Kombo: The Godfather II Impressions

Depending on who you ask, EA's decision to make a game based on the Godfather license either took a lot of guts or a ton of hubris. The video game industry has never had a great track record with movie licenses so the idea that EA -- at that point still perceived as a creatively vapid, money hungry, industry-killing behemoth -- would do justice to perhaps the greatest movie of all time was met with an understandable amount of skepticism, and an even greater amount of cynicism. EA didn't do themselves any favors by taking Francis Ford Coppola's story-driven drama and applying it to the sandbox genre, where engaging linear narrative goes to die, but the final product turned out undeniably solid. Like the sequel that the game loosely follows, Godfather II is more ambitious in scope and attempts to explore the life of a mobster in greater detail than its predecessor did.

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