1UP: De Blob Review

Color 1UP surprised: One of the most polished and enjoyable iPhone games to date isn't a big name like Super Monkey Ball or Bomberman but a slick newcomer known as de Blob. Controlling this giant gob of paint isn't much of a challenge, but you'll always feel in control of the action, and painting the town lends the open-world format a more artful appeal.

De Blob lives in a metropolis where villainous, pitch-colored blots known as I.N.K.T. have drained the color from all the buildings, flowers, and trees. You'll roll de Blob through the streets, using either the touch screen or the iPhone's tilt controls in order to locate resistance fighters who grant assignments. These odd jobs range from racing between checkpoints to destroying a certain number of I.N.K.T. agents -- gaining enough points unlocks an exit to the next area.

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