Quantic Dream confident Heavy Rain has 'no competitors'

Ps3Fanboy-The lid on Heavy Rain will be blown off this week at Leipzig Games Convention. To get you ready, check out this newly released interview from Gamereactor TV, taken after Sony's secret behind-closed-doors showing at E3 earlier this year. The interview doesn't reveal much: it shows the same screenshots that were leaked a few weeks ago, and all video footage is of the game's very early tech demonstration. It's interesting to see how confident Quantic Dream is about their upcoming project, saying games like Uncharted only managed to get "some" things right. Other than that, they promise that Heavy Rain has "no competitors."

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Sony Rep3772d ago

We here at Sony are confident as well. Just you guys wait.

himdeel3772d ago

...King Kong sized bold a$$ statement! Proof as they say is in the pudding.

socomnick3772d ago

how can it have competitors if nobody knows what the gameplay is about. If we were to judge the game from what we saw so far we would assume its an emo simulator.

Panipal20053772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Wow, if Sony Rep's genuine, I should inform him that the LAST thing he should be telling people to do is's [the PS3] nicknamed the 'Delaystation' for a reason.

Really, that's rather an ill-judged choice of words

King_many_layers3772d ago

hey soccomnick

try watching the interview, they state that it is going to be the same formula as Faranheight, only this time they've got experience, criticism's and have a lot more knowledge over how to create their vision.

DaTruth3772d ago

They asked the dev if he thinks there are any competitors. As far as every game he knows about, he thinks not. I'm sure he has some insight into his own game. What we know wasn't the question, but I'll leave you to your fanboy-logic.

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C_SoL3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

see that there's not many games of it's kind........If so?? Say so.

No matter what it looks different from what anybody else is doing in the Gaming Industry.

Cartesian3D3772d ago

uncharted was one of the most advanced games in term of graphics and animations.

no other console game can come close to Uncharted in HDR lighting,Highres textures even in far objects..etc (NO OTHER GAME on 360 and PS3)

I believe in Quantic Dream , and Im sure they have sth Ultra amazing under their sleeves :) ..

ThatCanadianGuy3772d ago

MGS4>Uncharted.Im sorry..but as good and amazing as Uncharted is.MGS4 is just better.(In my opinion)..(tho im a huge MG/MGS fanboy..)

Blackmoses3772d ago

Uncharted is a great game all around (graphics and gameplay), but MGS4 takes the cake by far.

oh...I'm a MGS fanatic!!!!


Sevir043772d ago

It's textures aren't as robust as Uncharted. Uncharted's textures are unparallel even gears 2 can not compare with that kind of Hi end texture seen in Uncharted. and believe me i own both Uncharted and MGS4, uncharted in the hands down winner in textures, simply the best i've seen on PS3, how ever on teh PS3, MGS4 is the close second.

Blackmoses3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Can some one point me in the direction of someplace that may sell this game? I've heard a lot about it but have not even seen it or played it.

edit: ok, is it Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy? Are they one in the same?


facepalm3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

@Blackmoses: If you are from the US, the game's title won't be "Fahrenheit", but rather "Indigo Prophecy"... You should be able to find it used at a local GameStop...

EDIT ADDED: Yup... They're one in the same..


MGS4 beats Uncharted in overall graphics and character models,but Uncharted has the best animations I've ever seen: more than 3000 animations with many combined at the same time! It has also the most impressive textures on any platform: 9 layers of textures over one seen texture! If you don't believe check this (at min 2):

The Lazy One3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

the american version has no sex though. I think that's the only difference.

also MGS4 gets stomped by uncharted in graphics. Neither has especially impressive textures, but uncharted more than makes up for it in models effect, and lighting.

ape0073772d ago

uncharted is an amazing game and mgs 4 is even more amazing

love both

King_many_layers3772d ago

what the.. Uncharted is far superior to MGS4 in terms of the textures and the lighting. Seriously, go look at some of the levels like chapter 5,6 and many others. it's simply fantastic. and the lighting NEVER breaks, on MGS4 the lighting breaks at so many points and sometimes is just a bunch of lines ( like shadows from wires ) Lets not forget the lighting from the torches and such.

lighting is not close to comparable on Uncharted and MGS4

CViper3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I've always argued with myself over this one..

MGS4 wins as far as Quantity of visuals, It loses with in game animation though. The cut scenes, nothing can touch.

Uncharted has second to none textures/shaders that aren't necessarily realistic, but they are beautiful. The animation is also second to none, the water is inspiring.

You really would have to break up different sections and grade each to find a winner.

But either way, they are both games that are impossible on the 360.



I dunno the lighting when its on point in MGS4 is amazing. Those south america levels are amazing with the redish dirt... God I want to play it now.

DaTruth3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Too close to call for me. Both are two of my favorite all time games. But given the amount of things going on in the environments, we can forgive MGS4. A lot more overall action, characters, explosions, and particle physics not to mention guinea pigs and humming birds.

Bathyj3772d ago

Heavanly Sword still has the best facial animation, easily. Even Uncharted isn't as good. Some of the jokes in the cutscenes are pulled off simply with a raised eyebrow or snarled lip. Sublty that hasn't been matched yet. Heavy Rains graphics are awesome, I hope that move as well as HS.

HighDefinition3772d ago

Is a beautiful game.

What makes it stand out is the way it MOVES.

The animations are unmatched.

ThatCanadianGuy3772d ago

Why is everyone talking about textures and lighting???
Yes Uncharted is an amazing game.I own it,and love it.

But im talking about gameplay.MGS4 wins hands down.
The end of act three..was the most action packed emotional chapter that has ever been made.Rivaled only by the next 2 chapters after it..

The stealth camo,OctoCamo,Bandana,huge variety in guns and great combat system.Just such an amazing game..

Uncharted is indeed AAA,but to me MGS4 is AAAAAA+


Yes, I agree, Uncharted is five-star game and MGS4 is a seven-star game!

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Mr_Kuwabara3772d ago

That's a pretty bold statement. They have impressed me so far with how far they have taken there engine, now I would like to see wth the game is about.

facepalm3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

I'm pretty sure that when they're talking about having "no competitors" they're talking about making a game that provides a more "emotional experience", good story telling, and a strong characterization rather than graphics.

EDIT ADDED: Yeah, they were talking about story telling when relating to Uncharted and having "no competitors". (Starts at around 5:50 minutes in...)

So in other words, having more meaning to the game than just the shooting, driving, jumping, and fighting, which many games out there already provide.

What I loved about Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit was the story telling and the emotional aspect (with exception of the last part)... And hopefully Quantic Dream's next game will provide an even better experience.