GamesRadar: The 8 scariest games this fall

GamesRadar writes: "With Halloween around the corner, a handful of horrifying games are being prepped to leave their pants-wetting-induced mark on your couch this fall. Some of the titles listed don't yet have US release dates (The Last Guy, Ghostbusters, Fatal Frame), but we're confident they'll be hitting our shores sooner rather than later. And like any great horror game, the ones listed below require you to rely on your noggin (and a small arsenal) to make it through in one piece.

But before you hit the retailers and start mindlessly pawing through the selection, we're here to set you straight on the ways of the fright. Which game is the creepiest? Which has the most zombies? And most importantly: who you gonna call?

We've rated these games on our personal scale of 1-4 stars, with 4 being absolutely terrifying, and 1 being only mildly frightening. Last note: not included are Siren: Blood Curse (just released) and Resident Evil 5 (too far off)."

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DarkBlade3744d ago

There no way that Left 4 dead is as scary as DeadSpace. DeadSpace should of gotten 4 star.

Arsenic133744d ago

Silent Hill Homecoming scarier than Dead Space? I love me some SH but i think Dead Space will be scarier due to the pop up scares while SHH will be about disturbing the player.

Mr_Kuwabara3744d ago

I hope that they add something scary on RE5 because I found RE4 to be more comical than scary. (Wasn't a bad game, but it lost it touch on scaring you)

Arsenic133744d ago

Only thing that freaked me the hell out in RE4 was the weird ass leech monsters. Their walk and noises made me freak out when i first met them.

SolidSnake933744d ago

I don't know about scariest, but L4D will probably be the best.