GamesRadar: Call of Duty: World at War Preview - Exclusive First gameplay videos, new screens, and hands-on impressions

GamesRadar writes: "At this very moment, exhausted game journos are lurching across the globe to converge on Leipzig for a look at the industry's latest. Tomorrow, when the show opens, this is what Activision will be showing the crowds of Call of Duty: World at War. Why wait for the delirious, hefeweisen-soaked updates to trickle in over slow-ass hotel internets, when we've got the gameplay videos and screens right here?

Our first video shows the flamethrower in action. The gushes of flame spewing forth not only look spectacular, but are tactically vital against bunkers teeming with dug-in enemies. It also makes short work of tall grass and trees, helping to fend off ambuscades."

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elliot943738d ago

Looks like such a disappointment compared to the successful COD4 =[