Dyack is All Too Human

SPOnG recently caught up with Silicon Knights founder and director, Denis Dyack - game director of Too Human, arguably one of the biggest Xbox 360 games of 2008 and a title that many seem to think has been stuck somewhere in 'development hell' since the original PlayStation era of the late 1990s.

While, like many, SPOnG can't wait to get stuck into his game. Dyack was, if anything, way too sensitive over any perceived criticisms and - as expected - outspoken in his criticism of 'the preview process' in the games industry and the machinations of fan debates in open forums such as NeoGAF.

"The whole idea that this game has been in development for over ten years is just a complete myth," Dyack told SPOnG. "We have tried to say that for the last four years, but nobody seems to want to listen, so you would a service to everyone by saying that, once we hooked up with Microsoft and started collaborating is when the REAL development of Too Human +started."

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C_SoL3741d ago

ah man u got a good laugh out of me.............

Cajun Chicken3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

"I’ve had people write us to say that their 4-year-old daughter got into the game within five minutes because they didn’t have any preconceived notions of trying to control the camera with the right stick. They just enjoyed the game right away."

Its rated 'T' by ERSB and '12+' in UK...riiight, what the heck is a four year old doing playing it? Is she using the looting system?..I don't think so.

Not the perfect example of a game developer abiding to game ratings, can't wait to see that one in the Daily Mail.

EDIT: Tacki beaten me to it :(
Well done, victor.

InMyOpinion3741d ago

Is that Lord Shuhei Yoshida? In a 360 thread? Naaaah! Can't be!

IzKyD13313741d ago

lmao, Lord Shuhei Yoshida
bubbles for writing that lie in the gamer zone :D

DarkSniper3741d ago

"Real development" of Too Human started on the PlayStation. There was adequate amounts of video footage of in game action to prove this. The facts are this, Sony knew this game was garbage to begin with so they rightfully decided not to have this rubbish affiliated with the prestigious lineup of PlayStation games.

In comes Microsoft, willing to pick up any scraps left by Sony since they admire their identity and placement in the industry. Microsoft desperately funds the Too Human project from the PS1. Dennis Dyack and Silicon Knights make a simple port of the PS1 version, development gets completed in 10 months and you have the worst game ever since E.T. on Atari 2600. Too Human, exclusively for Xbox 360.


InMyOpinion3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

At least Too Human is better than any Rpg coming out on the PS3 this year. All you losers have is Disgaea 3, a tactics RPG that looks and plays like a PS1 game. The rest will be delayed until 2009. No wonder you are jealous.

Aclay3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I don't think anyone would be jealous of Too Human after seeing the review scores it's gotten, and don't hate on Disagea 3 because it got a better review score.

And there was never any PS3 RPG's ever announced for a 2008 release, so there hasn't been any delay on any PS3 RPG, it's just the majority of the PS3's RPG's are coming in 2009.

Obama3741d ago

Disgagea 3 got quite a lot of 8.5, so of course it is not a flop like Too Human.

LarVanian3741d ago

Lol Jenzo got owned!
Bubbles for Obama

Tacki3741d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is also coming out this year for PS3 and has been getting pretty positive previews. I don't believe all the Too Human bashing should be going on either... but I'm just saying that is another RPG coming out for the PS3. I understand you're just trying to hit back at the fanboys Jenzo... but you can't going saying such things when you haven't played those other games yet.

InMyOpinion3741d ago

PS3 owners get owned daily for not having any RPGs.

LarVanian3741d ago

Xbots get owned daily by the RROD

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Tacki3741d ago

"I’ve had people write us to say that their 4-year-old daughter got into the game within five minutes because they didn’t have any preconceived notions of trying to control the camera with the right stick."

Dennis man, that's really not helping you. I'm not 'making fun' of Too Human... but that right there just sounded so dumb I had to laugh. This guy is too much. He needs an intervention.

HB-Sauce3741d ago

When you put as much time as he has into it, its gonna be hard to shake the critism. I think he has to stop himself from talking about the game and just let everything cool off before he does major damage to his reputation and his game.

DJ3741d ago

The damage is done. I wouldn't be surprised if Silicon Knights closes down after this game is released.

tatotiburon3741d ago

DJ Factor 5 closed because LAIR fiasco, a fiasco bigger that Too Human?, Factor 5 first next-gen game since their succes with gamecube games, their first PS3 game that turns out to be the biggest flop in modern day?. We have to wait for the sells report, if too human sell well so Silicon would have nothing to worry about and the trilogy would be real.

And yes LAIR still at #1 biggets flop in this gen, in reviews (4/10 IGN - 7/10 Too Human IGN, who wants to check metacritic, anyone?) and who knows maybe Too Human will sell better than any current PS3 game...time will tell.

ThatCanadianGuy3741d ago

Whats wrong with lair? do you even have a clue? or are you just riding the hype train of fanboys? sure it didn't sell millions but whats wrong with it? the motion controls? They got fixed with a patch.

Too human on the other hand..Has had damn near 10 years to make an RPG.And he failed.I think i speak for most when i say THAT is a flop.
maybe.. the biggest flop ever.

lodossrage3741d ago

Factor 5 did not close down. In fact, they are working a Wii game right now. Rumored to be Kid Icarus

Hububla3741d ago

I must be the only one that liked lair... the learning curve was huge but once you got it... the game was pretty good... i would give it a 7-8 oh well i guess im alone..

The Lazy One3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

did you not read the article?

It's right there in text. The game has been in development 4 years. From the mouth of the flippin project lead.

edit: You don't even have to read the whole article or even click a link. It's in the preview.

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