LittleBigPlanet: Retail Exclusive Videos - Only the Beginning

LittleBigPlanet News Site writes: Think you've seen all the videos out for LBP? Look again = ) With the limitless possibilities of CREATE in LBP, we took this opportunity to craft a series of exclusive videos tailored to each retailer. We had a lot of fun adding different personalities and themes for each one, including a custom mail box that we created using the basic tools within LBP. Imagine what the possibilities are once you start creating your own levels and

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ape0073741d ago

this game gonna blow us all away

LarVanian3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

It has already blown me away lol

badz1493741d ago

and when it first announced, I could never seen myself to even think about it! but now, I want it so bad, I want it now!!

SmokingMonkey3741d ago

OMG a commercial actually showing the gameplay? No way!
Actually, the fact that the commercial was made FROM the game and is really the first game to ever do so, proves how revolutionary LBP will be.

PS did you guys see that KZ2 online Trailer 8O unbelievable

themyk3741d ago

now i just hope to start seeing these on tv.

and yes i saw killzone. and let me tell you. i can not wait to start killing you people on this game. i will relish every headshot like it was my first.

if you're down add me.

psn name = themyk

that goes for any of you who think you can take me in cod4 as well.

InMyOpinion3741d ago

Another intelligent comment coming from a PS3 fanboy.

IzKyD13313741d ago


NegativeCreep4273741d ago

Another dumba$$ comment coming from a bot trolling the comments section of an article concerning a PS3-exclusive

What's wrong with CViper being here and making that comment? This article concerns a PS3 title, You seem like the one that is out of place. You are the only one who looks stupid. Get a F'n clue.

AIi_The_Brit3741d ago

Actualy Jenzo it was, and also a very good quiestion, please, try answer it? :)

InMyOpinion3741d ago

"What's wrong with CViper being here and making that comment? This article concerns a PS3 title"

Then why is CViper bashing a 360 game? I guess it's ok since he's a hypocrite like the rest of you. Anything goes as long as he's pro PS3.

CViper3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

This is the open zone, where BS fanboy talk can go back and forth. I hate it when you along with Power Of Green/Mart try to get all butt hurt when people make comments or joke about the 360.

You cant answer the question, so just leave dude. All you can do is try to insult me, and you didn't even do a good job at that. You just HAVE to make a comment to let us all know that you are still crying over there. So Yeah, we get it.. yer a troll who must put his 2 cents in no matter how ridiculous it is.

You need to make a new account before you DARE to call ANYONE a fanboy. Everyone who spends time here knows whats up with you, so cut out the BS.

Don't cry in the open zone, how about you not even cry at all? If you can't even respond with anything of substance, stfu and go play too human. Add yourself to your list of hypocrites while you are at it.

Have the balls to stick with your convictions, dont try to act like the hall monitor. And if it bothers you so much, stay out of PS3 news. You guys have become such babies this year. I swear. Go back a few 100 pages in N4G and see how you and your fellow buddies used to treat this site, then come talk to me about how its biased against the 360.

InMyOpinion3741d ago

Lol! I say whatever I feel like, wherever I feel like.

"You need to make a new account before you DARE to call ANYONE a fanboy."

Why? I've had this one since day one and it's working well. How many have you spent?

That was a whole lot of crying you did there. I'm to tired/bored to read it all.

Here! Have a trophy...but cherish it well cause they are extremely hard to come by lol!

IzKyD13313741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

"Lol! I say whatever I feel like, wherever I feel like."

i think you mean:
"Lol! I say whatever I feel like (on the internet), wherever I feel like(by wherever, i mean on the internet where i am anonymous and the one place can be a total badass without getting beat up)."

jenzo, this is going no where, just go back to defending the 360 on other posts and go away, because your clearly not wanted here (and by the way, you really started everything)

CViper3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

If you didn't troll PS3 stories, you wouldn't have anything to do on this site.

All you can do is try to pretend that you didn't just get owned and "lol" your way out of it. Which is pretty much typical of someone with lower than low intelligence. yeah "lol" all day dude.

I'm just glad that you've proven to everyone here, once again.. that you just don't have anything really solid to say, and that you are just your garden variety troll.

Hmm whats the next comeback card out of the book of "I just got owned so let me try to laugh this off"

Oh yeah...

Here it is..

Give me the "Whatever Makes You Sleep At Night" move, its from page 9 in your xbot manual.

And yes, we can all see that you are too tired to post, thats why you just did it again.



lol @ the trophy comment. Seeing as how I'm a multi console - pc owner. Sucks to not be able to afford all of em huh? But in all seriousness.. im sure Banjo is going to be PHENOMENAL.

But I'm glad to see that we got you out of your Cryboy mood, and back to being angry at the PS3 :) Doesn't it feel good to not have to pretend that you aren't an xbot?

edit #2:

LOL I just looked in your comments:

52 minutes ago
This is the open zone, quit whining.

You guys spam each and every 360 related article with your "Teh RROD, CrapzBox 3FixMe". View

So why don't you listen to yourself? kiddo.

morganfell3741d ago

Let's see how talkative you feel running around on one bubble.

Chris Hansen3741d ago

What are you doing here?

plain rice3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

"Lol! I say whatever I feel like, wherever I feel like."

Yeah, which is why fanboyism on this site goes both ways. You should already expect comments like that from PS3 fans especially in a PS3 article, instead you took it to heart.

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MarkyUK3741d ago

I hope these commercials are shown in the UK - they are really good and make LBP look like loads of fun. They certainly make me want to buy the game! Mind you, I was buying it anyway...

Cajun Chicken3741d ago

This is going to go down a treat for families.
PS3's in living rooms at Xmas, mark my words.
I must preorder, but has anyone in the UK said exactly what they're giving away with it?

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