Box Art Reviews: 'Too Human,' 'Smash Court Tennis 3' And More

MTV Multiplayer: "Okay, so maybe we're not great at making our own box art (hey, you try squeezing in as many names as you can), but we do regularly take it upon ourselves to judge new releases solely on their appearances, regardless of their content.

First up, the much-talked about "Too Human" …

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"Too Human" (Xbox 360)

What the Box Tells Us: This guy isn't just human, he's too human. So much so that his eyes and the veins in his forehead glow bright blue. Wait, what?Pros: The glowy blue veins are a point of interest…

Cons: But nothing else is. I can barely see the shadowy figure and the mountain/Cloud City background.

Love It or Leave It: Leave it."
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