One of 2015′s Best PC Games Is Heading To Consoles

Appearing on a number of best games of 2015 lists, Party Hard made quite a name for its self. The tongue-in cheek slasher simulator garnered healthy sales and praises after its PC release.

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crazychris4124647d ago

What's the point of spending thousands on a PC if the exclusives are going to consoles? (SARCASM!!!)

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

classic! My top 10 favorite WRPGs of all time!

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

Though your being sarcastic, playing titles on PC is not do to just being the only place.

It might just be down to the platform itself, its more then just a gaming PC, upgradablity, control type, even genre type.

Some gamers like to play certain genres on certain platforms, I actually like Dragon Age 1 better on PC then on PS3, I like Witcher 1's control type on PC similar to Dragon Age and other old school RPGs where you point to where you want your character to go lol

Might sound silly, but gamers really do choose such things based on play style, I personally logged in more hours in the BF series total on PC, then on console just due to on PC I actually played more and loved the competitive edge, I like how keyboard and mouse felt in terms of playing a bit more competitive where on Console I've always been a bit laxed.

XhiXExtreme646d ago

Whats the point of playing with a slow linear controller? I can change my keys dynamically to my heart's desire ;)

Momo118647d ago

its a good thing that the game is becoming available to more people

_-EDMIX-_647d ago

For developers, thats a GREAT thing. Before only Steam and GOG could get that type of attention but it was very dog eat dog for developers.

Now they can factor in PS4 and XONE sales and really get a chance to really make huge money and get their games out to the masses.

Look at many people's top games this year, lots of them are by smaller teams that now get a equal chance of getting some of that recognition for their hard work.

OoglyBoogly647d ago

Am I the only that's NEVER heard of this game?

PixelGateUk647d ago

Probably not, it was one of 2015's more...cult hits?

phoenixwing646d ago

not my type of game, but i do like that devs can get to more people in today's gaming world

MasterD919646d ago

Looks like GTA 2 and the Sims had a baby.

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