'Movie Games' Why Bother

During last year and this year we have seen some blockbuster film's rocket through the box office. Film's such as Wall-E, The Incredible Hulk, Beowulf, Transformers, millions of dollars went in to these films but yet the video game version of the film doesn't do good in the charts. In my opinion, all of the games taken from these film's sucked. There are 5 reasons why movie games will never be any good.

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chaosatom3333741d ago

they probably make lots of money out of them and dope little kids into buying one.

Lord_Ash3741d ago

But it doesn't matter how bad the game is in the end it will sell based on it's name only.

Stickguy2593741d ago

That I've bought one movie based game, and was completly happy with it.

Spider Man 2.

That game was... is awesome, I still play it to this day.