Are You A Toilet Gamer? Best Games To Play When You're On The Toilet

Mrs Nesbitt from GamersFTW writes: "Let’s be honest, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Whether you have just woken up, or have been holding it in all day on your way home from school or work, the moment of relieving yourself in the toilet is unparalleled.

You may already be thinking that this article is crass or unsavoury, but let’s admit it: when the moment of relief takes time, we’ve all read a newspaper or played a game or two whilst waiting. Otherwise, you’ll only have the back of deodorants or toothpaste to read. The majority of the titles in the list will all be either portable or mobile games. We would be pretty impressed if you somehow managed to get your PC or console near the can."

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c00lvilKid69919d ago

Humanity now has smartphones and we’ve come a long way from shampoo bottles.

Codewow919d ago

If you ever have roommates/family members, take it a step further by taping a tic tac toe game on paper to a nearby surface and play 1 turn every bathroom break.

nX918d ago

That sounds kind of lame. I play DBZ on my phone most of the time.

Codewow918d ago

Old school turn based toilet gaming is awesome. You can go further than tic tac toe.

GamerGabs919d ago

So many good games in the list. I can end up losing my boyfriend for hours sometimes because he's gotten into a game while in the bathroom! (Although, I do sneak my 3DS in there sometimes if i can't put a game down) :P

Maple22919d ago

I play games, my boyfriend takes a nap... each to their own I guess. Whatever keeps you occupied.

nX918d ago

A nap? On the toilet....?

Maple22918d ago

Indeed, otherwise known as a loo nap. He is a bit weird.

Shillmeister919d ago

I'm old school and read the paper, like in sitcom scenarios.
Then my legs go numb so I play a game until I can walk, but I never get feeling back in my legs because I'm playing a game. It's a vicious cycle..

I'm still stuck on the loo as I write this, send help!

kayoss919d ago

until both of your legs falls asleep and you cant stand up. Gaming on toilet is not worth it.

Codewow919d ago

More of a reason to remain sitting and play your games, aye?

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The story is too old to be commented.