MoDojo: Spore iPhone Preview

Chris Buffa Writes:

"In case you haven't heard, Spore is a big deal. Electronic Arts' highly anticipated evolution game is years in the making, and rabid PC and Mac fans are ready for its September 7 release. However, those aren't the only platforms featuring Sims creator Will Wright's baby. It'll also appear on iPhone as the enjoyable Spore Origins, a spin-off that doesn't have as many features as its big brother, but has the potential to be a killer app.

Spore is a mammoth video game that challenges you to create a monster from the ground up an then take it through various evolutionary stages, rising from the primordial soup, creating a civilization and then blasting off into space. Spore Origins is by no means that complex. In fact, you never leave the soup. Your job is to swim through 35 levels gobbling smaller creatures while avoiding ones bigger than you. Of course, the ultimate goal is to continue growing so that the monsters that hunt you become the hunted."

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