Silent Hill: Homecoming : New Screenshots

Konami published a new creepy Silent Hill: Homecoming screenshots. Check them out.

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AH! (sigh)! What a shame! I expected sh5 to have heavy rain kind of graphics: more suited for the series atmosphere! And what we have now? Nearly PS2 graphics! Even SH3 looked better than this! I used to love the SH series!

Arsenic133686d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

If you love the series you would love it for the symbolic stories and atmosphere not just for the graphics. Your not a true SH fan.


I swear to GOD that silent hill is my second best series of all times after mgs! But those guys really ruined the game, they tried to clone the movie which is crappy! And the atmosphere in sh is all about graphics and sound, if you don't mix it well, you have the sh soul all gone in the air! All the silent hills were about graphical effects that were well translated which made the series unique and now we have a second bad experience like the film!

Arsenic133685d ago

I agree that the graphics aren't top notch like Team Silent used to do with the previous games. But its looking pretty well done so far. The story is quite interesting and i could see how ur skeptical with Double Helix making this game, but im more than sure they consulted the original team from time to time to help stay true to the series. The previous games have a lot of inspirations from films throughout the years, why shouldn't they take a bit from their own film? PH and the nurses have the movie look to them but whos to say that their appearances wont be justified? PH is James creation of what the old executioner of Silent Hill would look, but im sure DH will have a very good reason hes still strolling around with more muscle mass. Don't knock the game till you try it buddy. Im hoping as much as any other fan that this game will be as good and true to the original 4 games.

Rock Bottom3685d ago

I actually liked the monsters design, but having just play SH origins(which is developed by the same team), I have to say my hops for this game are low, could Sh3 be the last proper SH we will ever get?

Arsenic133685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Origins was made by Climax Studios, Silent Hill Homecoming is being made by Double Helix, who were formerly The Collective.


I found Silent Hill Origins GREAT but very short!
I hope SH5 won't disappoint at least series basic wise!

Rock Bottom3685d ago

Oh! thanks for the note, guess I was wrong.

Arsenic133685d ago

Its alright dude. Climax is making a secret Konami project tho. Rumors of a Silent Hill remake have been floating around since the project was made aware off. I could only wish for a current gen Silent Hill remake!


SILENT HILL 1 IS THE BEST OF THE SERIES! I completed it 7 times in all the endings, it is the real soul of SH! PLEASE DO A REMAKE OF IT!

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