PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Pure

PS3 Fanboy writes: "We had a chance to play a small demo of Disney Interactive's upcoming Pure. The off-road racing game will be available on both PS3 and Xbox 360 in September and our first hands-on with the game felt promising. This off-road arcade racing game is all about air, with an emphasis on giant hills and jumps and mid-air stunts. It's a rather amusing sight to see a pack of a dozen racers all jump magically into the air as they compete for pole position.

For PS3 fans, this game will most likely remind them of MotorStorm. However, the similarities between the two are few and far apart. Yes, the game features the same dirty off-road environments that the PS3 franchise is known for. And yes, knowing when to use boost is crucial to the gameplay. But, the vehicles of Pure are much more responsive than the ones in MotorStorm. Turns are a lot easier to handle, which should help attract a more casual audience."

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