MS may have 2,000 developers working on Windows 7

ComputerWorld Reports: "Microsoft Corp.'s head of engineering for the Windows 7 operating system said there are 25 "feature teams" of about 100 employees each working on the upcoming replacement to Windows Vista.

Windows 7 teams work on anything from external features, such as user interfaces, to under-the-hood areas such as networking, according to Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft senior vice president for Windows and Windows Live engineering, in a Monday posting at the new "Engineering Windows 7" blog.

"We create feature teams with n developers, n testers, and 1/2n program managers," Sinofsky wrote in a four-page blog that introduced his views on managing large-scale software development. "On average a feature team is about 40 developers across the Windows 7 project."

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Cajun Chicken3772d ago

This version better'd fix all the compatibility issues that dragged it down.

Hey before people debate, what other choice do I have for an easy to use operating system?

BBCnewsrocks3772d ago

is good in vista, but i think that the usability, functionality and amount of compatibility that xp has is way better than vista. hopefully 7 will look as good if not better than vista but be as good as xp.

TheIneffableBob3772d ago

Your three main choices for an easy to use operating system would be Windows XP, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu.

The Lazy One3772d ago

after living in redmond, I seriously wouldn't be surprised if there were upwards of 5,000

cmrbe3772d ago

there is a replacement for vista coming out soon?.

trancefreak3772d ago

I like vista its good 4 me. I just dont like 360 its like their evil offspring.

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