GameZone: NCsoft's Brian Knox talks About Aion

Over the past several years, NCsoft has established itself as not only a major player in the realm of massively multiplayer online games, but also a company that looks to take chances here and there when developing an MMO.

In some ways the pending title Aion: The Tower of Eternity plays a few things safely, drawing on the experience the NCsoft developers have had in the industry as well as taking elements from other sources (sort of combining the best of what is out there). Aion, though, tells a different sort of story – one that breaks the mold of good versus evil and instead focuses on two races evolved on either side of a shattered world. One race lives in the bright light and the other in shadows. So instead of good versus evil, it is a title of dark versus light.

NCsoft recently had an event in San Francisco for a little hands-on time with the game. At that event, GameZone had the opportunity to chat with Brian Knox, the game's associate producer.

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