SuperiorVersion Rumor: Def Jam Icon 2 Coming Soon? has the scoop on a possible follow up to Def Jam Icon, with an exclusive images, of the title screen and In Game! Exclusive videos have also been added!


It appears as though this build was from sometime late 2007, around November. So it is possible that the game has been canned, but at the least, it offers an early look at a game that may never be, Def Jam Icon 2

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reincarnated3567d ago

def jam icon 1 was a rent for me and i really wish the next one will be less frustrating

outlawlife3567d ago

the first def jam games were pretty fun, icon was a let down

BkaY3567d ago

i just wish that they bring back that old kick a$$ blazin move with the cool bones crackin sounds....

i still have "f4ny" on my psp and im playing it almost everyday....

fav blazing move = "Animal Instinct"..

PoSTedUP3567d ago

fight 4 NY was the best one im my opinion. yea i herd ICON wasn't all that.

crimsonfox3567d ago

dude ICON sucked nutsacks

the first two were so good they sold me on it i didnt even look anything up on this game

hahaha i felt so stupid -_-

Skerj3567d ago

Funny I hated the first few but I wanted Icon just on the innovative features alone. Unfortunately the fighting was far too sluggish and sometimes very unresponsive, otherwise the game would have kicked some serious ass. It's still a damn gorgeous game though, especially for how long it's been out.

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