New: Afrika GC 2008 Gameplay Trailer

A new Gameplay trailer released for Afrika. Sony has released some extended footage of their upcoming nature sim, Afrika, for the PS3. As an explorer in the savanna, you must sneak around without alerting the wildlife to your presence, and capture the best photos you can.

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pwnsause3766d ago

looks like Afrika is indeed coming worldwide if this trailer is being showed during GC this week.

VictorCreed3766d ago

yea, i thought it was only for Japan

LevDog3766d ago

Nothing I would buy... but damn.. Those animals look freakin real..

rroded3766d ago

ya same here looks amazing tho

Surfman3766d ago

Well better than i thought. I might not buy this game but Afrika still look interesting for people who like safaris and National Geographic. A demo would be nice on the PS Store.

cmrbe3766d ago

My Nephews and Neices will love this stuff. I read that Sony is working with NG to produce this game. This means it will also be very educational.

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