Some Xbox fans are upset more people will play Quantum Break

There is a certain, likely small, vocal subset of Xbox One fans who are upset that Quantum Break is coming to the PC, and will be available day and date with the Xbox One release. As we reported earlier, you'll even get a free copy of the game for your Windows 10 PC if you preorder the Xbox One version ... which seems like a pretty cool thing to us?

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DarkOcelet829d ago

Another one of those articles eh? I really think people should calm down. I cant believe people are that blind not to see the reason this is happening.

XboxOne + PC = More Sales.

More Sales = More Money

More Money = More Sequels

So unless you want to play $hitty games from EA/Ubi/Acti all the time then stop complaining and start supporting their decision.

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Aenea829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

More money huh?

Xbox One + PC = More Sales;
Xbox One + PC + Nintendo NX + PS4 = Even More Sales

Even More Sales = Even More Money
Even More Money = Even More Sequels

Honestly, I don't know for sure why MS is doing this and what the end results will be, but my gut tells me they might be moving away from making console hardware. Many Xbox fans don't think I'm right, think it's only a good thing, believe that MS is just doing this to increase Win 10 install base, we will see how it goes. I do hope I'm wrong though...

If I'm right, they might actually start making games for other platforms, Atarisoft anyone?

Also, people keep saying that X1 and Win 10 are both MS platforms, I know why they say it but I don't feel PCs are an MS platform just because they made the OS those PCs are running. MS encouraging more people to buy an X1, get XBL and buy games for the X1 that is making them money, people installing a free copy of Win 10, buying most games thru Steam and GOG is NOT making them money. Ah well...

Neonridr828d ago

good luck buying QB from Steam.. lol

solar828d ago

PC gamers dont want XB1 games. When these XB1 games hit the PC, they will be on MS's own "Store". another store that PC gamers are already tired of. Steam, GoG, Uplay, Origin...choice is good except when your choice's are all bad.

FallenAngel1984829d ago

With the amount of articles still being made about this subject, I'd say that this notion is an understatement.

Neonridr828d ago

how many of those articles are actually written by Xbox One owners? Me thinks there are people just trying to stir the pot because they think it's a bigger deal than it actually is.

Nintendo releases games across their two platforms, Sony used to do the same with the Vita..

MS has two gaming platforms available to them. Should they not be able to cater to the PC audience as well?

shabz6661829d ago (Edited 829d ago )

Thats ridiculous. I think as long as remedy sells more copies, as gamers we can get more games from them. Alan wake 2 perhaps or even more qb. Hopefully qb turns out to be great success for them. commercially and critically. I don't want them to go away.

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