Avid Gamer Review - Wall E

Avid Gamer writes: "Summer blockbuster season is well and truly underway, hotly pursued by the perennial flock of movie-tie in video games. So far we've been completely under whelmed by Iron Man and borderline insulted by the less-than-incredible-Incredible Hulk, both of which showed all the traits of rushed, bodged software design and lazy implementation. Hopes for WALL-E, as you can imagine, were pretty low.

A quick overview for those who haven't been to the cinema or bought a dodgy copy of the film from a bloke in the pub- WALL-E is a robot (looking like the bastard offspring of Johnny 5 and a toaster) who crushes rubbish into cubes (using his helpful chest cavity crushing equipment), and lives all alone on earth after people abandoned the planet due to too much pollution. How very topical. THQ have assumed that you know all this, having seen and enjoyed the film, and proceed to follow the course of least resistance: Animated Film to Platform Game, in as few moves as possible."

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