I'd Like To Thank the Academy: Michael De Plater on Tom Clancy's EndWar Winning The Game Critics Award For Best Strategy Game

Level up writes: "After the results of the Game Critics Awards were announced two weeks ago, we reached out to several winners for their reactions and some updates about their games in progress. In the Best Strategy Game category, Tom Clancy's EndWar beat out several established franchises and studios. We emailed some questions to Michael De Plater, creative director at Ubisoft Shanghai. Here are his responses:

Q: EndWar was up against some pretty formidable competition for Best Strategy Game, including Ensemble and EALA. Are you surprised that you won?

A: We were very proud to be in such impressive company. In particular I am a massive fan of the Warhammer 40K universe and of Relic. In fact every one of those teams has been making great strategy games for years and the game they each took to E3 this year looked like one of the most polished and fun titles they had ever built. On the other hand I definitely thought we had a good chance of winning if people got some hands on time with EndWar because I think it's a fun game and everyone is waiting for the genre to break through on console. Also Ubisoft put together a really great team with a lot of depth of experience. Todd Owens, our lead level designer had worked on Command & Conquer Generals and Battle for Middle Earth and I'd worked on Rome Total War, while the rest of the team had experience on top quality tactical and military games like Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Brothers In Arms."

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