Some Xbox fans are upset more people will play Quantum Break

There is a certain, likely small, vocal subset of Xbox One fans who are upset that Quantum Break is coming to the PC, and will be available day and date with the Xbox One release. As we reported earlier, you'll even get a free copy of the game for your Windows 10 PC if you preorder the Xbox One version ... which seems like a pretty cool thing to us?

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The_Infected557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

"Some Xbox fans are upset more people will play Quantum Break"

More like Xbox Fans are upset they're losing nearly all their exclusive 1st party games which they may have solely purchased an Xbox One just to play them.

Someone please explain how this is good for Xbox One in any way shape or form? Competition is already killing it and now you take what was its biggest exclusives and put them on another platform.

jon_snow557d ago

I'm fanboy biased towards Nintendo games, JRPG and past two generation swayed away by PS console.
As a long time lover of Nintendo games, I was visibly upset when rumours that NX is a hybrid system and its games can be played in rival console(PS) though rumours was turned out to false in few days as it was error in translation.
I feel your pain during the time of rumour i felt betrayed for supporting Nintendo even though their games is coming to my second favorite console makers.
I always felt a console should have number of pure exclusive not timed or console which will give it a USP. Even though Wii u is last but it's USP is Mario maker, Xenoblade X, splatoon etc, these exclusives along with many pure exclusives makes Wii U stand out in terms of exclusives.
Only reason i could see MS doing this might be their Next Xbox may be a steam machine or digital only box with cross buy n cross play with widows OS.

_-EDMIX-_557d ago

"these exclusives along with many pure exclusives makes Wii U stand out in terms of exclusives"

.....Smash 4 is on do you feel about that?

Um...."betrayed" LMFAO!

Relax bud. Not that serious.

SolidStateSnake557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

It's just a games console with some games. You must not have any adult obligations if you feel "betrayed" over a game coming on another console. Who cares?

Obviously it can hurt, in this case, XO sales but come on, betrayed?

Septic557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

A couple of important things to remember is, Remedy aren't known to be tied to one platform afaik. See Alan Wake.

Secondly, people aren't suddenly going to buy gaming PC's.

I dont think this is good for Xbox One however. Some of the tweets though were ridiculous. "I'm cancelling my pre-order" etc. Why? Because PC players can play it now? That's pathetic.

Some people have a scary level of attachment to their console brand.

You would get the same reaction by fans of other platforms and their exclusives going elsewhere.

Time will tell how MS manage to maintain the X1 as an attractive prospect and play the balancing act. Deceptive marketing however will only take them so far with that.

_-EDMIX-_557d ago

@Sep- ", Remedy aren't known to be tied to one platform afaik. See Alan Wake"

Sorta irrelevant because to my understanding MS owns the IP to this game.

Soooo it has nothing to do with Remedy as a team as ReCore is coming to PC is Sea Of how many we going to keep making this excuse for?

"Some people have a scary level of attachment to their console brand"

Agreed, but consider some of them might have bought a XONE based on MS wording of "exclusive" for QB or even ReCore only to have them announced later to be coming to PC too, a platform they might have already owned.

I can see how someone might be upset about that if they own many platforms and only got this one JUST for a handful of titles only to find it was a huge mistake.

Agreed with their marketing too, they need to start being more clear on this whole "exclusive" thing as many might interpret that as......well the damn word exclusive.

They want to know if they are buying a product to get a game that was claimed ONLY to be for said product.

I get that MS likely didn't intend this as Phil Spencer stated some of those games where only not on PC as of yet do to when he started as head of XB.

Either way....the salt is REAL!

SniperControl557d ago


I don't think it's about people suddenly buying PC's to play QB, it's about getting current PC owners to buy a X1 to play QB.

Like i said below, i was going to re-buy an X1 just to play QB(as i bought the orig X1 just to play this game before it got delayed) but this announcement has put a end to that, i am now going to spend that money upgrading my PC to play QB.

Overall, it's good for MS, more money, however, it's bad for the X1.

Why o why557d ago (Edited 557d ago )


yep. Console manufacturers still want to appeal to pc guys. Massive potential for growth there. USP's help to entice some pc guys to buy consoles. Its not rocket science. Take away USP's and you lessen the reasons for pc guys to 'jump in'.. This reasoning of people going out to buy pc's is a slight of hand and distracts us from the other viable scenarios.. Upgrades, those who already own solid rigs, new custom.

I already know septic understands this (he penned a bloody article stating the same thing some are accusing him of being ignorant to)....its almost like beating a dead horse but SOME others still can't invision or acknowledge the downsides to this practice.

bouzebbal557d ago

This is fanboyism at its best.
Are these morons saying that the only game they want is QB? In this case why didn't they wait for the release date of the game to get an X1?

I'm sure these people never pre ordered this game and never intended to.. Just to pour more oil in the fire..

moldybread557d ago

i want to see all these comments from active xbox live gold members, not some random twitter accounts. the person they are quoting also said they don't like pc gaming and are now cancelling their preorder for it on xbox. does that make any sense? they are trolls, nothing more.

why is this move good for the xbox? because by selling to a larger userbase (windows 10 and xbox one instead of just xbox one) they create a healthier environment for the game developers. which in essence could mean better support. if a game like sunset overdrive for example sells poorly why would insomniac make another? if sales increase by releasing it on the pc as well then they can recoup more investment.

what i also see happening is simultaneous releases. that is a better case to sell more copies as opposed to timed exclusive deals.

Kingthrash360557d ago

What if.....(hopefully not) but what if most of the footage we've seen on qb was pc footage?
HONESTLY I don't ming it being on pc at all.. I'll still get my copy on Xbox but this really has me thinking..
Like what if it's short? They say 10 hrs of the live video footage...10 hrs? I can't help but think that I'd rather play the things happening in the live footage than to watch some actors do it. If the footage is 10hrs long then how long will this game be? How large will the install be?? I mean the closer this game comes to launch the more questions I have.

donthate557d ago

I think what people are missing is that MS isn't just trying to sell more copies of the game, but introduce you to stay on their platform. If you game on Windows, you are more likely to buy an Xbox for your living room when that content can be shared across.

If this works out for MS, Sony might have to follow suit.

For consumers though, this is a huge benefit. Play wherever you are on PC or on console and you only buy your content once! More games overall for those on the Live platform too!

Win-win in my opinion. People don't buy content because it is exclusive, because people don't derive value of excluding others, but they derive value from access to the content itself!!!

Alexander1Nevermind557d ago

I see it as a win for MS. Lets be real MS is as much PC as it is Xbox. MS has the significant majority share of the OS Market. Its natural MS would want to tap that market as much as they can. Xbox still has it share of exclusives with Halo/Gears and yes even Sony has lost exclusives with Souls/MG as examples. As a PC/PS4 gamer I am definitely happy with the PC release.

darthv72557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

I been saying this for a while. MS goal with the XB1 was to create an entry level, easy to use PC system for those without the know how to build a higher end PC system.

It's why they are working so diligently in making W10 work on multiple devices. to create a unified infrastructure unlike any before it. the fact that games released for XB1 are releasing for PC does not take away the initial fact they are releasing to MS platform in general.

I read thing like infected says: "Xbox Fans are upset they're losing nearly all their exclusive 1st party games which they may have solely purchased an Xbox One just to play them."

I have to ask... how are they "losing" them exactly? The games are still coming out for those who bought the system. They aren't losing anything. If anything they may be gaining more from this move because of deals that MS could use to leverage previous PC releases to get ports to the console.

The only time anyone would "lose" anything is if it gets canceled all together. So going back to the old argument of Street Fighter V. That is coming to PC. And People who buy the PC version will be able to play it through their XB1 thanks to the ability to stream Windows 10 games to the system. It's a backdoor move but hey... it works.

If they can't get a dedicated game then they can still play it via other means. Same will likely happen with Shenmue 3. People are so fixated on their supposed loyalties to the companies that they are ignoring the most important factor and that is the games are still coming. They are not canceled so nobody is losing anything.

I'll say this again. The next round of consoles won't be by a single entity but more along the lines of multiple companies building "players" that will play games that will be universal in nature. Yeah it means the competition would no longer be about MS vs sony vs nintendo (though Nintendo could still just do their own thing). It will be between Sanyo, Pioneer, JVC, Samsung... whoever builds a player. And game companies will create one product that will play on any brand and adapt to whatever the tech is in that brand.

We are long past the days of severely differing specs and reached a point where the format/medium can support dynamic changes in order to work. People dont want to believe there would no longer be this "hardware war" but why is that so hard to imagine when it's the games that really define how we play. Not the system.

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RckTnz557d ago

Good time to have Gaming PC and PS4! :D

GMR_PR557d ago

This are signs of Xbox is dying as home console brand, I think Xbox brand will become a service you can use between multiple (windows 10 devices). If you think about it Nintendo is doing the same route (maybe).

ITPython557d ago

@Septic - "Secondly, people aren't suddenly going to buy gaming PC'"

There's where you are wrong. I've been wanting to build myself a PC for many many years, and for the first time I am actually seriously considering it.

It's going to be expensive, yes, but QB coming to PC gives me just enough incentive to make the move and finally take the leap into PC gaming.

Plus I doubt this will be the last XB1 "exclusive" to end up on the PC. So why not just build my own PC (which I really want to do anyway) and play the best games MS has to offer on the better machine using an Xbox controller? It's win-win for me, and probably many other gamers out there.

I'm actually pretty excited, and QB is only a small fish in a giant pool of games to play on PC. I just hope I can get a pretty decent machine built for around, or less than, $1000 (or much less if possible). And hopefully it doesn't become obsolete in a year or two.

Anybody have any suggestions on hardware? I'm going to be doing a boat-load of research on this anyway, but a few tips and a point in the right direction will speed up the process quite a bit.

Goldby557d ago

"If you game on Windows, you are more likely to buy an Xbox for your living room when that content can be shared across."

i dont think that will be the case, because if MS is pushing alot of effort into making Win10 an ecosystem between pc and ps4, if your gaming on your pc why play the exact same games on a (in some if not most cases) less powerful device. i myself do a little pc gaming, just finished the Witcher (yay so fun). and i my console of choice is PS4, mainly because alot of sony's greatest games are just that, sony's.

you analogy is kinda like saying, you can microwave this bag of popcorn in 10 seconds and have every kernel popped perfectly, and becuase you have that one, you can take that already popped popcorn and put it in this much bigger, much slower microwave ruin the experience for you.

please dont think im hating on the X1 cuz im a ps4 user. i would be saying the same thing if Last of Us was being released on PC. if you have it on one platform that lets you view it in 4k with butloads of configuration options, why bother playing a limited verson on a console.

As for sony follwoing, the closest they would ever get would be their Remote play option they are working on to Stream games to PC. Sony doesn't have much in regards to PC's anymore, last i checked they were out of it completely so it would only be benificial to MS if Sony started releasing their 1st party games on PC.

to sum up what Yoshida-san in regards to PT coming to pc. "you want PT? buy a ps4"

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FanboysAreHypocrites557d ago ShowReplies(4)
SniperControl557d ago (Edited 557d ago )


You make a very valid point, what is the incentive for PC gamers to buy an X1 now when exclusives are coming to PC?

I recently flirted with the idea of re-buying a X1 to play this game but held off as i knew something like this would happen, i mean it's a no brainer, this game is a console seller which would have shifted alot of X1's, i would have bought the QB bundle in April.

I bought a X1(if no one believes me, my gamertag is Snipercontrol) 18 months ago purely to play QB, but then it got delayed, but got rid of it as i wasn't really playing it that much.

This maybe a good move for MS money wise, two platforms equals more money, but a good move for the X1, not so good.

n4rc557d ago

but the x1 is just a product with no feelings or desires.. MS is who needs good moves

as a x1 owner it means nothing to me And i sure as hell didnt buy my console thinking about all the games i could play that others couldnt.

If you own a capable win10 machine, then why the need to buy another piece of low-profit hardware? they already have you on board.

PhucSeeker557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

We get to not buy one expensive console for just one game, and we get to play it at 60fps with pretty graphics.


If your life sucks by not having an Xbone then buy one, otherwise don't.

AngelicIceDiamond557d ago

Yeah this means nothing to me they're still console exclusive and even a few of my friends said they're getting the QB X1 bundle.

rainslacker557d ago (Edited 557d ago )


For some, at least, it's not that I'm upset others get to play it without buying an X1. I couldn't care less if more people get to play a game.

First, let me say, I'm not upset over this move.

However, I did buy an X1 last year, primarily because I was looking forward to this game. I took advantage of some sales and picked it up for the future release, and in the meantime, there were other games releasing that I could play.

Now, since QB was my primary reason for getting one, I know I didn't have to, and could have just upgraded my video card, as my computer is overspec'd for the rest of the stuff it requires. I would have happily done so, despite not really being much of a PC gamer, because it has other benefits to me.

Anyhow, if I had known this was coming to PC in a reasonable amount of time, or launch day, I wouldn't have gotten an X1.

Because of this, I can understand why some people are upset, even though it doesn't really bother me, because it's not like I can't play the game now on my X1, or PC even...just means I spent $350 on a console which has very few exclusives to warrant my purchase since I own other systems which provide me with plenty of content as well.

I once said I brought the console when I did, because I could spend the whole generation rationalizing that I would just pick up the games I wanted to play years later, whenever I felt like jumping in, but my decision was based on just being able to play them when they released, so now I didn't have to worry about it.

That still holds true of course, however, if a lot of Xbox exclusive games are going to be headed to PC on launch day, that reasoning becomes less important, as I don't have to wait regardless of if I have the console. Of course, now I don't have to wait either way, but still. I don't really regret my purchase at all though. $350 isn't going to break me, and consoles are still my preferred way to play games.

That being said, I do feel a lot of the people saying negative things are just trolls or fan boys. However, I think someone should take into consideration those that actually are upset for a valid reason. We may not find it that detrimental, and may dismiss their concern, but if you dismiss every concern, it's not going to help the Xbox brand(console or PC) in any way for the long term.

XanderZane556d ago

Most gamers who already own an XB1 isn't going to care really. Only the truly hardcore fanboys who worship their plastic hardware. We already know the XB1 isn't going to win the console war this generation, but it will still sell millions of units just like the XBox 360 did. The PS3 & XBox 360 didn't win the console war last gen either, yet they still were hugely successful. Pretty sure XB1 will be the same in the end.

n4rc556d ago


i totally get that scenario.. more of a cautionary tale of trying to plan that far ahead i suppose..

Moving xbox exclusive games to PC had to happen sometime, i always figured some would always fall just outside the bubble and kind of get screwed a bit with the timing.. if it wasnt QB, it would have been the next exclusive that people bought a x1 for.

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Lamboomington557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

Why are people so salty ?

MS owns XBOX. This PC + XBOX release can only be good for MS. XBOX losing all exclusives - who cares ? What difference does it make to XBONE owners if PC users also get to play those games ? Glad to see MS not caring about these stupid things and letting more people play great games.

The only time I can see it actually making a difference is when people who already had a gaming PC or would have bought a gaming PC bought an XBONE instead. For them, they could have just stuck to PC. In their case, I get it.

However, that's obviously going to be a minority. Most of the people who game on console aren't going to have a gaming PC. The vast majority of the whiners are doing so just because "Waaaa, exclusives, waaa"

GameBoyColor557d ago

Soon people are gunna see xbox as a waste of money because you can 1) get xbox games on pc 2) not being charged extra for online 3) performance advantage.

Exclusives would be the saving grace here.

Antwan3k557d ago (Edited 557d ago )


so you think people are going to start building and maintaining $2000+ gaming rigs for PC in order to have access to games they can play on a $350 Xbox One?

The bottomline is that if you prefer console gaming, this doesn't affect you. If you want to play Quantum Break, you're still going to get the best bang for your buck with an Xbox One..

If you prefer PC gaming, this is great news. More games for you to play.

and if you decide to pick up a secondary console for the living room or you already own both, with cross-buy, cross-save, cross-platform streaming, cross-platform chat, and more, getting or having an Xbox One in addition to your PC would be a great value for you.. Your games and content can float between both devices seamlessly..

These games are still "exclusive" to Win10.. At the end of the day, if you want to play Quantum Break, you're going to have to buy an Xbox One or build a gaming PC with Windows 10 and DirectX12.. in either case, that's a win for Microsoft and a win for the Xbox/Win10 ecosystem

GameBoyColor557d ago

2000 is overkill sir. You can get something decent for like 800 to 1000 and you'll be saving from paying for xbl in the long run. An eco system is fine though, that is a great thing. But the fact that even though it's an ecosystem, but you still have to pay for online on one platform is kind of a turn away for me.

tgunzz557d ago

For every big title listed, most would say "I am not buying a xb1 just to play 1 game". Now it's "I would have bought a xb1 to soley play qb"(SMH) There is even, "I sold my xb1, and I was going to buy another one just to play qb" Terrible... If this was going to ps4, then by all means, freak out, but it's joining w10. I am fine with it.

InTheLab557d ago

Here's another perspective. If you were an Xbox 360/PC combo gamer last gen, you have no reason to buy an X1 so logic says you'll be more likely to grab a PS4 instead. Bases are covered. This translates to a loss for MS.


$2000+ gaming rig? The X1 is $350 and can run QB. How powerful do you think a gaming PC has to be to run QB? You need to shave off about $1300.....

Neonridr557d ago

@InTheLab - that only rings true if you have a PC capable of playing W10/DX12 games. Have you seen the minimum requirements for the game? The Recommended specs?

If you own a gaming PC but not an X1 then great, you now have access to a larger library. If you own an X1 but not a gaming PC then who the f cares if PC gamers can play a game with you.

If you own both, then you buy one copy, get access to both. Insane bonus.

People say cross-buy with Vita is fantastic with the PS4, something the 3DS never had with the Wii / Wii U.

Now MS has a cross-buy feature with W10 PC's but suddenly it's a bad thing.

just keep moving the goalposts guys.

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SpeakTruthAlways557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

I fully agree with you infected. All this time I didn't know that I had an xbox one already with me even before the gen the form of pc. LOL. Now ALL xbox exclusives will be coming to pc, cheaper prices and FREE XBL too. No incentive to buy xbox one whatsoever.
Definitely xbox is going to become a service.