UGO: Too Human Review

UGO writes: "A month or so back we received full-game preview code of developer Silicon Knights' beleaguered, long in-production Xbox 360 exclusive, Too Human. The game we played then had the makings of a solid experience, it just need some spit here, some polish there and perhaps an added feature or two. Now that we've gotten to run the final retail version through the rounds, we're left with only one question: has anything at all been changed since the preview?

If you've somehow managed to remain ignorant of all things Too Human, here's a recap. The game is a third-person action-RPG set in a world where the deities of Norse myth are in fact cybernetically enhanced humans who are charged with protecting the puny human race from robotic invaders. The humans, for their part, mistrust the power held by these so-called Aesir."

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