MTV Multiplayer Game Diary: 'Too Human' Is My Anti-'Braid'

Stephen Totilo writes,

"I've had little time for "Too Human" since I received a finished copy from Microsoft on Friday. I was able to give it just 100 more minutes through last night. (Blame the distractions of a "blazing" new PC.)

So I'm merely re-playing parts of the Xbox 360 action-RPG that I already played and wrote about on June 30.

The content of the game appears unchanged. I still don't know why the first cut scene only plays if you let the game idle. I still think the troll-riding looks cool the first time. I still like the right-stick combat that allows you to chain lengthy attack combos with a series of tilts toward each enemy, buttons left free for other things. And I still say this game is only for people who are willing to pause the game a lot (In my first 100 minutes I hit the start button more times than I did any other face button, because I was compulsively pausing to upgrade my armor and weapons every 20 seconds).

What I've also discovered is that I'm in more of a "Too Human" mood these days."

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