First User Impressions; Devs: It's An Old Build

The first user impressions on the Homefront The Revolution beta are overwhelmingly negative, but the studio claims it's just an old build.

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Highlife103d ago

Sadly I doubt it. Games that go from beta to final don't improve much. Maybe some balancing or network things but nothing major.

DoomeDx103d ago

Depends on the beta.

Most games release their beta a month before release. Those games dont change much because there isnt much time left. In my opinion, those are called demo's and not beta's.

Many games with beta's far before launch have changed a lot. So there is hope.

Highlife103d ago

True but from the 10 or so betas I have done over the years I can't think of one that drastically improved. What you played is basically what you got.

That's just my experience there could be games that have done a better job at improving.

PainUzumaki103d ago

Not true at all. The Division closed beta just had a ton of changes for the Open Beta next week. If they would of released it the way it was that game was going to fail big time.

showtimefolks103d ago


i never understood why games have Beta's a month before launch. If a developer really wants some feedback than beta should be atleast 6 months before the game release

issue with that is when gamers play a old build in beta they will automatically assume the game will be bad(because earl build have issues)so developers really don't want to lose potential buyers

the hate for this game is really insane. I mean we are getting an open world FPS game. atleast the developers are not trying to copy COD or battlefield ideas to nose

but graphics bother more people than anything else but than these same people have no issues playing fallout 4 on a 10 year old engine

BattleAxe103d ago


Giving credit simply for not copying CoD or Battlefield is no excuse. I agree with most people in this thread, that most betas that I have played over the years, rarely resulted in any major changes. Generally what you see is what you get, with perhaps a few tweaks, but that's it.

81BX103d ago

The bf3 beta was drastically different from the final game.

BellePelouse102d ago

If this is really a beta, and not an alpha, it is sadly too late. The beta phase is about adding polishing and adding content. At this point the build is generally too advanced to start adding gameplay mechanics without loosing much time and money

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UKmilitia103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

i was on beta before and it had potential but the lag,judder and controls felt really unresponsive.

also on homefront last gen it had that wierd graphics load in of mesh,i know alot of games use it but on last homefront alot of times it loaded in slow and it does same in this.

tbh i left the beta quite annoyed because i was looking forward to it.

1 thing that was great though was people playing with mics in and actually talking decent.
infact it was almost like the first divsion gameplay they showed plotting our the plans.

i normally play on ps4 and i auto mute people because of rasists,squealers,people with music in background or heavy breathers lol.

Willio102d ago

Had no idea the game's marketing director also took ballet classes. That was a lot of spinning.

Neonridr103d ago

I understand that Betas are not finished products, hope the devs can iron out the issues because if this person is accurate it sounds like the game might have some big issues.

Alexious103d ago

It's not just one person, each bullet is from a different person. And if you check elsewhere it's the same, no one is saying good things about the game, sadly.

Neonridr103d ago

oh I wasn't doubting that, it sounds like the game needs some serious improvements. Here's hoping that it was in fact an old build and that progress has been made in fixing some of this stuff up.

Eldyraen103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Every match I got into, with people with mics, seemed to enjoy it but I didn't play it much (4-5 matches).

It basically feels like an alpha or way too early beta though as it is really rough but basic gameplay has potential as had a lot to offer if it's fixed in release (which is just months from now). Even the beta email though was really pushing it (a ton of stuff) isn't final and it was a server test more than anything.

That said--it is also apparently peer to peer as you have a latency number (one a zero for host) is in scoreboard so it's a bit off.

I was looking forward to it but now it's probably not even a rental :(

amargotv103d ago

i played 1 mission.... i was looking forward to the game... i plan on cancelling my preorder..... it isnt a current gen game.. and yes it's a beta, and i know that... but betas are usually close to the end product, i mean we are 3 months away from releasing the game.... it should be similiar to the end product in a way... .very sad... i was looking forward to 30 hours of SP and fun coop...

Saijahn103d ago

i have the's ummm, it's terrible. I liked the original homefront game for it's story and similarly, this one has a promising story so I'll get it. But man, it's terrible.

Eldyraen103d ago

Gameplay is rough but it has potential if it is a really, really old build. I like the open nature of coop maps even if it's basically a wider open linear design (checkpoint to checkpoint with options of how to get to them). character options are nice too but held back by dated build (hopefully).

Killz4Twinkies103d ago

Loved the first one, especially the campaign...

Experiencing the beta first hand. Online connectivity had issues as i fully expect in a beta. What worries me is the gameplay was sluggish and the mechanics felt extremely dated. Ill buy this for the campaign, just hope they can fix the actual gameplay

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Aurenar103d ago

It's always "an old build" lol

DuckOnQuack103d ago

Yes usually betas are "an old build". I would think most people know this by now.

Chaosdreams103d ago

Lol I look forward to the day when a dev comes out and says, "Yeah... That's pretty much the game right now, but we're going to 'improve' on some things. Make sure you preorder + pick up the season pass."

Kreisen103d ago

Dude, there is a very good reason why modern Betas are held like 2 months ahead of the official launch. Its to present the best possible experience they have to offer. No company goes ''lets take the oldest build we have that is full of bugs and let that be everybodys first impression of our game''.

Back-to-Back102d ago

The "old build" line is usually a cope out that most devs use when shit hits the fan.

odderz103d ago

Surely the beta should be the latest available build? I mean while in development yesterday's build is an "old build" but that's not exactly a scapegoat, is it?

Kalebninja103d ago

They have to prepare the beta which takes a while and im sure they arent going to halt development to do that so, it'll never be the latest build.

samden103d ago

The latest build may not even start. Just because the code is there doesn't mean it is ready for the eyes of the world. Betas (true betas and not the stress tests like with Battlefront and the Battlefield games that are incorrectly labeled) are usually the last working version of the game and it is very possible the game hasn't worked in months even though a plethora of changes have been made.

ServerBOT103d ago

I'm starting to see why Crytek sold it off.