Gamedaily: Need for Speed Undercover Preview

Gamedaily writes: "Need For Speed Undercover, due November 18, is the latest entry in Electronic Arts' successful racing franchise. You play as an undercover cop attempting to fit in with lowlifes in order to infiltrate and take down a crime ring. From what we've seen, the game has plenty of highway battles and missions where you crash into enemies while dodging the fuzz. Where it'll make its mark, though, is with all the live action footage featuring numerous actors, including Hollywood hottie Maggie Q, star of Live Free or Die Hard and Mission Impossible III.

Undercover takes place in the fictional Tri-City Bay Area, which EA divided into three parts: Palm Harbor, Port Crescent and Sunset Hills. You're a wheelman, not of the Vin Diesel variety, and you'll get your orders from Chase Linh, played by Q. She'll not only give you missions, but also helpful advice on your surroundings and tips for defeating enemies."

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