Diehard GameFAN: Spectral Force 3 Review

Spectral Force 3 is a strategy game that will really only do a good job of selling itself to turn based strategy fans or casual fans of the genre who happen to find it at a reduced price. The combat mechanics are neat, the presentation is decent, the game is simple to play while offering decent depth for those willing to dive into the experience, and there's plenty to do with it to make the experience worthwhile, time-wise at least. However, the story is often lacking in most respects (which is often a necessity with a lot of characters, but even so), the visuals are dated, many of the game mechanics are laid out in ways that are either not well explained or simply lazy, and the illusion of variety and choice are simply that: an illusion.

Were the game lower in price, it might be easier to forgive the product its flaws because of a more economical price point, but as a full-priced Xbox 360 release, Spectral Force 3 simply doesn't do enough to make the game worth the asking price.

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