Sony formally announces National Geographic tie-up for Afrika

Sony formally announced today that it has teamed up with National Geographic for the production of Afrika. The PS3 virtual safari sim has been supervised by the magazine's editors and will also feature high resolution National Geographic images and videos.

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Zydake3743d ago

Looks like It'll come out good then.

PimpHandStrong3743d ago

that avitar

looks like the guy that carries the camera equipment on safari


im not racist ok

just struck me funny

anyway on point: I love my nature shows and if Sony brings that sort of thing to a game then that could be amazing!

MAiKU3743d ago

Lets see micro-crap try to steal this one!!!

Raoh3743d ago

still no U.S. release date huh?

just went to check ebgames and it says 12/31/08

it might as well read "TBA"